How to Fix PS5 Green Screen? – (4 Causes With 6 Solutions)

how to fix ps5 green screen

Has your PS5’s screen turned green in color all of a sudden? Don’t worry, as it’s a pretty common problem on PS5. Moreover, you can quickly fix it too. The green screen of death usually occurs due to the resolution problem, and to fix it up, you may need non-Arc HDMI ports or by changing the settings on your console.

Considering all this, we shall discuss in detail what are the leading causes behind the PS5 green screen, along with some hacks that can fix this issue in no time. These hacks are pretty simple and wouldn’t take much of your time. So, continue reading to learn all about the green screen of death on your PS5.

What causes the PS5 green screen?

Multiple causes may turn your PS5 screen green in color, and these causes are preventable and can be fixed with simple hacks. So, let’s first go through a few of the causes to avoid them in the future and prevent your PS5 screen from turning green all of a sudden.

1. Activated rest mode

Activated Rest mode is one of the most common causes to turn your PS5 screen green. There has been no official statement related to this. Still, many people, including some from the team, have observed that rest mode often causes your screen to act peculiar and turn green in color. Therefore, we would always suggest avoiding using the Rest mode.

Moreover, the only way to solve this cause is to avoid or deactivate this mode.

2. A specific game you playing

This is very rare, but the games you’re enjoying may often cause your PS5 screen to turn completely green. There isn’t any particular game that can cause this. Still, any game may suddenly become problematic and create a hurdle for you. Therefore, whenever you experience such a thing, just avoid playing the game you think is causing it.

3. Resolution of problem

Resolution problem is another pretty common cause that may turn your screen of PS5 green. This happens when your HDMI ports are not clean. Therefore, the only solution for it is to clean your HDMI ports. You may opt to clean the ports in many ways, including using cleaning spray or just a microfiber cloth. So, choose the one that’s more convenient for you.

4. Inappropriate connection of your tv

Sometimes you may not connect your TV screen properly with your PS5, which can generate some errors and turn your screen green. So, it’s always essential to check all the connections before looking for any other cause. You may unplug and then plug it again to give the connections a reboot.

How to fix the PS5 green screen of death?

It’s pretty straightforward to fix your green screen of death on your PS5. All you need to do is follow the guide below and try the hacks mentioned to get rid of the problem or simply prevent them from occurring in the future.

1. Avoid using the rest mode

Suppose you think that you’re facing this problem after activating the Rest mode. In that case, the only solution is to avoid using it. Also, if it’s on, simply turn it off, and you’re all set to resolve this problem.

2. Try unplugging your Tv and using a different HDMI port

This hack works really well for lots of people. All you need to do is simply unplug your TV from the wall outlet and then use a different HDMI port and see the results. Also, it would help if you restart your console as this will refresh the whole system.

In addition, some people have seen a positive result by just unplugging the Tv and then plugging it again or simply by turning it off and then on again. However, if there’s any problem with the HDMI port, it’s pretty necessary to change it. A new one will solve the problem of a green screen in just a fraction of a second.

So, whenever you still face the problem of a green screen after unplugging and then plugging your TV, just remember it may be the HDMI port that’s causing it to occur.

3. Try disabling the HDR or gaming mode

Another hack to resolve the green screen is simply disabling the HDR or the gaming mode that is causing it to happen. Many people have claimed that the home screen usually appears within a few seconds as you disable these options. So, do give this hack a try before moving further.

4. Try updating your firmware

It’s really essential to have the latest Firmware in your system. This helps to enjoy the latest features and enables your system to work more efficiently. So, if your Firmware is not the latest one and your PS5 screen turns green, just update your Firmware, and you will solve all the problems in no time.

5. Try restoring your tv settings

One more way to get rid of the green screen is simply restoring your TV settings. You just need to connect to PS5 to a different TV. If the green screen disappears and the typical home screen appears, it clearly shows that your TV is behind the cause. Then head to the settings on your TV and reset the settings to the original defaults to enable it to work fine.

6. Try deleting all the unnecessary files

Last but not least, try to delete all the unnecessary files, especially the corrupted ones. This will clear out all the internal issues in your system if there are any. So, your device will ultimately be free of any problem you’re facing, and there will be no hurdle for you to enjoy your gameplay.

If, even after following all these hacks, you still face this problem of a green screen, then feel free to consult customer care for further assistance. They’ll look into the problem and solve it for you. Moreover, they’ll also guide you in preventing this from happening again in the future.


Your PS5’s screen may turn green in color all of a sudden. This is a pretty common problem and may be associated with several causes. All you need to do is first rule out the cause and then fix it up accordingly.

Keeping this in mind, we have discussed all the possible causes to help you recognize the actual one that’s making your screen turn green. Moreover, we have a walk of all the possible hacks to help you get rid of them in no time. All the hacks are pretty straightforward and wouldn’t require much of your time and energy. Also, it will help you prevent the cause in the future too.

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