How to Fix PS4 Application Suspending in 15 Minutes?

how to fix application suspending in 15 minutes ps4

Have you just received an error saying Application suspending in 15 minutes PS4? We know that it’s pretty annoying, and you would be confused about what it is actually. However, don’t worry, as it’s just a minor error that you can quickly fix. There are many hacks available that you may utilize to get rid of it in no time.

Therefore, in this article, we shall try to discuss all the possible causes that can provoke this error. Also, we shall ride through the hacks that may help you fix this issue in just a heartbeat. So, what are you waiting for? Read this guide carefully and fix the underlying cause. Also, try to prevent the possible causes in the future.

What causes the ‘Application suspending in 15 minutes PS4’ error?

Before heading to the fixes, it’s vital to know the causes that can lead to such an error. This will also help you rule out the main problem in your cause and later fix it up without investing much of your time. So, below are some of the causes for the ‘application suspending in 15 minutes PS4’ error.

  • The most crucial cause is fluctuation and disruption in your internet connection.
  • Another common cause may be a loss of internet connection while you’re playing your favorite game, which is linked to your account. As a result, your PS4 console will not be able to verify your license, and this error will show up in no time.
  • Thirdly, you may not link your account to the PS4 console. This may then slow down the console’s caching your license.

How to fix PS4′ Application suspending in 15 minutes PS4′ error?

Now, let’s discuss the fixes that may help you remove the PS4′ Application suspending in 15 minutes PS4′ error in no time.

1. Try restarting our PS4

The most initial step to fix any problem related to the PS4 console is simply to restart your PS4. This helps to remove all the errors and bugs and refresh your system. Refreshing the system will work smoothly without any hurdle.

2. Ignore the error message

Here’s another thing you may opt to get rid of this error message. It’s simple to ignore the error message. It would help if you try this hack after restarting your system, and stills, it shows the error. By ignoring it, your system may try to resolve the problem.

3. Fix your internet connection

Your internet may be a hurdle for your PS4 console to work well. So, in this case, it’s necessary to fix your internet connection at the earliest date. You may simply use another Wi-Fi or Ethernet to fix this cause.

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4. Set your account as the primary console

Lastly, if none of the fixes work, you should try to set your account as the primary console. This will help your PS4 to fetch the license easily. To do so, follow the steps given below:

  1. Click on the “settings” option
  2. Next, then search for the Account Management option and click on it.
  3. Now, click on the option ‘Activate as your Primary console.’


Application suspending in 15 minutes is an error that can be pretty annoying at times. It occurs mainly when there’s an internet error or when your console hasn’t verified your account. All these causes are reversible and can easily be fixed.

Therefore, in this article, we have discussed these causes in detail. Also, we have mentioned the hacks to help you get rid of them in no time. They are pretty simple to follow and won’t consume much of your time. However, if they don’t work for you, then contact customer care support for further guidance and assistance.

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