Why Is My Games Locked on PS4? – (Five Ways For Unlock It)

why is my game locked on ps4

PS4 is one of the most successful and demanding gaming consoles; it comes with all the powerful characteristics and a high-quality gaming experience one can ask for. That’s why it is hard to resist the attraction of PS4 digital games, but the question arises why are my games locked on PS4 with such a complete setup?

The answer to the question is not simple; players do face errors for valid licenses or witness locks on their PS4 games icon when they try to load the game up. After complete research and analysis, we are here presenting you a brief for games locked on PS4. We have also mentioned causes and a few potential solutions, which you can opt to resolve the issues.

Why are all my games locked on PS4?

Even though gamers have bought games online from their authentic PSN account with valid licenses, they come across experiences where the PS4 console won’t let them play the game. The temporary issue can appear for several reasons; below, we have shortlisted the most common causes, so you can have a better understanding of why the locked icon appeared in the first place:

The PS4 games locked occurs as a result of the manufacturer’s piracy prevention measure; the game sharing options often lead to the said issue. Because anyone with the details of another person’s PSN account can log in and enjoy games, Sony wants to discourage gamers from sharing games and account details.

The Primary PS4 stores all the account’s detail, but you may face the encrypted padlock on the game icon in a secondary PS4 console. The game won’t start with a description that, you don’t have any valid license to run this game. Therefore you require an active license, which we will discuss in the next part of your article.

While the locking games can happen at any unplanned moment, the reason could be your own internet connection. The games won’t open or validate your request if your console is connected to a poor or slow network, which subsequently causes the game to lock.

Many a time, the PlayStation Network is down for service maintenance; the schedule is displayed at the top of the screen to inform gamers timely. But, unfortunately, you can’t do much except waiting or play offline games on your PS4.

How to unlock a game on ps4?

How to unlock a game on PS4 is not as difficult as you might think; in many cases, it is common for PS4 to take a while after booting up the PS4. Let’s see the couple of options you can opt for to resolve the locking game issue one by one below.

Option 1: Restore game licenses

If you see the game is active, but the lock icon prevents you from loading the game, wait a minute for the license to validate. In the event, the PS4 fails to communicate with the PSN server, try using the restoring game license method.

  1. Log into the PS4 Account from which the error game was purchased
  2. Proceed to Settings and select Accounts Administration
  3. Click “Restore Licenses”
  4. Now go into your PS4 Library and select the option Purchased
  5. Click on the game with access problem or locked icon
  6. Press the Download Button
  7. Once the desired game is downloaded, it will appear on the console’s home screen.

The lock symbol will disappear as soon as the installation completes, and you can enjoy the game without any trouble.

Option 2: Activate as primary ps4 console

Locking game issues can be the most annoying experience for gamers, but don’t worry we are elaborating on all the reformative procedures for you. Sony facilitates your account to be used for primary and secondary PS4 consoles. It is very rare that you encounter locking games in the Primary console, as it permanently stores the license and retains you from restoring it repeatedly.

But in case you are surprised on why are my games locked on PS4, you are likely using a secondary PS4. Fix the issue by following these steps below:

  1. Navigate to Account Settings
  2. And then Click on Account Management
  3. Select the Activate as Primary and Disable it
  4. Yes, you will have to deactivate it first
  5. Now, Enable it without leaving the window

You can easily access the games locked on the PS4 console previously.

Option 3: Speed up your internet connection

Online gaming session requires an active and fast network connection; hence, pro gamers prefer to invest in a solid internet connection to communicate with the PSN and validate the license. The locking games can result from a network connectivity issue occurring on PSN; therefore, once you are connected to the internet, run a test from the PS4 menu settings. If the system shows low or takes too much time, rectify it instantly and continue playing your favorite PS4 games.

You can also restart the internet router and PS4 console to reset the networking components that have failed to respond quickly. Remember, no solution will work for games locked on PS4 if there is a network connectivity issue.

Option 4: Check if your account is banned

Since a banned PSN account cannot communicate with the server, I suggest you also look at your account status. You may have already received emails from the server banning your account for valid reasons or won’t be able to log into PSN on PS4. The ban can also be temporary or permanent; temporary bans come with an expiration date, whereas you won’t be able to restore the license from a permanent ban.

Besides, try logging in on a web browser or different PlayStation 4 to ensure the error lies with the account and not with the gaming console.

Option 5: Game locked on PS4 after sharing

Those who share their game know the locked icon appearance is a regular problem, so no matter which option, as mentioned earlier, you attempt to solve the problem, the game locking problem will reappear. But the question that arises here is that should we share our PS4 games with others in the first place?

The gamer with primary account access can control and limit the access of others to downloadable digital content and services. The padlock could be a sign that you are no longer allowed to use someone else’s account or blocked by Sony for sharing games with other PS4. If you own a PS4 account, sharing your digital game is not wise.


Being unable to play already downloaded and installed is irritated,   but the locking game issue is directly related to your PSN server and gamers’ account. The issue should not persist if you have an active internet connection and are careful while sharing your primary account or games.

We have articulated everything to answer why is my game locked on PS4? The reason will help you opt for the best solution to remove the padlock for your convenient gaming experience.  Leave a comment or interact with us for any related query to PlayStation 4 games or gaming consoles.

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