How Many Primary PS4s Can You Have?


PS4s are a complete blessing for gamers. Being an addict to PS4 games requires no interruption or disruption. As you know, you need to have a Primary ps4 system to get all the info about games and services for efficient gameplay. But you may think it is possible to have multiple Primary PS4 systems, which may enable you to get all the logged-in info at your desired settings.

Considering all this, we shall discuss Primary PS4 in detail, such as how many PS4S you can have and how you can activate or deactivate PS4 as a primary console. Moreover, we shall also shed some light on the pros and cons of Primary PS4. So, continue reading to have a clear idea of all this in no time, which may help you in compelling gameplay.

How Many Primary PS4s Can You Have?

You can only have a single Primary PS4 and a single primary account on it. However, you may simply change your Primary PS4 according to your ease and requirement. Primary PS4 is really very necessary to access all the games and Apps without any hurdle.

Furthermore, it may also enable you to get benefits in your other accounts, the ones logged in to your primary PS4. For instance, all your friends can access all the games and content you open up without setting up or buying a console. To do so, all you need to do is set up your PS4 as the primary console with your account details to have unlimited gameplay and special access to everything.

However, keep in mind that all your friends will lose access to it after logging off your account or deactivating your console as a Primary account. But you may continue enjoying them somehow

Pros Of Having A Primary PS4

Having a Primary PS4 is a total blessing. There are multiple benefits for having a primary and not just for the friends. They have linked their accounts but also for the Primary owner as well. Let’s ride through a few of the benefits of having a Primary PS4.

  • The most crucial benefit that you may have from a Primary PS4 is access to unique games and features in no time. Moreover, you may even get exclusive activation codes and discounts to buy your favorite games for unlimited gameplay with your friends and family.
  • Primary PS4 also enables your friends to enjoy all the games you own without logging in to their accounts. All you need to do is insert their account details in your Primary setup, and here they get all the access without spending a single penny.
  • Another Pro for having a Primary PS4 is that your friends may also get access to enjoy numerous online multiplayer games using the PlayStation Plus. However, they may be some limitations to this feature.

Cons Of Having A Primary PS4

As you know, there are pros and cons to everything. So, let’s now dig into the cons of having a Primary PS4.

  • Primary PS4 can share all the games and Apps it purchases with friends and family. However, note that this feature is limited only to the online purchased items and not those requiring discs to function. To run such games on your friend’s system, you need to lend the disc to them.
  • Another con is that games are available for your friends only when activated or logged in to your account. Therefore, as soon you deactivate them, they’ll lose access within no time.
  • Sharing your stuff with someone is also risky. So, only share this feature with your friends and not the unknowns, as your PS4 account may get hacked.

Cons For A Non-Primary PS4

Being a non-primary PS4, you can enjoy multiple benefits without spending a single penny. However, there are a few restrictions that sound a bit hectic for any Non-Primary User. Therefore, let’s discuss them for your better understanding.

  • For adequate access to the games and features of the Primary PS4, you need to have a fast and robust internet connection all the time. Without it, you won’t be able to enjoy the remarkable features of PSN.
  • The most severe drawback of being a Non-Primary user is that your system’s PS4 cloud saving doesn’t work. This feature is currently not available on the PlayStation Plus.

How To Activate PS4 As A Primary Console?

Follow the steps below to activate your PS4 as a Primary Console.

  • The first step is to log into your PSN account using the correct email and password.
  • Next, head to the console Settings on your system.
  • Now, go to Account Management and activate your console as a Primary System.
  • Lastly, confirm your activation.

How To Deactivate Your Primary PS4?

Below are steps that you may now follow to deactivate your Primary PS4. Note that this option is only possible if you do the deactivation from the original Primary PS4.

  • The first step is to sign in to your Primary account that you want to deactivate.
  • Head to the console Settings on your system.
  • Now, go to Account Management and deactivate your console as a Primary System.
  • Lastly, confirm your deactivation.

How Often Can You Change Primary PS4?

You can change your Primary PS4 as many times as you want as there is no such limitation. However, note that you can only use two systems at a time. These include the primary PS4 and the other PS4, which are usually your friends. Also, it’s necessary to log off or deactivate your account from the previous primary console before activating a new Primary PS4.

Moreover, always remember that the option of deactivating all devices is only available once every six months. So, once you remove the devices, your friends can’t activate them again unless you log back in with your Primary account on the same system again. Therefore, you need to be conscious while using this option to manage the activated devices with your Primary settings.

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Having a Primary PS4 has lots of benefits not just for the primary user but also for the non-primary user. However, there are some limitations for the non-primary user. You may also think about whether you can have multiple Primary PS4s or not?

Therefore, in this article, we have discussed the Primary PS4 in detail. Such as its pros and cons and all your queries, including activating and deactivating a primary PS4. Also, how many primary PS4 can have at a single time.

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