What Is the Difference Between PS4 Models?

different ps4 models

PS4 is so far the best console you may ever think of for enjoying back-to-back games with super enthusiasm and fun. They are the three topmost advanced PS4s that you may opt for depending upon your requirement, including PS4 Pro, PS4 (original), and PS4 Slim. Each of them has a wide variety of unique qualities that distinguish them from others.

Considering all this, we shall dive into the detail of each different PS4 model along with the differences among them to help you make the right decision before buying. These three models are different in terms of design, HDR qualities, resolution, hard drive capacity, software, and much more. So, continue reading to have a clear idea of all the different PS4 models.

What are the three different PS4 models?

Although PS4 has been a bit outdated and many people prefer PS5 over it. Still, if you want to upgrade your PS4 versions, three options are available for you. These include PS4 Pro, PS4 (original), and PS4 Slim. In addition, they have additional considerations in terms of features and functions.

Therefore, let’s discuss each of them in detail for better understanding.

What’s PS4 Pro?

PlayStation 4 Pro is the most advanced one among them all, released on 10th November 2016. It came into the market a few months after the launch of the PS4 Slim with better features and facilities. Also, it’s a more slimmed-up edition of the original PS4, with the fastest graphics processor to make everyone’s experience more enjoyable and super exciting.

Moreover, it has three tiers, being the only PS4 model with such a design. Its built-in support for 4K-ready TVs and HDR is outstanding, enabling users to enjoy full sharper visuals and increased details. Moreover, the HDR quality gives a better resolution by making black deeper and white brighter. Besides, this feature is exclusive to the pro version of PS4, making it unique and fascinating.

Furthermore, you may enjoy multiple games using it including, Marvel’s Spider-Men, Resident Evil 2, Red Dead Redemption 2, and much more. You may play the old games as well with improved performance and higher framerates.

Although this model works really well with all the TVs, if you’ve 4K HDTV, the resolutions and framerate will get enhanced automatically, giving a thoroughly adventurous experience for you.

Hardware update for PS4 Pro

There have been no hardware revisions in this model, making it available with 1TB hard drive only, which is quite enough.

Unique editions for PS4 Pro

Some special editions are updated in this pro version which is as follows:

  1. Star Wars Battlefront II: This version has a very appealing black console with red and silver Star Wars decals.
  2. God of War: This edition has an atypical silver console but a dark silver axe decal which makes it pretty presentable.
  3. Destiny 2: This one is unique among all white consoles, which is now available for other consoles. However, it was pretty exclusive at that time.
  4. Monster Hunter World: As the name would suggest, it has a black console with red and black detailing, making it eye-catching for most people.

What’s PS4 (Original)?

This model was launched in 2013 and had a pretty popular demand until mid-2016 when Slim and Pro became available with advanced 1 TB hardware. The only difference between the original and slim pro versions is the hard drive capacity which discontinued the supply of the Original version for an extended period. So, it’s available primarily in the unpacked form nowadays.

In addition, the original PS4 has two tiers of equal height. Out of which, the topmost one has a finish of matte and gloss. This model comes in 500 GB and 1TB versions with an optical audio out connector, unlike the PS4 slim one. Moreover, it supports HDR graphics as well for advanced screening features. However, their drawback is that they cannot function the same games as PS4 Pro and Slim due to limited usage of 4K and HDR visuals.

Hardware update for PS4 Original

This version has undergone multiple revisions in its hardware to fix minor bugs that software updates couldn’t tackle up. These have three versions for 500 GB console while two versions for 1TB console.

The 500 GB version includes the CUH-10, the original launch console, CUH-11 or B chassis with an updated WLAN transceiver, and CUH-12 or C chassis with reduced power requirement and physical buttons in place of the touched ones.

While the 1TB has two editions, the CUH-11 version has featured that of the CUH-11 500 GB edition. And also, CUH-12 version with features that of CUH-12 500 GB edition.

Unique editions for PS4 Original

Just like PS4 Pro, these have some editions as well, which are as follows:

  1. Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End: This edition has a fantastic blue console with a dark blue Nathan Drake.
  2. Batman: Arkham Knight: This has a super good-looking silver console with a dark grey Batman decal.
  3. Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain: This edition has a pretty striking red console with white detailing.

What’s PS4 Slim?

PS4 Slim is the most common PS4 model, launched on 7th September 2016. It has two tiers as well, but the top tier is not glossy at all and is much shallower than the bottom one. Moreover, as the name suggests, it’s pretty sleek, making it easy to clean and maintain. Further, it runs quietly, which prevents it from overheating thus, improving its lifespan overall.

It’s 40% smaller than the launch PS4 and has a more rounded case design which features DualShock 4 controller. It doesn’t have an optical audio out jack but has hard disc storage of 500GB. The new versions have 1TB storage capacity as well.

However, concerning its performance, it’s pretty similar to the PS4 Original, which makes it a bit lower in rank than the PS4 Pro. But it allows all the games just like all the other models. The best thing about this Slim version is that it brought HDR lightning for all the players via the software update released post-launch.

Hardware update for PS4 Slim

This model has only one core version for its hardware. However, you may have the hard drive in two different sizes, including 500 GB and 1 TB.

Unique editions for PS4 Slim

Some special editions are updated in this Slim version as well, which are as follows:

  1. Star Wars Battlefront II: This super interesting console is silver with red and black Star Wars-themed decals. However, the classic 500 GB edition is typically white.
  2. Marvel’s Spiderman: As by the name, you can imagine, this console has a cherry red console with the spiderman logo imprinted on it. This logo is primarily white. It primarily features 1TB of storage.
  3. Silver: This has limited editions with two silver DualShock 4 controllers.
  4. Gold: Just like the silver one but with silver controllers and console.
  5. Final Fantasy XV: This super exciting console is black with a dark grey moon print.
  6. Destiny: This one is the unique one among all with white console and grey and gold detailing.
  7. Gran Turismo Sport: This edition has a two-tone Slim console of black and gold.
  8. Call of Duty: World War II: This edition gives the game Call of Duty pure vibes. This console is the military green console with a camouflage print.

PS4 Pro vs. PS4 Original vs. PS4 Slim

PS4 Pro

  • It was released in the 2016 launch window.
  • It has a three-tiered classic design, the only PS4 with such a design.
  • It’s the only one to offer accurate 4K visual output and HDR with the perfect setup.
  • It is available with a 1TB hard drive.

PS4 Original

  • It was launched in the year 2013.
  • It has two tiers of equal length.
  • It has no facility to offer 4K visuals and HDR.
  • It has three versions for the 500 GB console while two versions for 1TB console.

PS4 Slim

  • It was also launched in the year 2016.
  • It also has a two-tiered structure.
  • It, however, has HDR capabilities but is not valid as PS4 Pro.
  • It is the most energy-efficient model of all three consoles.
  • It has two hard drives available in two different sizes, including 500 GB and 1 TB.

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They are the three topmost advanced PS4s that you may opt for depending upon your requirement, including PS4 Pro, PS4 (original), and PS4 Slim. In addition, each of them has a wide variety of unique qualities that distinguish them from others.

Keeping this in mind, we have discussed in detail all about the three models with their pros and cons. You may opt for any of them depending upon your requirement and feasibility.


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