How to Add Funds to PS4 Wallet for Child Account?

how to add funds to ps4 wallet for child account

PS4 wallet is pretty helpful in many ways. There’s always a wallet created in every PS4 master account for your convenience. You may use it to purchase products that are for sale on the PlayStation Store. It includes content and services, including your favorite games and movies. However, you need to add funds to it to utilize this opportunity in the best way possible.

Keeping all this in our mind, we shall list down the steps necessary for you to know to add funds to the PlayStation wallet for your child. In addition, we may also guide you with some preventive measures to help you ensure the safety of your wallet and utilization more efficiently. So, follow this guide to know all about the PlayStation wallet in your kid’s account.

How to add funds to the PS4 child account?

As you know, each master account for Sony Entertainment Network has a wallet to enable you to purchase some of the most favorable content and services from the PS4 store. Moreover, you may link multiple sub-accounts to this master account. The sub-accounts owners can utilize the money as well for their purchases. However, the master account can add funds to the account.

Therefore, the following steps you may follow to add funds to the PS4 child account, which is the sub-account of your main master account.

  • Select the Options icon.
  • Go to the Transaction Management option.
  • Click on the Add Funds option.
  • Further, follow the instructions given on your screen to add funds.
  • Next, go to the Parental controls to set a limit for the money that your child can spend each month.

Setting spending limits on Child Accounts.

As mentioned above, a separate wallet with full independence for your child is not available. Therefore, it is necessary to have an account that supervises it and adds funds whenever it needs. Therefore, the children can purchase their favorite content into their accounts using their parent’s accounts.

To make sure your child doesn’t spend money on useless stuff, Sony has also introduced some spending limits on Child accounts. You need to set them up to make sure your child doesn’t drain your credit card blindly. As you know, games and movies are what kids love these days, and they could never get over them.

To avoid such mishaps, you may also use some alternatives to add funds to a Child Account.

Some alternatives to adding funds to a Child’s Account

Giving access to your credit card to your kids, even with some restrictions, may be quite risky. To avoid these risks, you may use some alternative methods to add funds to their accounts. These include:

1. Buy a gift card

You can directly buy a gift card by logging in to your child’s account and adding credits using a specific code. This option is a much simpler and easy process, which may save you from drastic surprises after the end of each month.

2. Purchase a PlayStation card

Another alternative may be to buy a PlayStation card, usually available at most gas stations or drug marts. All you need to do is enter the code written on the back of the card in your child’s account and add funds accordingly.

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If you don’t know how to add funds to your child’s account, then this article is all you need. This article explains the step-by-step process to help you add money to your PlayStation wallet. In addition, we have also given a guide to protecting your credit card balance by setting a purchase limit.

Also, if you’re looking for some alternative process that would not need your credit card details, then buying a gift card or PlayStation card would be great for you too. So, follow our guide for quick funding in your Child’s Account.

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