The 12 Best PS4 Exclusives

best ps4 exclusives

Top ps4 exclusives are top-grade games playable, primarily on the ps4 but may also be offered on other versions of the PlayStation. A number of these have been included in the ‘greatest games of our time’ lists compiled by authentic sources such as Sony, GameStop, etc. while a couple of them have been awarded the title as well.

PS4 games are one of the most sold games of all time. What is the reason behind it? Simple. The vast catalog of ps4 exclusive games. If you’re a PS4 user and the wide array of games available is overwhelming to choose from, then you are at the right place. This article will help you pick the most suitable one for yourself according to your preferences and interests.

Best PS4 Exclusives

Picking the leading ps4 exclusives from an enormous catalog of incredible games is not a piece of cake. Take a look at the games that have made it to our list of best PlayStation exclusives.

Final Fantasy VII

Final fantasy was first published in 1998 by Square Enix, and it was a huge success as it won several game-of-the-year awards. The final fantasy vii remake was recently released in the year 2020. The game is rated for teens.

The game’s plot revolves around the character, Cloud Strife, who becomes part of an Eco-terrorist organization to stop a big corporation from destroying the world. On this journey, he befriends Aerith Gainsborough, and together they set out to save the world.


  • The character development and is very commendable.
  • The themes are very engaging.
  • The combat system and battles are incredible.
  • The game’s soundtrack is catchy and melodious to the ears.


  • Some of the quests in the game are repetitive.
  • The remake is only 30% similar to the original game, which is disappointing for the fans.
  • The game design is poor in execution.

Infamous Second Son

The game’s plot is based in the city of Seattle around the protagonist Delsin Rowe, who creates a superhuman or a ‘conduit’ with the conduit gene’s help. He can absorb powers from the conduits.

Infamous second son followed Infamous 2 and was one of the earliest to be available in the console. The game developer is Sucker Punch. The resulting game is an amalgamation of rebellion, superhuman action, and adventure for the gamer.


  • The feature support includes 4K, PS4 Pro enhanced and HDR, and more.
  • The graphics are outstanding
  • The use of DualShock4 is commendable
  • Intriguing superhero adventure/ action genre


  • The character traits of Delsin are a little irritating.
  • It is available exclusively for PS4, so not supported by other play station versions, the battles and enemies exhibit repetition quite a lot throughout.

God Of War

God of war is 4th inline in this enchanting series based on Norse mythology. The game is set in Mid Gard’s city with Kratos, the God of war, and his son Atreus as the protagonist. The game is about the journey they take and the bitter-sweet relationship between the father and son.

While maintaining its spirit, the God of War is also a recollection of the classic Greek series’ symbolic components.


Franchised by Sony entertainment, the genre of this incredible game is action-adventure. The game is mature (M)17+ rated. Its mode is single-player.


  • You get to learn about Norse Mythology which is very impressive.
  • The combat experience provides the perfect combination of action and as Kratos faces and fights off the grotesque and monstrous creatures. With the visuals of the combat very close to the game player, the experience is quite thrilling.
  • New weapons and superpowers have been added, which, while preserving the aura of God of War, add a component that makes the experience even more breathtaking.
  • The game plot with both emotion and action is quite captivating.
  • It is especially designed for PS4 pro.


  • The game is mature in both visuals and language, and due to the violent combats, it is deemed inappropriate for under-aged users.
  • Comparatively, the main battles were more grand and impressive in the previous version of the series
  • The text of the game is barely readable due to it being too tiny.

Firewall Zero Hour

The game revolves around a crew of able shooters with 12 positions to choose from within the squadron. Each person has their task to fulfill to support the team. The tasks include shooting in the front lines, spying on the enemy, defensive positions, protecting information from the enemy, etc.

With the component of accountability, the game can be quite addictive. Upholding teamwork is imperative to be victorious. Due to its distinctive multiplayer component, the game is ideal to be played amongst friends at get-together parties as well as from homes.


  • Its multiplayer capacity is up to 8 online players.
  • The dual shock vibration component is an amazing feature.
  • The quality of the virtual reality aim controller is allowed
  • The weapons and abilities can be enhanced to make the experience more lasting and competitive.


The game is quite demanding, which makes it a little harder to sell.

  • PS plus is essential for the online game, which has to be purchased.
  • The PS camera and the VR headset are an essential requirement that adds to additional costs that the user has to pay and is a disappointing feature that makes marketing a task.
  • Online play makes it imperative to have a stable internet connection which can be a trouble sometimes.

Until Dawn

If a spooky adventure is your cup of tea, then until dawn is the game for you. This horror field game combines drama and spook and is a must-play for fans that enjoy shows like the walking dead. While the game includes grotesque scenes, the thrill manages to steal the thunder and provide an amusing experience.

The game revolves around eight friends that get stuck on their vacation in the mountains. They are in for a surprise when they find out that there is a presence amongst them! Every step they take means the difference between life and death.


  • It is an intriguing horror game full of suspense
  • The voice-overs in the game are very fitting
  • The virtual world of the game is so vast and detailed, with so much to explore.


  • The repulsive scenes of blood and gore can be excessive, which is not everyone’s cup of tea.
  • The genre of violence and gore appeals to very few users.
  • There are some glitches encountered in the game.

Days Gone

Developed by Sony, the game is set in a post-pandemic world and is centered around the protagonist, Deacon St. John- a biker and is now trying to make it in a world of infectivity and zombie everywhere.

The relatable storyline is a plus point in the marketing as the real-life human race is amid a pandemic.


  • The setting of the game keeps on evolving, which keeps you captivated at all times
  • The relatable aspect of the storyline touching the themes of survival, regret, and desperation makes it more interesting to play the game.
  • The confrontations with zombies are immensely thrilling.
  • Dual shock 4 is a fantastic feature.


  • The theme includes references to drugs and alcohol, sexual, violence making it a bit inappropriate.
  • It is available for single-player only.
  • The game is centered on one character, so character development is not a quality of this game.

Marvel’s Spiderman

Marvel’s Spiderman is one of the most popularly played exclusively on the ps4. The game plot is centered on an ordinary boy named Peter Parker and his alter-ego ‘Spiderman,’ undoubtedly an internationally admired superhero.

Developed by Sony Interactive Entertainment, the genre is action-adventure, and the game mode is available in single player.


  • One of the key features is the excellent quality of graphics
  • Spiderman’s plot is similar to the movie’s plot, which is internationally recognized and loved and is a plus point for the fans.
  • The setting in New York is very enchanting.
  • The variety in Spiderman superhero suit adjustment is a fun feature.


  • While the combat system is very captivating, the lack of compelling side quests and boss fights is a bummer.
  • While the combat system is very happening, it can get a little overwhelming at times.
  • The plot of the game is quite similar to the movie’s plot, so that can be disappointing as the quests will lack the component of amazement.

Uncharted 4: A Chief’s End

Uncharted- a thief’s end is the last part of the compelling series titled ‘uncharted.’

And concludes it marvelously. Developed by Sony computer entertainment, the game is available in single and multiplayer modes and is rated for teens.

The plot focuses on Nathan Drake, our protagonist, and his treasure-searching adventure. The game is said to provide very vivid and absorbing visuals that are film-like. The magnificent cinematic coupled with the adventure makes it a must-play!


  • The audio-visuals are breathtaking.
  • The ending does justice to Nathan Drake’s emotional venture.
  • The evolving character development is admirable.
  • The multiplayer option is addicting and unique as most ps4 exclusives are single-player only.


  • The multiplayer option is not that useful as most quests are individually based.
  • Although the game’s setting is very grand, it lacks novel challenges, and most quests are mundane.
  • The 15- hour long game is very exhausting rather than being cut into parts.

Horizon Zero Dawn

Set in a post-apocalyptic setting, horizon Zero Dawn is an incredible game about where the world of wild tribal life and machine life runs into each other. The dystopian concept has a dramatic spirit, with the charismatic protagonist, Aloy, giving us a taste of adventure.

Guerilla Games have developed the game via Sony computer entertainment. Its genre is RPG, action, and the mode is single-player only. Horizon zero dawn is part of the Horizon series.


  • The combats are absorbing.
  • Interesting storyline by the coupling of science fiction and tribal life.
  • The virtual world of the game is gigantic, and there are loads of areas to explore, which keeps the gamer interested at all times.
  • Soundtrack is outstanding.


  • Occasional glitches are witnessed
  • The theme of the open world is portrayed well, but some aspects are repetitive.
  • The quality of graphics is compromised a bit.

Blood Borne

Based in a gothic city with a dark spirit and horrific creatures wandering the streets, blood-borne is chock full of adventure with its combats, including updated weapons, types of equipment, tactics that captivate the gamers holistically.

Published by Sony Computer Entertainment, Blood Borne can be played in single and multiplayer mode. It is rated M due to its mature content.


  • The soundtrack is amazing and sure to give you goosebumps
  • The choice to replay the game is a plus.
  • The gothic scene is very well detailed, and its design ell executed.


  • Multiplayer coordination is an issue.
  • The weapons are few in variety.
  • Spells are also lacking.

Ghost Of Tsushima

Very recently released in 2020, Ghost of Tsushima includes the themes of Japanese narrative and Samurai fighting. It has won ‘game of the year’ awards as well. It has been released by Sucker punch. The genre is action-adventure, and the mode of the game is both single and multiplayer.

The game is based on Samurai fighting combats, a thrilling experience as the player controls the combat and the fighting. The competitive nature of the game can be very addicting. The combats and the graphics are very admirable.


  • Varying and distinctive difficulty levels can adjust the competitive quality of the game.
  • The tactical gameplay offers a unique experience
  • The scenery and landscape are very pleasing to the eyes
  • The game did justice to the Japanese narrative displayed.


  • The tasks are quite repetitive
  • Execution of the game is lacking
  • Despite a strong combat system, the open-world genre failed to deliver a lasting experience overall.

Persona 5

Despite its peculiar storyline, Persona 5 is an incredible PS4 exclusive with its vibrant graphics and catchy soundtrack. It is about a group of students who transform evil-minded people into kind-hearted people by gaining access to their hearts through special abilities.

Developed by Altus, this PS4 exclusive is of the genre’ role playing’ and ‘social stimulation’ and is rated ‘M’ for its mature content. It is found in single-player mode only. Its graphics are based on the Japanese anime style, which has a wide fan base and makes the game a unique and captivating experience.


  • The colorful visuals are eye-catching and make the experience more vibrant.
  • One of the unique features of Persona 5 is that it targets some important social problems that enlighten the minds of the players
  • The melodious soundtrack and background music is delightful and calming for the ears.
  • The graphics and art design are very apt and well-coordinated overall.


  • Some parts of the game are very repetitive
  • The Japanese Anime style is unique and is enjoyed by certain gamers only as it can get overwhelming.
  • The games are M-rated with mature content not fit for all age groups.
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That was our list of best ps4 exclusives. These are some of the most popularly enjoyed games by PS4 players. We hope you like it and could get a good insight into the vast catalog of the game for PS4 only. Each of the games has its strengths and weaknesses.

With the videogames industry evolving and flourishing, new advances and updates have been made concerning genre, graphics, sound, and the gameplay experience. These qualities are what set the games apart from each other. Have a fun time playing on your PS4!


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