How to Play PS2 Games Online?

how to play ps2 games online

PS2 tops the list of best-selling video game consoles of all time. This remains applicable even after the release of newer versions of the PlayStation, the most recent one being ps5. While PS4 is quite popular in the gaming world, it comes second to PS2 in the list.

Initially, PS2 games were available for online playing, but the decision was reconsidered and taken back due to various issues. Nevertheless, gamers have found a way around it by using tips and tricks that support playing ps2 games online.

Compared to newer PlayStation versions and Xbox, PS2 online gaming is relatively outdated. For those looking for a dose of nostalgia and desire to play old-school PS2 games that they used to play some-time back, this hustle-free guide to every aspect of PS2 online gaming is sure to get you started and solve all your related queries on how to play PS2 games online.

Can you still play PS2 games online?

When the option to play PS2 games online was initially available, it was mainly done through third-party sources. The original developers themselves assigned these 3rd party sources.

In addition to your PS2 console, the equipment needed was a network adapter and a strong internet connection. Later on, the newer PS2 models that came out had built-in network adapters.

While these 3rd party servers functioned smoothly and remained in use for years, once official sources took them down, gamers came up with ways to play PlayStation 2 games online.

One of the reasons it was discontinued was that it had to be permitted by the DNAS system every time the user connected the game. This was a huge drawback.

So the answer to this question is YES. Indeed, you can play PlayStation2 games online.

How to play PS2 games online:

Some Third-party links that work for PS2 online games are XBSlink, SVDL, and X-link Kai.


X Link Kai is an online community for gamers with a record of all the older games and consoles of PlayStation that have now been discontinued. It supports PSP, XBOX, GameCube, and many other consoles. It is a relief for gamers as they now have access to all these games they could not get from other sources.

What resulted was an interactive and resourceful community for playstation2 gamers. This community has since then multiplied and reached a population of millions. It continues to grow and satisfy its users. You must sign up check out the X-link Kai website to get the most of your favorite games and other amazing PS2 online resources.

How to set up Xlink Kai :

Unlike setting up other online-based gaming resources such as Nintendo Wii, X link Kai is a little challenging for beginners. One thing to keep in mind is that it requires additional equipment that you will have to get. While it is a difficult process, it is certainly do-able if you follow this comprehensive step-by-step guide.

The additional equipment needed includes:

  • A functioning PC
  • Ethernet cable wires (1-2 cat-5 )
  • A modem/router with open ports.
  • A copied file of your favorite PS2 online game such as Gran Turismo 4, Timesplitters 2, etc.
  • A PS2 charge/adapter

(NOTE: The adapter is a requirement for the older versions (also called Non-Slim models). The newer versions (Slim models)  have it in-built into the console)


  • Go to the X-link kai website.
  • Next, register yourself.
  • Then, download the Kai server/engine onto your computer. This will allow you to open your website easily and be able to play PS2 games online.
  • Use the multi-LAN feature of your PS2 online game to create the desired network setting, which will enable you to enter the relevant information.
  • Viola! Your game will now work without any problem

While the steps may seem typical and lengthy, have a look at the x link Kai website, which also has these steps displayed in a simple way. These steps are easy to follow through and will guarantee that you can play your PS2 games online.

What PS2 games can you play online?

X link Kai and other similar servers are very handy alternative resources that will allow you to play PS2 games online. Most of the PS2 games that were initially played online will work through this great link, but some will not.

Popular games such as Final Fantasy XI no longer have official sources but only 3rd party or fan sources. Thus they are not playable via this link. However, it can be played online and was one of the first games allowing cross-server connection.

On the other hand, a long list of highly sought-after games can be played, making this website so popular among PS2 gamers.

A compilation of over 50 games can be found. While the active list of  games will keep changing from time to time, some of the timeless games playable include :

  • Time Splitter 2
  • SOCOM II: US Navy Seals: this was one of the first games with a voice chatting feature.
  • StarWars: Battle Front
  • Twisted Metal
  • Monster Hunter
  • Resident Evil Outbreak

How can I find people to play with?

It is fascinating how many gaming communities have now be formed online. These communities will help you connect with other fellow gamers and are a great platform to find people with similar gaming interests.


Discord is very popular among gamers. It allows you to stream your game while interacting with fellow gamers via chat and microphone. It has separate servers that one can connect to or set up based on the particular game they’re playing.

One can play PS2 multiplayer games as well due to its incredible quality of accommodating several people simultaneously.

Discord can be connected with x-link kai to play PS2 online games. It’s incredible how far the gaming community has come!

Even if your game does not have active users, one can persuade friends to join in as discord is pretty easy to set up. To learn more check out our article on how to set up Discord for PlayStation.

Other gaming communities such as twitch are also worth checking out.

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While new consoles have more advanced features and a wider range of online games, PS2 remains a go-to device in its fan base. Proof of this is that even after discontinuing this feature, people have discovered alternative ways to access and enjoy PS2 online games.


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