How to Hack PS4? (11 PS4 Hacks)

how to hack ps4

PlayStation is undoubtedly considered to be one of the most widely acclaimed gaming consoles of all time. With new advancements and updates constantly being made to the original PlayStation products, it is impressive to note that their popularity and preference remain evergreen.

PlayStation owes its popularity to its incredibly innovative features and exclusive game choice, especially the PS4. Ultimately, the vast game choice and increasing difficulty levels have led to the secretive emergence of PS4 hacks and tricks. To boost your gaming experience, have a look at the tips and tricks to learn how to hack PS4.

How to hack PS4:

Hacking is no joke. The reader must keep in mind that it is regarded as a criminal offense. Moreover, it is both an expensive and complex process. The average gamer is not cut out for it.

Indeed, only a computer expert can meticulously carry out the complicated task of hacking the PS4. It is not an impossible task for the average gamer to get around.

In contrast to PC, a more ‘open’ system, the PS4 is a more ‘closed’ and ‘restricted’ system and is thus more difficult to hack. PC is more ‘open’ in the sense that it can be used to read, write, watch videos, order online, play games, etc. so there are many ways to hack it. On the other hand, the PS4 is primarily used for gaming.

If you wish to learn how to hack into PS4, keep reading this article as we briefly touch on Cronus Max, a beneficial asset to carry it out.


Fashioned similar to a USB, The Cronusmax is an easy and incredibly handy piece of technology designed to be used as an adapter so that you can connect your favorite controllers, such as DualShock 4 wireless controller, Xbox 360 wireless controller, to any of your desired gaming devices like Xbox one, PlayStation 4, etc.

You might wonder if it is prohibited to use such a device? Legally there is no law banning it or deeming it illegal, so you need not fret over this issue. All in all, there is no need to confine yourself to the original controller that comes with the gaming device because CronusMax has you covered, offering so much more!

Here are some good and bad features of the CronusMax:


Here are some of the reasons to get your hands on this device:

  1. Ideal for connecting external controllers like DualShock 4 controller to a favored device like Xbox 360.
  2. Controllers can be connected via USB or Bluetooth.
  3. Accessories such as mouse and keyboard can be attached without showing errors.
  4. 3rd party devices can be safely connected.
  5. Variety of modifying tools to adjust to user needs


  1. It can only modify but not hack into the system.
  2. Its use is limited to PlayStation 4 only.
  3. A variety of tools can get confusing at times.

How to Jailbreak a PS4:

PS4 and other similar products have certain restrictions in their software by default. Due to these restrictions, any application download will have to be paid for. Though it is illegal, Jailbreak is a helpful hack that can help us avoid paying for apps. Moreover, additional features like wallpapers and themes can also be added.

Jail breaking is a technical process, and it is best to get it done by a mobile expert. An expert is more likely to carry it out diligently and handle the situation in case something goes wrong. Jailbreaking has its merits and demerits.

To learn more about jailbreaking PS4, check out our article on How to Jailbreak PS4,

Tips and tricks to hack PS4:

1. No charger? No worries, just use a regular mobile charger

This effortless and straightforward PS4 hack is sure to leave you speechless. It is one of these least technical methods out there that will do your job. Though it is pretty simple, not many gamers are aware of this trick.

It may sound silly, but simply by using the phone charger that you use to charge your mobile device, you can charge up your game controller as well. This is especially applicable for the Dual shock controller.

Isn’t it fascinating how easy and undemanding this particular hack is? Try it out to have your mind blown away by its applicability. Since this is something that does not require expertise in the field, you can share it with your fellow gamers as well.

2. Lower the lights to save battery power

While the battery life of DualShock 4 is pretty sound and dependable, it is always useful to conserve it for many reasons.

A simple PS4 hack is to dim the lights of the controller. This will help save up battery power and extend battery life. Gaming can be a power-consuming process, and if the battery runs out rapidly, you – the gamer can lose meaningful progress in the game.

Alternatively, you might have to sit close to the charging spot, which can leave you feeling limited and restricted. So, to maintain the game flow and avoid losing your progress altogether, you must keep the lights at a lower level.

Dim lighting can help avoid too much strain on the eyes again so you can keep playing for longer hours. It’s a win-win situation!

3. Change it up by customizing the controller tools

Previously, gaming on computers used to be preferred over that on the PlayStation console. This was due to the lack of control options which is indeed a disappointing feature of the standard PlayStation gaming experience.

However, this is no longer an issue. With innovations like CronusMax, gamers can now remap the controlling tools to attach accessories that are favorable and suitable to their gaming style and not necessarily stick to one style.

This has made gaming a lot more thrilling and no longer as restricted and confined as it used to be. With newer versions, the PS4 console carries the feature to customize. This can be done simply by going over the settings. So feel free to change it up and experiment with the elements. How exciting!

4. Use a hard drive to increase storage

The standard storage space of the PlayStation 4 is limited to 500 GB and 1TB. While this may seem enough for installing and playing the game, gaming can take up large substantial space, and the last thing you want is to lose progress in an advanced game.

 A valuable tip is to connect a hard drive to maximize extra storage space. This tip will help you in the long run because your games will consume up all the allotted storage throughout your gaming life, and you might have to delete your game progress, which sounds awful, doesn’t it? After all, you worked so hard to get there.

So we advise you to keep a hard drive at hand as it will prove to be quite beneficial for you. With an external storage device by your side, you no longer need to worry about losing game progress and if all else works fine, too, you are guaranteed to have a sustained and trouble-free gaming experience.

Do check out our article “How to fix not enough storage on PS4” if you face any free memory space error on your console while installing or playing the game.

5. Make use of the HDMI linking feature to ensure the best gaming experience

Advanced features are being added to smart televisions and smartphones releasing these days to provide a flawless experience to the buyer and leave them in awe and admiration. Of these, the HDMI linking option is a highly useful feature.

What this feature does is that it will allow your television to connect to the PS4 console directly. Once the PS4 is turned on, the HDMI channel will automatically synchronize too.

This will allow a flawless gaming experience. What an incredible feature. An absolute must-have!

6. Type using the joypad

The joypad was released to ensure that the gamer has better control of the PlayStation features. While its release was upsetting as it failed to fulfill that particular goal, an innovative way to make the most of this feature has been discovered.

Using the joypad to type in games is a brilliant idea as it saves time and multitasks, so the gamer no longer needs to switch back and forth from gaming stick to keyboard. Typing while gaming is no longer a difficult task. Multitasking is the best!

7. Wired over wireless connection

Wireless connections are the new normal of our century. Wireless internet connection is a blessing in numerous ways, and its advantages are endless. While that may be the case in most areas of our life, gaming is not one of them. Wireless connections can take leaps that may disrupt the flow of the game.

When playing in multiplayer, a continuous and stable internet connection is an absolute must. Wired connections remove that disturbance which is essential. Net issues cannot be tolerated in gaming as they can lead to the loss of significant progress. So use a wired connection to enjoy a seamless experience.

Some Gamers reported that they lose the gaming session because of the wired connection on the console, so if you are one of them and seeing for a permanent solution to fix the issue, you can check how to fix the Lan cable not connected guide.

8. Make your PS4 portable

Of the PlayStation products, only PSP has been small and portable. The PS4 device was primarily designed as a home device, and its size and attachments complement the idea too. You don’t have to worry, though. It can also be converted into a portable device like your laptop or mobile phone.

Companies have released new versions that allow you to convert PS4 into a portable device, and this is sure to make your life easier. You can now play your games from the comfort of your bed or at a friend’s house. The movable nature of this new version makes it an absolute must-have for avid gamers!

The only catch is that this version is comparatively more expensive. However, if money is not an obstacle for you, getting the portable version is an excellent investment.

9. Stream anywhere using remote play

The Remote Play option allows you to stream your game from the PS4 on your mobile devices, television, laptop, etc.

As long as your internet connection is stable and reliable, the remote play option will ensure that you have an exhilarating gaming experience by being able to stream at your convenience.

10. Voice command hack

As you know, gaming is a robust activity that requires you to respond quickly to maintain the game’s spirit. Typing during gaming can slow you down and take away the excitement.
A great way to counter that is by using touchpads or voice detection devices like microphones. They can help you input your data faster, more efficient way allowing a seamless and trouble-free gaming experience.

For a voice chat feature, Sony comes up with a feature called “PS4 Party Chat,” which allows gamers to have a voice chat with other team players while playing. It also gives an option to share your screen with your friends.

11. Try this hack to take screenshots easily

Most users are aware of the ‘share’ button on Dualshock4 to take and share screenshots and pictures easily. A hack that they are unaware of will help them make this process even faster.

One way is to press down the share button for a couple of seconds to take the screenshot.

To make the process even more rapid, another way is to do it via settings.

  • First, go to settings.
  • Next, select sharing and broadcast option.
  • Then, click on the share button control type.
  • Then, turn on easy screenshots.

Once this is done, you’re good to go, and no need to pause your game because taking screenshots is no longer an issue.

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It may seem like a daunting process to hack into PS4 to adjust settings and features according to your need. While many obstacles come in the path, practically, it is possible to do so with good know-how of the process and a comprehensive guide as outlined by this article.

Hopefully, the methods listed above will help you achieve your goal, Good luck!


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