How to Fix Not Enough Free System Memory on PS4?

how to fix not enough free system memory on ps4

Ever since its launch, the PS4 has undergone several upgrades and has managed to satisfy its users. However, these updates have also been linked to multiple problems encountered by users. One of the significant and pretty common issues with PS4 is not enough free system memory, making it impossible for the users to download or install any patch or game.

If you face a similar issue, you do not have to worry much about it because we have got you covered! By the time you finish reading this article, you will know how quickly you can fix ps4 not enough memory error.

Why is PS4 showing not enough free space?

Usually, if any of your devices tell you that there is not enough free space on the system, it means the device does not have enough memory. However, if your PS4 console shows up not enough free space, then either the problem is real, and you do not have any room left on the system, or maybe your console is unable to read the available memory correctly.

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How to fix not enough free system memory on PS4?

If your PS4 is signaling that there is not enough free space in your system to download any game further, it could annoy you understandably because you would not want to delete the rest of your games or content for installing a new one. However, this does not necessarily always mean that the memory is occupied; it could be something else.

Sometimes, you check yourself and find out that your console has plenty of space available, indicating the problem does not lie in the hardware. Regardless of the cause, here is how you can fix the memory issues on your PS4 by taking some essential yet easy measures;

Solution # 1: Select a simple theme

Choosing the most straightforward theme available on your PS4 may work because complex themes would take up ample space on your console resulting in not enough free space to download anything else. Several users suggest opting for a ‘simple theme’ solution before jumping to other ones.

Solution # 2: Delete the history of your internet browser

Deleting your browser history may prove helpful in clearing up the unnecessarily occupied space on your PS4. One cannot stop browsing but at least clearing history makes sure that you always have some space on your console. Browsing leads to installing hidden files that take up the free space available on your console without you knowing.

Solution # 3: Delete old games

It is better to delete some of the games that you rarely play on your PS4 because whether or not you play, and they are there to occupy massive space on the system. Also, there are multiple updates for each game with time, so you can have the latest version of the game, which automatically downloads. These automatic updates are heavy on the pocket of your console.

Solution # 4: Rebuild PS4 database

Rebuilding the database on your PS4 could be time-consuming, but this method never disappoints, especially when troubles are due to missing or corrupted files on your console. You can solve the issue of not having enough space on your PS4 by rebuilding its database, and this is how you do it;

  1. Firstly, you have to turn off your PS4 completely.
  2. Press and hold the power button of your PS4 for a few seconds to make sure that your console is in safe mode. The second beep you hear after pressing and holding the power button is an indicator of PS4 safe mode.
  3. Now, connect your PS4 controller with the console using a USB cable.
  4. Now select ‘Rebuild Database’ with the help of the X button on your controller.

It is important to note that rebuilding the database on PS4 would never cause you to lose your saved data, so you do not have to worry about it.

Can you increase memory and storage on PS4?

Since we are going through all the possible measures that may help you clear up the occupied space on your PS4, let’s look at increasing the storage space on your PS4. A usual question to pop up in one’s mind if we can expand the memory and storage on PS4 or not. Well, yes, of course, you can do this.

Expanding PS4’s memory and space is a no-brainer. Installing large hard drives would surely help you with downloading new games. You can also have an additional external USB hard drive that would allow you to enjoy good space on your PS4.

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In conclusion

Not having enough space on the storage system of your PS4 is pretty annoying because you are unable to download and install new games. Moreover, it leaves you wondering how to overcome the issue. In this article, we have covered the possible causes of your low system storage, the solutions to the relevant problem, and if you can increase your PS4 memory and storage or not. We hope this guide will prove helpful.


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