How to Fix PS4 Lan Cable Not Connected?

how to fix ps4 lan cable not connected

If your PS4 Lan cable keeps disconnecting, this is not something new, and you are not the only one! It has been one of the other several problems gamers have been encountering on and off. People most often use a LAN cable to increase internet speed, especially console gamers, because they cannot let their game suffer due to increased pings.

However, at times, even the LAN cable does not work efficiently due to several reasons. This article will cover most of the causes why your PS4 not detecting lan cable and how you can fix it easily and quickly.

Possible causes why PS4 Lan cable is disconnected

Different players experience different reasons, and that is why you need a diverse collection of methods to try to fix your PS4 Lan cable disconnection issue. The issue could be due to;

  • Updated PS4 Pro firmware.
  • A faulty cable.
  • A flawed Ethernet port, etc.

Solutions to fix PS4 Lan cable not connected

As mentioned earlier, there could be several reasons why your PS4 Lan cable keeps disconnecting. Therefore you need to go through different solutions given in this guide, one of which would work for you, rest assured!

Many gamers have experienced the PS4 Lan cable disconnection after upgrading their PS4 pro software, while others have reported a faulty cable or damaged Ethernet port. You may have to try out a range of methods, from changing your DNS settings to replacing the IP address to reinstalling the firmware; the list goes on. Heading towards the methods to fix the issue, let’s begin with;

1. Restart your router

Often, rebooting your router solves many issues regarding PS4 internet connection , let alone the issue of PS4 Lan cable disconnection. Follow these steps to reboot your router;

  1. First, disconnect the power cable from the router
  2. Wait for 10 seconds before plugging back in.
  3. Now let your router reboot.
  4. Next, go to Settings, then Network and click on Set up the Internet connection.
  5. Select ‘Use a LAN cable’ and then go for the ‘Easy’ option.
  6. Now you should receive, which indicates that your internet settings have changed.

2. Insert LAN cable ‘halfway’ through to the port

If your PS4 Lan cable port has damaged, then this method might work for you. Here you need to insert your Lan cable ‘halfway’ through the port. Halfway through suggests that you have to stop when you hear a clicking sound; that is the point where your PS4 might detect the Lan cable.

3. Modify DNS settings on PS4

The abbreviation for DNS is ‘Domain Name System’. If there is a problem with your PS4 Lan cable and it keeps disconnecting, you can try changing your DNS settings in an attempt to solve the issue. Important to mention, if you replace your DNS with Cloudflare’s or Google’s DNS, it may improve the internet speed.

Follow these steps to change your DNS settings and see if it helps you fix the issue;

  1. Open Settings, select Network and click on Set up the Internet connection.
  2. Select Lan cable and Custom afterwards.
  3. Go for Automatic IP address settings.
  4. Make sure you do not specify DHCP hostname.
  5. Open DNS settings, where you have to opt for Manual.
  6. Now you need to enter ( as primary DNS, while for secondary DNS, make sure you enter (
  7. Open MTU settings and select Automatic.
  8. Then opt for ‘do not use for proxy server’.

Once you have followed these mentioned steps correctly, you can proceed and test your internet speed.

4. Establish static IP address for PS4

It is of prime importance that you sequentially attempt these solutions. It would be better and easy if you try changing your DNS settings first. If it does not work for you, then set up a static IP address for your PS4.

There are two types of IP addresses; one dynamic, which changed when you restart your router, and the other static IP, which does not change as implied by the name. To set up a static IP address, follow these steps;

  1. Open Settings, then Network and view your connection status.
  2. Note down your IP address, Subnet Mask and Default Gateway that is showing up on your screen. Move back to previous Settings.
  3. Open Set up internet connection and select Use a Lan cable.
  4. Opt for Custom and then Manual. You have to insert the IP address, Subnet Mask and the Default Gateway that you noted earlier. You do not have to insert the entire address; instead, enter the first three numbers from your IP and select any number from 2 to 255 as the last number.
  5. After inserting the IP address, proceed with entering the subnet mask and default gateway.
  6. Now, under MTU settings, select Automatic.
  7. For Proxy Server, you have to go for ‘Do not use’.

Once you have completed these steps correctly, try connecting your Lan cable with PS4, which will detect the cable hopefully.

5. Rebuilding database on your PS4

Beyond any doubt, you would not want your saved data to get deleted. Here’s another way you can easily fix the issue which does not mess up with your data. However, rebuilding your database is time-consuming.

  1. Make sure that your PS4 is turned off.
  2. To bring your PS4 in safe mode, press and hold the power button of the PS4. Here you should hear two beeps that signal the safe mode.
  3. With the help of a USB cable, connect your PS4 controller with the console.
  4. Using the X button, select ‘Rebuild database’.
  5. Now you have to wait until your screen completes the loading and you finally see your home screen.
  6. Now is the time to sign in to your account on PS4 and connect the console with Lan cable.

What else to do if everything fails?

Largely, the methods mentioned above would solve the problem, but if your PS4 is still not detecting the Lan cable, then you can take a few other measures as well;

  • Try connecting the Lan cable to a different port on the router.
  • If that does not work, you can check if the same Lan cable works on an entirely different route. If that happens to be true, replace your router with a new one.
  • Change your Lan cable to CAT 5 if you are currently using CAT 6 or 7.
  • Check your Ethernet port and see if it contains accumulated dust; if that’s the case, you may need to clean it.
  • Ensure that your Ethernet plug is straight and nothing is causing it to bent.
  • Change the device to which your PS4 is connected, and if this measure solves the issue, it means your interface connection on PS4 is faulty. However, if the Lan cable does not work on other devices, you may need to call your Internet Service Provider.
  • Lastly, try reinstalling the system software. However, it is a very risky measure because it costs all your saved data. We suggest you attempt this method if NOTHING else works.

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In conclusion

Getting frustrated because your PS4 is not detecting the Lan cable or keeps disconnecting after being connected for a while is understandable. It makes you completely rely on Wi-Fi which might get down any time, and your enjoyment suffers the most. However, in this article, we have provided you with the best measures to fix PS4 Lan cable disconnection issues and hopefully, it will prove advantageous.


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