How to Reset PS4 Controller? (Soft & Hard Reset)

how to reset ps4 controller

Has your PS4 been malfunctioning lately? Are you thinking of replacing it with a new one? You may want to reconsider your step. What if you can repair your PS4 console instead?

The PS4 controller, especially the Dual Shock 4 controllers, is esteemed for its good quality and high resilience. However, an unfortunate series of events can always occur, leading to issues in the device.

The issue in your device may be correctable. Knowledge of how to reset the PS4 controller is beneficial in such cases. There is a hard reset and a soft reset option. This article will guide you about resetting the PS4 controller. This guide applies to the PS4 Dual Shock 4 controller.

How to reset PS4 controller?

Many issues can occur with your controller, console, or small hardware parts like the lights or the buttons. This could result in them not responding wholly or partially. Another issue could be unresponsiveness, where your PC is unable to detect the connected PS4 device. Some of the issues encountered can be fixed by simply resetting your controller.

In such circumstances, you can choose to reset your device. You should know that there are two ways of resetting your controller. A hard reset and a soft reset. Here is a comprehensive guide to it.

How to Soft Reset PS4 controller?

‘Soft reset’ is a general term used for rebooting a device, be it your PC, phone, tablet, gaming console, etc. Therefore, it is also called “soft reset” It involves shutting off the device and then turning it back on again. What this does is, closes all open tabs and apps and wipes out temporary memory without any permanent damage to your files.

When doing a PS4 controller soft reset, we re-establish the connection between the console and controller. This can only work if you have a spare controller. Otherwise, go over to hard reset.

Here is a simple step-by-step guide on how to do a soft reset.

  1. Press the PS button to see the main dashboard displayed to you.
  2. Click on the ‘settings’ option (suitcase icon)
  3. Once the drop-down menu opens, click on ‘devices.’
  4. Select ‘Bluetooth devices’
  5. In the list of Bluetooth devices, you will see your PS4 controller listed there.
  6. There will be an option for active and inactive controller. Select inactive controller.

(Note: the inactive controller is represented by a red dot, while a green dot represents the active controller)

  1. Now select the ‘options’ button on your controller, and a menu will show up.
  2. Click on ‘forget device.’
  3. Now, look for the ‘power’ button on your PS4 and press it to turn the device off.

Further steps

Once the device is turned off, these additional steps need to be taken to execute the soft reset.

  • Connect your malfunctioning PS4 controller to the PS4 console using a USB cable.
  • Turn your device back on and log into your system to test the device.

This process will have worked! Your device should be back to normal now.

Unfortunately, if a ‘soft reset’ does not solve your issue, the next step to take is to try a ‘hard-reset.’

How to Hard Reset PS4 controller?

A hard reset is a ‘factory reset. It resets your device to its default or factory settings completely the way it was when it came brand new. All data and information are permanently deleted. It’s a simple procedure to carry out. All you need is a paper clip or an item of a similar sort to help assist in resetting the PS4 controller.

Here is a comprehensive and straightforward step-by-step guide.

  1. Look for the PS4 controller power button and press it to turn your device off.
  2. Next, locate the PS4 controller reset button at the back of the controller.
  3. Now use your paper clip to press the button ( it is situated in a small hole)
  4. Keep the button pressed for 3- 5 seconds.
  5. Next, connect your PS4 controller to your console using a USB cable.

(Note: it is recommended to use an original Sony USB)

  1. Now reconnect your PS4 console and press the power button to turn it on.

(Note: if the light has turned blue, it means that your controller and console have paired successfully.)

It is also important to keep in mind that this reset may not work in the case of a modified PS4 controller. In such a case, it is better to contact the manufacturer.

Still facing the issue

If you are still facing this issue despite trying a soft reset and a hard reset, you may be dealing with a hardware failure. These are some additional hacks to look into that may work.

  • Firstly, try turning off and reconnecting your router/ modem.

(Note: this will detain your internet connection for a bit, so it is better to inform others who are also connected to it.)

  • Another alternative is to unpair the PS4 controller and try pairing different controllers. This will help you check whether the issue is with your controller.
  • You can also test your controller on someone else’s console. This will help you check whether the issue is with your console.
  • Lastly, if nothing seems to work, try contacting the Sony support center to discuss your problem with an expert.


What is a PS4 controller reset?

Basically, a controller reset flushes out all pre-stored data and reverts your device to default OR factory settings.

What is the need for a PS4 controller reset?

It helps solve the issue of a malfunctioning PS4 controller.

How many types of PS4 reset are there?

Broadly, there are two types. A soft reset and a hard reset.

What is a soft reset and a hard reset?

Soft reset is simply turning your device off and then turning it on again and hope the issue resolves with it. A hard reset is equivalent to a factory reset and reverts your device to default settings. You can completely recalibrate your device with it.

Can I carry out the reset at home?

While it is recommended to have an expert reset and calibrate your PS4 controller, it can also be carried out from home by following the step carefully.

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While PS4 consoles are pretty hardcore and do not malfunction very easily, it is not uncommon. Fortunately, we have helpful tips and tricks that have helped us overcome these issues time and time again. Moreover, the use of hard reset and soft reset options in the device has made a massive difference in solving this issue.

This article has laid out a holistic and simple approach to take when your PS4 controller malfunctions and how to perform both soft and hard reset to overcome it. The guide is certainly easy to follow through. If you face the same issue, you can utilize these tips and tricks and solve the problem. We hope this article helped solve the issue.


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