Why Is My PS4 Fan So Loud?

why is my ps4 fan so loud

The launch of the Sony PS5 has not toned down the charm of the PS4, and the craziness for the console is still alive among gamers. However, with time, PS4 has begun to manifest a few problems that are not unique but familiar, and gamers often encounter these.

Let’s picture a scenario where you are about to play one of your favorite video games on your PS4, and the controller start disconnecting from the PC or console starts sounding like a jet engine, and all you can hear is nothing but this annoying noise that it makes; how would you feel? Absolutely irritating, right? From this article, you will learn why your PS4 is making loud fan noises.

Why is my PS4 so loud?

why is my ps4 so loud

Many gamers have reported that when they switch on their PS4, it begins to give off a sound as if some heavy machinery is getting ready to function. There could be multiple reasons that your PS4 fan is very loud, discussed below:

Cooling fans

Cooling fans are supposed to cool down your PS4 by reducing the console and motherboard heat. Still, these demand to be taken care of as well, else with time, these get dusty and start making annoying noises and often automatically shut down your PS4. When cooling fans are not cleaned out regularly, they become extremely noisy and malfunction, which impacts your PS4 controller to start lagging.

PS4 Hard drive

Another cause of your loud PS4 could be the console’s hard drive. The drive is concerned with seeking data, so basically, loud noise from your PS4 could signal a failing hard drive which is a warning that the console might stop functioning at any time.

Sometimes the hard drive is the reason to make wired loud noises because of not enough free system memory on PS4.

Old/broken PS4

You need to look after the things you love. If you cannot clean up your PS4 console regularly, it gets dusty and weak and wears out before it’s meant to be. The PS4 fan and motherboard are the two most essential parts affected often and require regular maintenance.

How to fix PS4 loud fan?

how to fix ps4 loud fan

Your loud PS4 fan makes it unacceptable for you to hear the gaming sounds. Not only the noise, but your PS4 console does not continue to function adequately. However, there are other reasons for noisy PS4, and each problem needs to be solved differently. Here, you will learn how you can easily fix up this noise.

Analyze and identify the noise source

Two possible major causes for a loud PS4 have been discussed: Cooling fans and a PS4 hard drive. However, to pick up the exact cause, you must listen to it carefully and figure out where it is coming from.

If you believe that the sound is due to the cooling fan, it manifests as your PS4 console getting overheated frequently and start turning on and off by itself. However, a failing PS4 hard drive will give off a whirring or whining noise.

So, now that you know the reasons for your PS4 loudness, let’s have a look at how you can minimize these loud sounds;

Ensure proper ventilation

Ensure that you always leave some space around the back and sides of your PS4 console so that it is not obstructed by any means, and do not place it in a closed, non-ventilated area. Else, your console gets overheated, making the PS4 fan spins faster and faster and noisy.

Another point to ensure adequate ventilation is to remove any objects around your PS4, such as clothes, big books, or bags. These objects may not affect the cooling fan directly, but your console does heat up, and the outcome is extremely loud and annoying noises.

Compressed air to the rescue

If you are sure that you have provided enough ventilation and still it does not fix the issue, and then can compressed air can help get rid of the dust in your PS4.

Start with blowing the compressed air in the middle indentation of your PS4, USB ports, and other input areas. However, the area where the disc is inserted is supposed to be avoided. Using this method to clean up your PS4 twice or even once a month would prove to improve its condition.

Fix the issues within the PS4 system

As mentioned earlier, the hard drive is an important cause of loud PS4. The hard drive is designed to seek data; if the database gets corrupted, the drive starts producing loud noises.

The corrupted system cripples your entire PS4 console and makes it unlikely to function correctly. However, not only this, but if you have installed the games wrongly, a high load is transferred to the processing unit, and it produces more than the usual noise and gets overheated. Therefore, to fix this, you may need to reinstall or reset the PS4 software.

Place your PS4 vertically

PS consoles are conventionally placed horizontally. However, PS4 is designed to place vertically. A lot of debate has been going on since its launch that vertical position placement makes the console get warmer than usual, but no such thing has ever been reported.

While PS4 works well either placed in a horizontal or vertical position, the upright position may reduce both the noise and heat issues on your console. Consider the change of position method for eliminating the heat and fan noise before you move on to clean up your console internally.

Clean PS4 fan by opening it

If you have tried all the ways mentioned above to lessen the noise coming from your console and the outcome is not satisfying, you might need to open up your PS4 console and clean it up.

So, do you have an idea of how you are going to clean it if you are not professional about handling consoles? If you have no clue about it, you do not have to worry about it; follow the steps mentioned below:

  • To open up your console, you need to remove the four screws it has at the back using a T8 or T9 Torx; you should see the ps4 fan when you are done.
  • Now try cleaning the fan with can compressed air, which proves to be excellent for PS cleaning either externally or internally. If you do not have can compressed air and are not up for buying it, you can also remove the dust using a microfiber cloth.
  • When you are done cleaning it up, make sure that you fix all the screws correctly. Ideally, your PS4 console becomes less noisy than before.

How to prevent dust from affecting your PS4?

Preventing 100% of the dust from entering your PS4 console is ideally not possible; however, you can protect it from dust as much as you can by using a Dustproof and Waterproof cover, Can compressed air, and Pads.

Dustproof covers can reduce the entrance into your console, while the can compressed air is for removing the already built-up dust both on the outside and inside. Pads for PS4 are of prime importance as they help lessen dust accumulation and cool down your PS4.

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Final Verdict

You will definitely not stop playing your PS4 just because it gives off funny yet annoying noises every time you sit down to play. Thus, the above is the easiest guide to make your PS4 quieter. In nearly half of the cases, simple techniques work well and fix the loud PS4, however, sometimes they do not, and you might need to go for a new PS4.


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