How to Fix the PlayStation Error WC 36547 5?

how to fix playstation error wc 36547 5

We know that the PlayStation store is a digital stockroom that makes every game available at the press of just one button. The store has made the buying and installing process way more accessible, and we cannot deny this. However, digital setups tend to crash any time, and so does your PlayStation store.

You might have encountered an error WC 36547 5 on the PS store while attempting to buy a game. The not-so-common error that interrupts your shopping on PS store but thankfully, it is fixable. If your screen displays this error on the PS Store, it is indicative of a problem with your credit card credentials. So, let’s discuss more the error and how you can solve it in no time.

Why am I seeing the PS WC-36547-5 error?

You may not encounter this error very often, but it is possible to face it once in a blue moon, and when it shows up, it does make the players suffer! The primary reason why you meet the WC-36547-5 error is your credit card information. While you try to buy desired games or their contents, this error blocks everything so that you cannot purchase anything from the store until you fix the issue.

The problem arises because your credit card information is not updated; therefore, the PS store does not allow you any further purchases.

Solutions to fix the WC-36547-5 error

We hope you have understood why you are facing the WC-36547-5 error, so let’s head on towards fixing the problem so you can resume your purchases on the PS store;

1. Confirmation of your registered credit cards

Start with the easiest and straightforward step that requires reconfirmation of your credit card credentials. Visit the PS store and scroll down to open the menu, then select ‘Payment Methods.’ Here you have to insert your credit card information and reconfirm it. Next, attempt to buy a game that you tried earlier and check if reconfirming your information has solved the issue!

2. Re-new your card information

If you are using a replacement card, there is a possibility that you have forgotten to insert the new details of your current card. So what happens is, your credit card may be linked to the PS Store, but the store would not entertain your card because you have not updated the information. Let’s have a look at how you update the tip of your credit card;

  1. Go to the PS Store and open the menu.
  2. Select ‘Payment Methods’ and view the credit card details.
  3. See if the registered card information matches with the information of your current card. If it does not, make sure you update it now.
  4. Then try to purchase the desired game that you tried before and check if it is working.

3. Updating your information through a desktop browser

It is possible that you still face the issue even after trying the methods mentioned above. It indirectly targets that the problem lies in your PS console. Try updating the credit card information using a desktop browser and see if it helps solve the issue;

  1. Switch on your laptop or PC and head towards the
  2. Next, log into your account and within your account details, go to the wallet section.
  3. Open ‘add debit/credit card’ and check if you can your registered card here.
  4. You have to delete your existing card and re-new the information. You can also add a new card if you like to.
  5. Make sure you make the new card information as the primary card.
  6. It would be best if you turn off your PS console completely after re-newing your credit card information and wait for a while until you turn it on again.
  7. Now check if the PS store recognizes your credit card information and allows you to resume the purchases.

4. Rebuilding PS database

Rebuilding the PS console database does not always work, but at least you can give it a shot to fix the issue. It is a time-consuming process in which you have to follow the steps below;

  1. Please ensure to turn off your PS console completely.
  2. Now press and hold the power button until you hear two beeps indicative of the console’s safe mode.
  3. Connect your PS4 controller with the console via USB cable.
  4. Select ‘Rebuild Database’ using the X button on your controller.
  5. Next, go to the PS store and attempt to buy a game, and see if the transaction works.

5. Performing a hard reset

Usually, hardware being responsible for error messages is the last thing to pop up in one’s mind because it is rare. However, sometimes, your PS console’s firmware might be the culprit that is interrupting your card.

Performing a hard reset by switching off your console and waiting for a few minutes until you turn it on again may or may not work but at least it is worth giving a try when nothing else works for you.

6. Contact Sony support

If the methods mentioned above fail to help you eliminate the WC-36547-5 error on the PS Store, you contact Sony customer support. All you have to do is make a call, get yourself directed to the relevant department to explain your problem, and get your answer.

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In conclusion

Encountering the WC-36547-5 error while trying to buy a game or its content on the PlayStation Store is not frequent; still, many users face the issue, which hampers their excitement. However, in this article, we have tried our best to give you the most straightforward solutions so you can overcome the error quickly and continue buying games in the store.


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