How to Cancel Subscriptions on PS4?

how to cancel subscriptions on ps4

PlayStation Plus and PlayStation now are great packages appreciated by all PS gamers because the offerings are undoubtedly great. Yet you might sometimes just need a break from gaming or paying for gaming. This is why we are going to show you how you can cancel PlayStation subscriptions on PS4, PS3, computers, and smartphones. You can now cancel your subscription via a call to the PlayStation helpline.

We will guide you about the cancellation process, discuss what happens when you cancel your subscriptions, help you check your eligibility for a refund, and how you can apply for it if you are eligible. If you are taking a temporary break, we’ll also answer your questions about recovering your data. So stick by the end of this article.

How to cancel PlayStation subscription?

You can cancel both the PlayStation plus and PlayStation Now subscriptions in the settings of your PlayStation by navigating the steps given below. All the steps are simple and anyone with little or no technical knowledge can follow them. You will find your platform in the headings below where you can cancel your subscription. If you have an issue preventing following any of these methods, you can also make a phone call to cancel your subscription.

How to cancel subscriptions on PS4?

You can cancel the subscriptions free of cost at least 24 hours before the renewal time. If you fail to do so, you might be charged on time. But you can still apply for a refund, which will surely take some time.

You can cancel the PS now and PS Plus on PS4 by the following steps;

  • Firstly, you need to turn on your PS4 console and connect to the PSN.
  • Head to the ‘Settings’ and then to the ‘Account Manager’.
  • Sign in when it asks you to sign in and select ‘Account Information.
  • Now, you will have to click on ‘PlayStation Subscriptions’.
  • Click your PlayStation Plus/ PS Now subscription and finally select ‘cancel automatic renewal’.
  • You will have to click Yes when a small bar on the screen asks for confirmation on canceling PlayStation Plus/ PS now.
  • Once again, it will ask for confirmation; click yes again.

Now you won’t be charged for any future subscriptions on PS4.

How to cancel PS now subscription on PS3?

You can easily cancel the PlayStation now subscription on PS3 similarly to PS4 and you will also have to remember to do it at least 24 hours before the renewal time. Just follow the below-given steps:

  • First of all, turn on your PS3 console with an appropriate broadband connection.
  • Select the settings and then scroll down to select ‘Account Management.
  • Sign in if it asks you to sign in and then select ‘Account information’.
  • From the Account information, scroll down to navigate ‘Service list’ and select it to see all of your currently active subscriptions on PS3.
  • You can cancel any subscription from the list by selecting it; in our case, choose PS now, and you will see all the relevant details about PS now, even its expiry date.
  • Now, you have to ‘turn off Automatic renewal’ from the list to cancel PS Now on PS3.

This will end auto renewal and you will not be charged for the particular subscription anymore.

Turn off PS plus auto renew from PC?

Now gamers can use PS plus on their computers using an App downloadable from the official PlayStation website. And PlayStation consoles are very different from computers which is why the steps to unsubscribe from PS plus or PS now can be confusing.

No need to worry but just follow the following steps to turn off auto-renew for Play station subscriptions on PC:

  • Firstly, ensure your PC has a good broadband connection, or else you won’t be able to turn off the auto-renew.
  • Search for the official PS site and now log in by using your PS account.
  • After logging in, navigate the ‘Subscription menu item’ option and select it.
  • Click ‘continue,’ and a new screen will pop up on your PC showing all the currently active subscriptions and relevant details about the subscriptions, including the expiry date. If you have more than 24 hours from the renewal date, you are in luck.
  • Select the subscription you wish to end; for example, if you want to cancel PS Now subscription, select PS Now.
  • After choosing PS Now, select ‘Turn off Auto-renewal,’ and a small bar will pop up to confirm your cancellation. Just select yes to turn off auto-renewal successfully on PC.

This will turn off the auto-renewal of the particular subscription if done at least 24 hours before the billing time.

Cancel PSN from the phone?

Whether you have an iPhone or an android phone, you can easily cancel your PS now subscription on your phone using the app that is more convenient as we are mostly on our phones.

  • Open the application and select ‘PlayStation Store.’
  • Now select Profile and then ‘Purchase History.’
  • Click on the game buttons in the purchase history, and a screen will pop up.
  • Now you can select PS Now and select ‘Cancel Automatic renewal’ to cancel PS Now subscription on the phone.

Cancel PlayStation Subscriptions on Call

If you don’t have any of the above devices available at the time, you will be glad to learn how to cancel the auto-renewal of PlayStation subscriptions using a phone call.

All you have to do is call the PS customer support. But you must have the account information such as the Username and Password. You need to call 1-800-345-7669 and follow the menu instructions to speak to a cancelation representative and talk them into canceling your auto-renewal for subscriptions.

How to refund PS Plus subscription?

Fortunately, you can refund your PS Plus within fourteen days of purchase according to the policy. If you have not applied for a refund in the first fourteen days, you cannot get a refund from Sony. And the amount that will be refunded to you could be reduced based on your usage of the subscription service.

You can request a refund at the PlayStation Support page and by chatting to a refund chatbot. After answering a few questions, you get to talk to a support agent who decides whether to give you a refund or not.

Consequences of Unsubscribing PSN

Now that you have or will do cancel your subscription, you should know the answers to these questions like what happens to the games you downloaded during subscription, your progress in games and data in the cloud and if you cancel now and there are few days left for your current monthly subscription, does that go to waste?

All these and more are answered below:

  • You can still enjoy the PS Plus until the current month’s expiry date.
  • You can’t access the games you downloaded which were free due to the subscription.
  • You cannot access your online storage of games progress anymore.
  • You can still play your favorite games which you purchased earlier when the subscription was active.

How to get my data after renewing my subscription?

If you canceled your subscription and had data saved on the cloud of PlayStation Plus, the data will be inaccessible to you as the cloud memory was a part of the subscription. But if you do start your subscription after however long, you will get your cloud storage back and also the data which was saved in it.

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I hope you had found this article helpful. We have covered the method of unsubscribing from subscriptions on certain platforms and also discussed the after events. You should know that investing in a good gaming experience is a good investment. You have already invested in a great console and this small price makes it better.

If you check the better subscription options, 3 months and yearly subscriptions significantly reduce your monthly expenditure. You should save and give it a try whenever you can. If you like this content or have any questions regarding the topic, let us know in the comments below.

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