Does the PS5 Have a Web Browser? – [How to Use It]

does ps5 have a web browser

People are usually confused about whether the PS5 has its internet browser or not, just like the PS4. Therefore, let’s clarify this confusion. PS5 has its functional web browser, but it’s hidden, and people usually can’t find it. Its web browser works really well, especially for text; however, it struggles with images and videos. Moreover, streaming music is also not a great option on it.

Considering all this, we shall discuss the web browser on PS5 in detail such that it is really present on the PS5 console and how to use the internet on PS5. Moreover, we shall also dive through some of the uses of the PS5 web browser, such as what you can do while using it. So, continue reading this article to learn all about the PS5 browser app.

Does PS5 have a web browser?

People often ask whether the PS5 console has a web browser or not, mainly because they couldn’t find it themselves. The answer is Yes. PS5 has a web browser that you can use to browse the internet. However, this browser is hidden as it doesn’t have some critical vital features. The company mainly thinks that it should stay away from the people’s eyes.

The main drawback is that you don’t get access to the address bar, which prevents you from putting any URL on it, making navigation difficult. Furthermore, the bookmarks and favorites options are not available, creating some hindrance for you.

All these downsides are usually present on this console. In addition, the company considers the web browser, not a valuable feature for the users due to the lack of focus on the older console types.

How to use the internet on PS5?

There are specific ways to use the internet on PS5. The most common use includes using Twitter to access the PS5 web browser. This method is pretty complex but using this guide, it would be pretty easy for you to opt for it. So, let’s discuss the steps that may enable you to use the internet on PS5 in no time:

  1. The initial step is to create a Twitter account. However, if you already have one, then simply skip this step.
  2. Next, link your PS5 console with your Twitter account. Head to the Settings> Users and Accounts> Link with Other Services > Twitter> Link Account. An incredible hack is not directly logging in from the modal but instead going on Twitter’s website page by clicking on the Twitter icon on the top left corner.
  3. Lastly, you may link any other website that appears on your Twitter.

Another way to use the PS5 web browser to utilize the internet is by sending PS messages. To opt for this method, you just need to send messages to your friend to get access to the page you want to open. For instance, if you’re going to open a URL, simply text it to your friend through the PS message. Later, click on the link, and you’re all set to get access to the page you want to open.

Will PS5 have a web browser?

Having a hidden web browser shows where Sony’s priority lies for a web browser for PS5. The secret, the half- functional browser is such a No for the users. The Sony professionals are least interested in creating a fully functional web browser in the future as it may require significant efforts. Also, they think that a browser on a gaming console is not a great idea due to limited use.

What can you do with the PS5 web browser?

The hidden PS5 web browser has minimal uses as it’s not practical enough to be used for browsing the web. Moreover, you cannot even type in any URL, making it even more imperfect and outdated than traditional web browsers. However, even with these drawbacks, you have multiple features that may support you in so many ways.

Below are a few of the most exciting and surprising uses of the web browser on PS5:

  1. You may run the JavaScript-based emulators through the web browser. This may enable you to play the old SNES games directly on your PS5.
  2. You can use the PS5 web browser to keep track of the PS5 backlog. You just need to enter a unique character besides the pre-made list for efficient tracking.
  3. You may use the web browser to clear web data and prevent the cookies from following you through the different services. Moreover, you may even delete the cookies to avoid errors and bugs in your system.


The hidden half functional web browser on PS5 has minimal uses. It may work well for texts but is unsuitable for images, audio, and videos. Moreover, you may not even type the URLs too. Being hidden makes most people think that it doesn’t exist. However, you may still use it to use the internet by linking it with your Twitter account.

Considering all this, we have discussed the PS5 web browser in detail, such as does it exists and will the Sony team consider it in the future. Also, we have dug into steps to how to use the internet on PS5 and some of the benefits you may have by using the PS5 web browser.

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