How Much Is a Used Nintendo Switch?

how much is a used nintendo switch

Buying a used Nintendo Switch is undoubtedly an excellent option, especially if you’re low on a budget and urgently need one for yourself. However, it would help if you were super cautious while purchasing it to avoid any risk of mishaps. Moreover, you need to inspect it carefully before buying it. Most of the time, the used ones are poor in condition with considerable damage.

Keeping this in mind, we shall discuss the used Nintendo Switch in detail, such as how much money you need to spend on purchasing it. Also, we shall guide you on how to inspect one carefully before purchasing it, considering all the misfortunes that may result in buying a damaged or poor-conditioned Nintendo Switch. So, continue reading for a detailed guide regarding this.

How much is a used Nintendo Switch?

Whether you’re a buyer or a seller, this guide is all you need to fix a price for a used Nintendo Switch. We shall give you a clear idea of how much you should expect to pay or get for a used Nintendo Switch in good condition with no damages or fault. Here’s also a key for the buyers on how to examine one before spending money; otherwise, all your money may totally go in vain if it’s not true in good condition.

In our opinion, the best price for a used Nintendo Switch in good condition is about $250 while for Nintendo Switch lite is between $150 to $200. Of course, you should include some games in this price; however, if they aren’t included, don’t feel shy to decrease the rate.

Some people usually recommend buying a new Nintendo rather than a used one since the price varies just a bit of the two. Therefore, we would like to list a few pros and cons of the used and new ones to help you make this decision more efficiently. So, let’s first discuss its pros and cons before going any further.

Pros of buying a Used Nintendo Switch

  • The most important advantage that one can think of for the used Nintendo Switch is that you might save some money as the used one is comparatively cheaper than the new one.
  • There are often some sellers who sell the used one with packages or bundles, including games, controllers, and accessories, at a very reasonable price. This is definitely a plus point for you.

Cons of buying a Used Nintendo Switch

  • The most important con behind the Used Nintendo Switch is that you are unaware of its quality and condition. To know about it, you need to contact the seller yourself. Moreover, at times the seller may lie to you and sell a poor quality one, so you need to be extra cautious while purchasing.
  • The second most important con is that you need to invest both your time and energy in inspecting one before spending the amount to buy it. However, if this is feasible for you, there should be no hurdle for using a used option.
  • There isn’t much difference in the rate of the new and old Nintendo switches. Mostly there’s just a difference of $50. Therefore, if you can afford this amount, then you should definitely opt for a new one rather than an older and used one.
  • Some sellers may sell a stolen one to you, which is totally unethical to purchase.

Pros of buying a New Nintendo Switch

  • The best thing about a new Nintendo Switch is that you get a warranty while purchasing it. So, whenever you face any sort of problem using this switch, you may head to the customer care center for help.
  • Nintendo customer care center even offers help even if the warranty expires. So, there isn’t any drawback at the side of the customer care center for your help and support.
  • The new ones are always long-lasting. Therefore, you may not be able to face any sort of problem unless you use it roughly.
  • You may also have the option to sell it whenever you want if you ever upgrade to the better version of it.

Cons of buying a New Nintendo Switch

  • The rate for a new Nintendo Switch is definitely higher than the old and used one, which isn’t convenient for many people.
  • The new Nintendo bundles with games, controllers and accessories are pretty much expensive compared to the used ones.

In short, if your budget is low and you find a used one in pretty good condition with some bundles, then you should definitely opt for it. However, if you can afford a brand new one and don’t want to indulge in the inspecting part of purchasing the used one, then no need to look for the used one and get yourself a new one asap.

How to inspect a used Nintendo switch before buying It?

Below are certain things that you need to look for before paying the seller the amount for purchasing a Used Nintendo Switch:

  • Ensure that there aren’t any pre-installed games within it, as you may not be able to play them after purchasing them using your account if you find any game, as the seller to delete them beforehand only.
  • An essential part of the inspection is to look for any scratches on the screen. Sometimes you find scratches on the protector, which is nothing to worry about as you may simply change it before getting your hands on it.
  • Next, look at the quality of the screen display. The pixels shouldn’t be dead, and the touchscreen should work perfectly.
  • Further, test the ports. To do so, make sure that the USB port is working fine and charging the device without any hurdle. Also, check whether the HDMI port connects to the external display with no problem.
  • It’s really essential to check the condition of the Joy-Con. The overly used or old ones are usually of poor quality. Always try to avoid purchasing them for your betterment.
  • Suppose you’re getting a dock alongside the Nintendo Switch. Look for its durability as well, and also make sure its ports are working fine too.
  • Lastly, if possible, surely ask for proof of purchase from the seller. It will help in building trust between both the buyer and seller. This purchase receipt may ensure that the switch isn’t stolen and old.

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Buying a Used Nintendo Switch is certainly a good option if you find one of good quality at a reasonable price. However, you may need to be extremely careful before purchasing it to inspect its condition to avoid any fault later on.

Therefore, in this article, we have discussed all the new and old Nintendo Switch in detail. Furthermore, we have mentioned the price you may expect for buying a Used one. Also, we have compared both the old and new ones with their pros and cons to help you decide the terms of purchasing them without any hurdle.

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