How to Change PS4 Controller Color? – [Quick Fixes]

how to change ps4 controller color

In modern gaming accessories, LED lights are not just there to indicate charging, but it varies in color with the story of the game. Lights need to match with the current vibe which is why it is a useful functionality to be able to change the ps4 controller light colors.

But the changing color is fairly technical and not everyone is aware of this functionality of controllers. This is the reason, this article will guide you on how you can change the color of your controller at different modes.

How to change the color of your PS4 controller?

There is no built-in function that allows you to change your controller’s color. This is why we will need a foreign application to use this feature. There are tons of applications that allow us to change the color of our controller. But you can use InputMapper as it is a trusted source.

Install this application on your computer and connect with your controller. You can download the application for free here:

After downloading and successfully installing this program, follow the steps mentioned below to change the pattern of color on your PS4 controller LED.

Use the charging cable of your ps4 controller to connect it to your PC via the USB port.

  1. Run the program; InputMapper on your PC
  2. Go to the left menu and select “Profiles”
  3. Then click on “New Profile”
  4. Click “Configuration”
  5. Go to the “Light Bar Settings” and whatever you want to change
    • Charging Mode: This will change the color of the LED while charging.
    • Fully Charge Mode: This will allow you to change the color of the controller when it’s completely charged.
    • Discharging Mode: This will change the color of the LED when the controller’s battery is low.
  6. After you have made all the changes, just click “Save”.

Change PS4 controller color for each user

You may have noticed that when more than one controller is connected to the same console, each of the ps4 controllers gives a different color. In this way, all the players have different LED colors on their controllers.

The controller on PlayStation 4 has different colors for each user. You can see it by connecting multiple controllers as each will have a different color. Now if you want to change the color of your controller, you can create multiple users on your PlayStation. This way, you can play as the user who has the color you want and shift colors as you shift users.

This color of the LED on the controller follows a unique pattern:

  • The blue color is used for the very first user.
  • The red color will be used for the second user.
  • Green color for the third user.
  • The purple color represents the fourth user.

If you want to use any one of these colors for your ps4 controller, just follow these simple steps and you’ll be good to go:

Create new users with different names. Having four users will allow you to shift to the above four colors.

Now choose the user whose color you like to be displayed by your controller.


Sony has not allowed the colors of the controller to be shifted without changing the user. So, only this method can be used for now. Stay bound for any updates with the firmware.

We hope this content was helpful. If you have any questions or suggestions regarding this topic, let us know in the comments.

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