How to Connect 2 Controllers to PS4? – [Quick Guide]

how to connect two controllers to ps4

Usually, all the enthusiasts and active gamers know every detail about their gaming setup, consoles, and controllers, but newbies do come across situations where they lack essential skills and don’t know how to connect two controllers to PS4?

Here we are going to brief you step-by-step about connecting another PS4 controller to your PS4 console so you don’t miss any of the thrilling actions.

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How many controllers can you connect to PS4?

If you are in possession of more than one controller for your PS4, it’s better to learn how to connect these controllers with your PlayStation. The gaming console allows you to add up to 3 different controllers simultaneously, and these controllers are assigned to the already registered users or new users/guests as well.

How to connect 2 controllers to PS4?

Well, you would be happy to know that you can play the most famous and discussed games such as Fifa, Mortal Kombat, racing, etc. on PS4 with two controllers. Follow this process, so you don’t have to play solo or only against AI anymore:

  1. First of all, put the second PS4 controller in Pairing Mode
  2. Now Press and Hold the PS Button and Share Button for five seconds on the controller
  3. Use your main controller and go into the PS4 Settings
  4. From Settings, choose Devices
  5. Here select Bluetooth Devices
  6. Select the new controller and press the X button
  7. Once the process is successful, you will see the controller appeared on the list of devices,
  8. Now you will have to assign the controller to a particular user.

Note: You can perform these steps to connect other additional controllers.


Sony has this coolest feature of playing multiplayer games locally with separate controllers for each player. You can utilize the second controller on enormous PS4 games to your satisfaction; moreover, gamers have the laxity of connecting up to a total of 4 controllers to the console at one time.

We have tried to make the brief simple and easy, so you should know how to connect a second PS4 controller even if you are new to the gaming world. Leave a comment if you find it helpful.

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