How to Connect Airpods to PS4/PS5?

how to connect airpods to ps4

Wireless headphones allow you to move freely while gaming and if you have to move around for a while, you don’t need to take off your wireless headphones. But Airpods have additional benefits to them. They are handy and are not uncomfortable to wear for long gaming sessions. And thus, gamers have been trying to connect Airpods with their PlayStation console for years.

But Sony has not officially allowed any Bluetooth-linked audio outlets just yet. The new PlayStation was very well expected to have this ability but the gamer’s community is disappointed by its absence. Now the question arises

Can You Connect Airpods to PS4/PS5?

Yes, even though direct compatibility is not provided, you can still connect your Airpods to both the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 by a non-traditional approach. And the point of this article is to guide you about methods of connecting your Airpods with your PlayStation 4 or 5.

In this article, you will learn two methods that can help you connect your Airpods to your PlayStation console so you can enjoy your gaming sessions conveniently. We will guide you through each step and also provide you with useful information to counter any noise or lag issues. Let’s start by answering the question:

How to Connect Airpods to PS4/PS5?

To reason with the methods, you should be aware of the problem we are facing in connecting Airpods to PlayStation. Sony has never intended to install wireless audio functionality in the PlayStations. This is why they have supported HFP and HSP Bluetooth profiles in PS4 as well as PS5. Originally, these profiles are used for transferring commands and performing functions wirelessly in Mobile devices and it allows efficient working of the controller.

Devices that support wireless audio outlets like Airpods or Wireless headphones mostly use the A2DP Bluetooth profile. It is efficient to transfer high-quality audio signals and offers the least lag or noise issues. But what can we do if your PlayStation does not even have the ability to catch signals from these Airpods?

We are going to use external devices which can be connected with the PlayStation console and also supports the A2DP Bluetooth profile. Thus indirectly connecting to your PlayStation and getting audio output on the Airpods. And there are numerous methods to do so, but we brought you the two best methods so you don’t have to compromise on audio quality.

Bluetooth Dongle

A Bluetooth dongle is an adapter that serves as a bridge between the different profiles of Bluetooth connections. It is a small USB 2.0 port that gives off Bluetooth signals and can connect to your Airpods directly. The audio route is fairly simple.

The PlayStation gives audio output through the USB port where Bluetooth Dongle is plugged. Receiving signals from PlayStation, the dongle transmits the Audio signals to your Airpods very efficiently. Good quality Bluetooth adapters have zero audio lag and are found fairly cheap in regard to the purpose they serve. You can find them easily at any local tech shop or order them online.

You probably want to chat with your friends and it requires a separate mic connection for this feature. Make sure to buy a Bluetooth Dongle that has a separate Mini Mic for sound input or you will not be able to speak in audio chats with your friends.

How to Connect a Bluetooth Dongle to PS4/PS5?

If you have your hands on a Bluetooth Dongle, you can set an audio connection between your PS4/PS5 and Airpods by following these steps:

Plugin the USB 2.0 of Bluetooth Dongle in your PlayStation. You will see a light flashing on the Adapter that indicates a connection is awaited.

  • Enable the Pairing Mode of your Airpods and connect them to the Bluetooth Dongle. Wait for the white light to flash signaling a successful connection.
  • If you get a separate Mini Mic Jack, Plug it in the controller’s audio jack slot.
  • Verify the successful connection from Settings. Go to Settings on your console
  • Navigate through settings as Devices>Audio Devices>Input Devices.
  • If you have a Mini Mic, you should see ‘Headset Connected to Controller’ in Input Devices.
  • Now navigate through settings as Devices>Audio Devices>Output Devices.
  • You should select ‘USB Headphones’ to connect to the USB 2.0 Dongle.

Don’t be afraid of so many steps, it will just take 2 minutes to maintain a successful connection. Once you have followed all steps carefully, you will have a clear audio connection between your PlayStation and Airpods.

Remote Play On Smart Phone

You might have used PlayStation Remote Play to connect your console with your smartphone and might be aware of the functions you receive with this application. One of these features is to allow Audio interchange with the console when it is connected to your Phone. If your phone is connected to a set of Airpods, this allows you to connect your Airpods with your PlayStation console using the Remote Play application and your Smart Phone.

But to connect audio input, you first need to enable Remote connections on your PlayStation. You can make a successful connection by following the steps below:

  • Make sure you have Remote Play installed on your Smart Phone (Android/Apple).
  • Go to your PlayStation to enable Remote Play Connections
  • Navigate through Settings>Remote Play Connection Settings>Enable Remote Play
  • Once you have enabled Remote Play to your Phone in your Console, a connection will be set up between the two
  • Now Pair your Airpods with your Smart Phone and you can enjoy wireless gaming

If you see a problem with the microphone, you can set the mic input from settings. Once you head to Settings, you have to navigate to Devices>Audio Devices>Input Devices. There you can set audio input from your Phone.


Sony had not yet enabled Bluetooth devices for audio interchange, but you can still connect your PlayStation to your Airpods. There are a number of other indirect methods you can choose to connect your PlayStation with your Airpods. You can set up your PlayStation on a Smart TV that can be connected to your Airpods.

A lot of alternative devices can be used, but the two methods explained in this article have the lowest complaints about sound delays and disrupted noise. This is why you must prefer one of these if probable.

We hope this article was helpful for you. You can share your reviews and queries in the comments below.

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