[10 Easy Hacks] – How to Fix PS5 Blue Light of Death?

how to fix ps5 blinking blue light

You may often notice that your PS5 blinks a blue light, especially when turning it on. This occurs in the center of your console and just for a few seconds, after which it totally disappears. However, this may be super annoying as they may disturb your gaming by making weird noises. The most common causes of it are faulty cables and software corruption.

Considering all this, we shall discuss the PS5 blue light of death in detail, along with some hacks to fix it in this article. This article would help you to get rid of it yourself in no time without rushing for the repair. So, what are you waiting for? Read on to know everything about the blue light of the death of PS5.

What causes PS5 blue light of death?

The PS5 blinking blue light majorly occurs due to faulty cables and errors in the software. In detail, let’s discuss all the possible causes for PS5 pulsing blue light. This will help you avoid them in the future, thus protecting your console from such mishaps.

  • Damaged GPU or HDMI chip: This is a pretty standard technical error that occurs due to overheating the components on your board. However, you can avoid this condition by cooling your system or providing better ventilation in it. Moreover, we would suggest you seek the help of the customer care center in such a situation.
  • Defective solder joints on the motherboard: Another important cause includes faulty solder joints under the APU on the motherboard. You need to get it repaired by the technician or buy a new one in such a case.
  • Problematic rest mode: Rest mode may be severely hard and may cause blinking blue light on your console. Sometimes this may even turn your screen black. Therefore, it’s always better to avoid this mode to prevent such happening.
  • Damaged HDMI cable or HDMI port: A faulted HDMI cable or port may disrupt your console and TV communication. This may, in return, cause your screen to turn black and produce blue flashing, blinking light on your PS5. So, always keep your HDMI ports and cable clean and protect them from being damaged.
  • Video resolution: This feature may sometimes create problems, including the blue light of death. Therefore, it’s pretty necessary to choose the proper resolution for your system that supports your TV.
  • Corrupted or unnecessary files: Unnecessary files on your PS5 or corrupted hard drive may also cause an issue by storing wrong configurations on your console. Therefore, permanently delete such files and turn off the backup to avoid such a problem.
  • Outdated software on your PS5: Outdated software may also create a hurdle for the normal functioning of your system in so many ways. Therefore, constantly update the software at the earliest time so you don’t face any problems.
  • The system is not turned off properly: Another vital cause for the blue blinking light on your console is improper turning off your PS5. This creates glitches and errors in your system, which are pretty annoying at times. So, turning off your system correctly is super important.

How to fix the PS5 flashing blue light?

Let’s now discuss a few hacks that you may opt to fix up the blinking blue light on your console. These are pretty simple to follow and would help you with long-term problems.

1. Updating or reinstalling your console’s software

The initial solution for outdated software is to update it at the earliest time. For updating the software, follow the steps given below:

  1. Head to the boot menu and select the option ‘Update system software.
  2. Next, install any pending updates on your console.
  3. Now, reboot your system, refresh your system, and fix the blue issue without any hurdle.

However, if this doesn’t work well for you, the only hack is to reinstall it. To do so, you may need to use the controller buttons, which will help you reset your console using the reset PS5 option on the safe boot menu. Further, reboot your PS5, and the blinking light will disappear.

2. Trying changing the HDCP mode

This hack may also go well for you. To do so, follow the steps given below:

  1. Head to the safe mode menu and click on Change Resolution.’
  2. Next, select the Video output resolution option using the controller buttons.
  3. Now select HDCP 1.4 Only under the Change HDCP mode.
  4. Lastly, reboot your PS5, and you will solve the blue light issue.

3. Try restarting your console using the Safe mode

You only need to select the Restart Console option using the controller buttons. Then simply wait for the process to finish and turn your console on, and you’ll not see any blinking blue light on your console.

4. Try power cycling your PS5

For this, follow the steps given below:

  1. Firstly, press the power button on your console for a few seconds until you hear two beep sounds.
  2. Next, unplug all the cables from your console and hold the power button again for 7 to 10 seconds. This will discharge the internal power.
  3. Lastly, wait for a minute and then reconnect all the PS5 cables. Now, turn on your console and see the blue light issue is fixed.

5. Try putting your PS5 in the Safe mode

You may boot your PS5 in safe mode to get rid of the blue blinking light. To do so:

  1. Press and hold the power button which will shut down.
  2. Next, press and hold it again, and release it when you hear the second beep sound.
  3. Now, your console will boot in Safe mode. So, press the PS button on your controller after plugging it into your console.

6. Try rebuilding your database

This hack may work out for you as well, as it cleans up all the corrupted data and sorts out the hard drive issue. To do so, head to the Safe mode and choose ‘Rebuild Database’ from the list.

7. Try using a different monitor

You may try using a different monitor to see if your previous one was problematic. It will help you resolve the blue light issue without any trouble.

8. Try using a different HDMI cable

Sometimes, your HDMI cable may get damaged enough to create hurdles for the normal functioning of your PS5. So, simply try using a different HDMI cable in such a case, and this will rule out this cause and fix this issue in no time.

9. Try using a different port for your HDMI cables

Your HDMI cables may be excellent at times, and there can be a problem with the port. In such a situation, try using different ports for your HDMI cables. Also, use the Non-arc HDMI ports to avoid such an issue as most Arc HDMI port is responsible for such an error.

In addition, always turn off your console before you plug your HDMI cables into the different ports. This will avoid any other problems to generate.

10. Try resetting your PS5

Resetting your PS5 is pretty helpful in resolving several errors. This will delete all the unnecessary and corrupted files and data that were creating problems for your console to work well.


The blue light of death is a flashy blue light that blinks when your console freezes. It occurs mainly due to faulty cables and software corruption. Sometimes it may be accompanied by weird noises that interrupt your gaming experience.

Therefore, in this article, we have written about the blinking blue light on PS5 in detail, such that its causes and some hacks may help you fix it in no time. These hacks are super simple and wouldn’t require much of your time and energy. So, what are you waiting for? Read this guide and get rid of this error without any hurdle.

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