How to Fix PS5 Controller Not Charging? (7 Easy Ways) – 2022

how to fix ps5 controller not charging

Nevertheless, the PS5 Controller is one of the fine-designed and highly comfortable pieces of hardware available in the gaming market right now. But unfortunately, the PS5 Controller is also known for its frequent charging issues that make gamers frustrated, and they are searching for some practical solutions.

If you face the same issues, believe me when I say you are not the only one whose PS5 Controller not charging. But there are fixes you can try if your Controller is not charging or has stopped taking in power at all. So check out our detailed guide to learn about the various issues that cause charging failure in the first place and how to solve the problem.

Why is my PlayStation 5 controller not charging?

As soon as you find your PlayStation 5 controller not charging, you may think about minor issues like a broken charging cable or faulty USB port. But sometimes, the issues could be with the PS5 console or the Controller itself; therefore, it is important to detect where the real issue lies. Don’t worry; in most cases, the charging problem can be resolved at home, and you won’t have to interact with Sony Customer Service for repair.

  • Faulty Charging Cable: The most common and the most predictable cause of the PS5 Controller not charging is the faulty USB Charging Cable. A defective or broken cable won’t be able to pass enough power to charge the PS5 Controller.
  • Internal Wiring: There could be many issues related to the cable that you won’t easily determine just by looking at it. The real mystery may lie with internal wiring that has been broken during a sudden pull from the Controller or console.
  • Batteries: The batteries work just like a fuel tank that can’t power the controller if empty. If the controller works smoothly when plugged in but not wirelessly, it means batteries no longer hold a charge.
  • Dirty USB Ports: The USB ports of the console or the controller are usually dirty, lint, or filled with dust and foreign objects that hinder the USB cable from establishing a solid connection with the metal connectors. The transfer of power fails due to the unwanted blockage in the USB port.
  • Console Issue: Keep in mind it’s not always the Controller or charger that causes unwanted issues; sometimes, the console may be the real trouble maker. Try charging the Controller via PC.
  • Firmware Issues: Even though charging failures are mainly due to internal or hardware issues, sometimes the interruption in a software update ceases the controller from charging.
  • Faulty Controller: The controller may have lost its functionality due to some water damage or accidental drops.
  • Console Hardware Malfunction: The charging problem may happen due to an unknown console’s internal hardware malfunction. The console’s circuits or internal fuse may have been damaged.

How to fix PS5 controller not charging?

We have listed the most common and regular issues you can come across to answer Why ps5 controller won’t charge? To get out of these terrible scenarios, a few troubleshooting tips are advised below:

1. Using another charging cable

Since you rely on a USB charging cable to fill power into the Controller’s batteries, make sure the cable is working properly. It is better to check if the same charging cable works with other devices or consoles. Otherwise, find a different charging cable and use it on the same PS5 Controller.

If the new cable works smoothly, replace your faulty USB charging cable with a new one. For example, try a Type-C to Type-C USB cable to get better results.

2. Plug-in alternative USB ports

If you think the cable works fine with the other devices, plug the cable into a different port than your usual USB port. The PS5 console offers 2.0 ports on the front side, and their high-speed 3.0 ports are installed at the back. Maybe the front 2.0 ports are not able to output the required power.

Also, check the USB ports for any kind of dirt or blockage; the charging process won’t take place if the connectors are not inserted or connected properly. This negligence is common and causes disruption of power and data transfer.

3. Using a charging station

Nonetheless, charge your DualSense Controller on a charging station. It is more reliable than a cable that may be damaged internally. Furthermore, it should help you indicate the real issue instantly. Even if the Controller does not charge at the charging station, you have a possible broken PS5 controller.

4. Repairing or changing batteries

Unfortunately, in the PS5 Controller, the batteries are fixed and cannot be removed out of the DualSense Controller; in case the batteries can no longer charge, you will be left with a completely broken PS5 controller. Well, you may feel the PS5 Controller is not as good as the gaming community regards it. But don’t worry, contact Sony to have the batteries replaced.

5. Update the PS5 software

Suppose you were able to establish the fact that the why your playstation 5 controller not charging is not because of the hardware malfunction but of a software error. Your PS5 gaming console software can be corrupted or require an update like all online digital devices. So check for software updates and install them regularly without any interruption. The update notification will appear as soon as you boot the PS5; it will ask to either “Update Now” or “Update Later.”

6. Resetting the PS5 controller

In the end, if you think the problem is neither with any hardware part nor with the software update, you can attempt one last option of resetting your PS5 controller and reinstating its factory software state. The reset button is at the back part inside a tiny hole you can press using a pin.

7. Contact PlayStation support

Assuming that all the troubleshooting tips above-mentioned fail and your PS5 is still under warranty, then immediately contact the PlayStation Support regarding help, for the repair and replacement of your faulty hardware. Furthermore, Few PS5 gamers have said their controller won’t charge if the console is on Rest Mode while using the Type-A port.


The DualSense PS5 gaming setup is one of the finest and most renowned equipment in the market, but many gamers have trouble charging their PS5 controller. They have asked how to fix the PS5 controller not charging issue? The annoying malfunction is not expected from such a huge brand but there are many possible reasons for that.

We have listed the most common reasons related to the PS5 Controller charging issues and how you can fix these problems in the future. If you have any suggestions or queries, feel free to leave a comment or share your thoughts about our content.

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