How to Fix PS5 Not Turning On? – [10 Working Solutions]

why won’t my ps5 turn on

Whether it’s the classy design of the PlayStation and controller or the high-quality gaming performance, Sony has been able to keep modern-day gamers loyal to them since day one. Out of all the latest, the PS5 is one of the most advanced and powerful consoles the brand has introduced for its audience. But this great piece of technology still runs into a minor malfunction that causes the PS5 not to turn on.

The sources of problems can vary a lot, but before you make up your mind to call customer support or spend bucks again for a new one, read this content till the end and know why you are facing the issue in the first place. Then, there are a few reasonable methods that you can apply at home and bring back your PS5 to life.

Let’s have a look at those:

Why won’t my PS5 beeps but won’t turn on?

Why won’t my PS5 turn on? Even though the issue is not a big deal and can be resolved quite easily, it is better for you to understand why it happens with your PS5.

  • Considering the built quality of PS5 design, it is unlikely, but a faulty power button may be the primary reason your PS5 won’t turn on.
  • There is an off chance that your internal or external power supply cables are damaged; you can easily diagnose the most exposed parts for any clue.
  • Like all other smart or electronic devices, any software issue or bug can put your PS5 to sleep, stopping it from turning on again.
  • This may surprise newbies but believe me, PS5 bears a bug that prevents it from turning on after entering rest mode.
  • Likewise, a software error is the PS5 won’t turn on due to hardware malfunction. As PS5 contains a wide ray of physical and electrical components, it would be hard to determine the core cause of the console failing to start.
  • An easy explanation for the PS5 beeps but won’t turn on would be
  • The PS5 becomes unresponsive if there is dirt, dust, or enough build-ups that directly affect the console’s internal parts, such as the cooling fan.

How to fix PS5 not turning on?

There are a few active and troubleshooting methods you can apply to fix your PS5; the methods mentioned below are a series of checking your hardware and software to get rid of the unwanted issue.

1. Change or reconnect the power cable

The very first thing you can do to turn on your PS5 is to check the power cables for any loose ends. You can unplug the existing power cable from the PS5 or power outlet and plug it back carefully now, press the power button on the PS5 to check if the problem is solved or not. Moreover, the PS5 console uses the same power cables designed for PS4 & PS3; if by chance you have one at home, swap out the cables manually. The option is viable in case you have faulty power wires.

2. HDMI cables

If changing power cables won’t work and still PS5 beeps 3 times, try changing or swapping the PS5 HDMI cables as well:

  1. Start by unplugging the HDMI cables from both the TV and PS5
  2. Try switching the ends of HDMI cables, plug in the HDMI cable of your
    TTV into your PS5, and vice versa.
  3. Check if PS5 turns on and beeps are fixed.

If the switching cable does not work, try any other HDMI cable in case you have a spare at home.

3. Power cycling your PS5

Assuming that your PS5 turns on but won’t boot, power cycling can surely help you fix the issue. Just follow these simple steps:

  1. Tap and Hold down the power button until the blinking Blue LED light turns off (almost 10 seconds)
  2. There on, unplug the power plug from the back of the PS5 console.
  3. After disconnecting the power supply, now wait for 20 minutes.
  4. Plugin everything back and check if PS5 not turning on error is solved.

4. Try rebooting in safe mode

If you are ascertained that the PS5 is powering on, the best option is to reboot it in Safe Mode. Here is how you can do it

  1. Turn off your gaming console by pressing the power button on the front panel
  2. Then press and hold the power button down until you hear a second beep
  3. After the second beep, it will boot in Safe Mode
  4. Now connect the DualSense Controller and press the PS button to pair it.
  5. Afterward, select Restart PS5 and press X to choose the reboot option of your PS5 console in Safe Mode.

If the process does not end in desired results, you should probably look for another solution. But, first, double-check if your gaming setup has an established internet connection.

5. Update PS5 software

If the previous solution fails to rectify your PS5 problem, then you should look briefly at the software status. Make sure your PS5 software is always up to date so you won’t face any technical or gaming issues in the latest version.

Here is how you can update the PS5 Software:

  1. Go to Settings with the help of your PS5 DualSense Controller
  2. Select System then System Software > Update and Settings
  3. Now set updates to download and install automatically.
  4. Here choose Update System Software, and the console will check for any update.

In case of any new updates, your PS5 will handle them automatically and probably resolve your PS5 won’t turn on but beeps trouble.

6. Initialize ps5 to fix ps5 won’t turn on

The initializing process of the console will restore the system to its default or standard factory settings. This is one of the methods you can opt to resolve your issue.

  1. Format an external USB drive on FAT
  2. It should be spacious enough to store your game data
  3. Connect USB drive to the PS5 and go to PS5 Settings > System
  4. Choose Backup and Restore > Back Up Your PS5
  5. Select the game data you want to back up and choose Next
  6. Assign a proper name to your backup and tap Back Up
  7. Press the X button, and the backup process will be started.
  8. After it’s completed, go back to PS5 Settings and choose Initialization.
  9. Choose Initialize PS5 > Full Initialization
  10. Follow on-screen instructions and do not turn off your PS5 during the process, or you will have irrecoverable damages in the system.

7. Resetting your PS5 in safe mode

Resetting your PS5 in safe mode can restore the system to factory standards, which means deleting all your game save data. Furthermore, resetting the PS5 should be attempted as a last resort only. The process is simple: just select Reset PS5 from the safe mode menu, And wait for the console to restart as normal.

8. Insert a disk

One of the easiest tricks you can try is inserting a disc into PS5; pro-active gamers confirm it as a working method. All PS5 Standard Editions have a disc drive; slowly put the disc into your console and keep pushing it, but no need to apply too much pressure. The PS5 will pull the disc in and start up as expected.

9. Contact customer support

If none of the above-listed solutions works, this might be the right time to contact customer support. Sony offers free repair and replacements for qualified consoles. You can visit Sony’s official website and go to PlayStation Fix and Replace to see if your console qualifies. The professionals know well how to deal with PS5 shut off and won’t turn on.

10. PS5 cleaning

As mentioned earlier in reasons, too much dust, grime, or even dirt inside the PS5 console can clog the fan. Preventing the PS5 console from cooling down during the gameplay and ultimately causing overheating and malfunction, such as PS5 not turning on. PS5 design is user-friendly, allowing you to open the case and clean internal parts without special measures.


The PS5 is a powerful, robust, and state-of-the-art technology cherished by all gamers, but the console still suffers from a minor malfunction. Once you are able to diagnose the source of the problem you can opt for the right method and power up your console in no time.

Perform a quick check on both software and hardware like checking cables, dust, or rebooting but in case you fail contact support at the earliest. If you know any other working method then do share it with us in the comments below.

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