[Quick Hacks] – How to Fix PS5 Overheating Issues?

how to fix ps5 overheating issues

Have you recently bought a new PS5 and still face overheating issues? This is pretty common, and loads of users complain about it. The overheating may even cause your system to shut down or freeze when used. Moreover, it may also take your console to the rest mode, or the screen may go completely blank or flicker without any warning.

Considering all these effects, we shall ride through some of the most common factors leading to PS5 overheating issues. We shall also talk about the hacks that may help you eliminate this issue without investing much of your time and energy. So, what are you waiting for? Read this complete step-by-step guide for excellent support and help concerning this issue.

Causes for PS5 overheating issues

let’s walk through a few of these causes as they may help you understand the problem more efficiently and prevent them in the future.

  • Dust buildup: Dust, debris, or dirt buildup within the console may clog up the passages of your PS5. This may indirectly cause the heat to accumulate within your PS5, causing it to overheat and produce several problems within the system.
  • Poor airflow: The main cause behind an overheated console is poor airflow or ventilation of your console. This primarily occurs when you have placed your PS5 at a small place or area where things are all piled up and there’s not enough place for air to flow.
  • Graphically demanding games: These games are high-powered and require more energy to function than other games. Therefore, such games may also cause your system to work abnormally due to sudden overheating.

Signs why your PS5 is too hot?

Multiple reasons can cause your console to overheat all of a sudden. All these causes are linked to each other, and sometimes, there may be more than one cause at a single time.

The signs for it include:

  • When your console is too hot to be touched.
  • When the fan is constantly running fast and making noise.
  • When the system has become too slow, the games may take time to load.
  • White dots or streaks appear on the screen.
  • The screen turns black, white, green, or purple.

How to fix PS5 overheating issues?

As discussed earlier, all the causes for PS5 overheating issues of your console are reversible, and they can easily be fixed or prevented in no time. Let’s discuss them in detail for your ease and support.

1. Place your PS5 in an open place

The most important reason your console becomes excessively hot is when it’s not kept in the right place. Overheating can occur when you place your console in a closed cabinet or when surrounded by different objects that prevent good ventilation. All you need to do is place it in an open or breathable place in such a condition.

By keeping your console in an open place, hot air may transfer outside while cool one can enter inside more efficiently. In this way, your console will remain free of issues that overheating can cause, and it will work more smoothly without any hurdles. So, try out this hack at the earliest time before heading to others, as this will primarily deal with your problem in no time.

2. Try cleaning your console

Dust, debris, dirt, and feather may easily accumulate within your console, causing it to overheat. This may result in creating several problems for your console. Therefore, try cleaning your console without disassembling the whole of it once in a while. To do so, follow the steps given below:

  1. The first step is to take out both the faceplate.
  2. Next, clean the air ducts and air vents using a brush.
  3. Now, clean the cooling fan.
  4. Lastly, put the faceplate at its place back together.

Another way to clean your console is by using a blow-dry. Blow-dry the fan. However, do it gently. Make sure you don’t tear any wire up as it may permanently damage your console. Moreover, we suggest you clean up your console once a month. Also, please avoid using any cover for your PS5 to prevent any dust from entering, as it may hinder air from flowing in and out.

3. Try turning off your PS5

The most used method to fix overheating issues is to turn it off and then reopen it some time to cool it up. The system may run in the background whenever you put your console in the rest mode after playing games. Your system may get seriously affected in such a situation, especially if you’re living in a humid environment. So, the best way to avoid this is to shut down your console when not in use.

To do so, follow the steps given below:

  1. First, press and hold the PS button in the dual sense.
  2. Next, head to the Power icon.
  3. Lastly, click on turn off PS5.

Another way to turn off your console is simply to press and hold the power button until you hear two beeping sounds. This will automatically turn it off, enable it to cool down, and save electricity at your end.

Some other ways to fix the PS5 overheating problem

Following are some other ways that you may opt to keep your console clean, safe, and away from any damage and destruction:

  1. Keep your console away from carpets, rugs, and mats, as they’re a huge reservoir of dirt, dust, and debris.
  2. Avoid your pets to rest or stay close to the console as their fur may accumulate within the system and cause countless hurdles for you.
  3. Always keep a check on the vents to avoid any blockage within them. Do this regularly, no matter your console is making noise or not.
  4. You may even vacuum your console very gently once in a while to avoid dust or dirt obstructing the air passageways.
  5. Clean the place around your console regularly to avoid dust accumulation.
  6. Keep your console at least four inches away from the wall for a better air passageway.
  7. Head to Customer care support if, even after opting for the hacks, you cannot fix the PS5 overheating issues.


PS5 overheating issues are pretty common and primarily occur when there’s dust buildup within the console. This obstructs vents, creating a hurdle for air to pass in and out of the console. The best way to deal with this issue is to regularly clean up your console and place it in a fully ventilated area for a better air passageway.

Considering all this, we have discussed the causes of PS5 overheating issues in detail, along with some hacks that may fix it in no time.

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