[11 Ways] – How to Fix Xbox One Overheating and Turning Off?

how to fix xbox one overheating and turning off

Overheating can cause damage to both, the console’s memory and the hardware. It is a dangerous issue that reduces the life of your console as well as its gaming performance.

Xbox One is a remarkable console loved by gamers all over the world. Sony has completed this masterpiece with almost flawless mechanics allowing it to deliver extraordinary performance. Still, the Xbox One is reported to overheat.

The issue might be minor and can be fixed at home but people are unaware of the simpler solutions. This is why this article will help you identify the reason why your Xbox One is overheating and also help you fix the issue all by yourself.

What causes Xbox One to overheating?

Actually, the overheating problem is not due to a design fault but is caused by the mishandling of the console. A list of common practices that can affect the ventilation of Xbox One.

This is why it is necessary to address the cause as soon as possible. Following are some common reasons behind Xbox One overheating:

1. Barricade by T.V unit

The T.V unit might be acting as a barricade to the ventilation because your console is pushed up against it. This causes poor airflow through the console and results in its over-heating.

2. Covering over the console

Covering your console might protect it from the dust but you need to give the console some space to breathe, or ventilate, to be accurate.

3. Exhaust grills blockage

If you leave your console uncovered for days without using it, chances are that dust has accumulated on its grills which block the airflow.

4. Cooling fan issues

Even if the pathway is clear, the issue can be with the fan which is supposed to create airflow through the console. Check if the fan is on while your console is running.

5. Thermal paste

The processor tends to heat up very fast and the cooling system in place works efficiently to take away heat from the processor. It is done through thermal paste which, in older consoles, can dry up and become inefficient. If this happens, the console might shut down immediately to prevent permanent loss of memory or processor.

6. Ventilation system

The ventilation system of your device may be out of order and needs repair. If any component is not working correctly it will cause over-heating on your Xbox one.

7. Lack of Airflow

If your console is present in a closed space then of course it lacks some airflow. If there is no air current to flow away the generated then heat becomes accumulated there and causes over-heating.

8. Lack of Maintenance

If you’re not maintaining your console but still playing intense high graphic games, then your Xbox one will become over-heated and it will turn off.

9. Dust Blockage of fan

If you are not keeping your console clean, then the dust also accumulates in the cooling fan and the fan cannot work properly causing increased heat generation.

10. Chip Safety

When over-heated, the console turns off to protect the main chip of the console from any sort of damage.

11. High surrounding temperature

When your surrounding temperature is already high, the device will become over-heated without generating much heat itself.

How to stop your Xbox from overheating?

Now you know the cause of your over-heated console. So let’s get into how you can fix this issue.

1. Clear Persistent Storage

The Xbox one may over-heat and shut down due to a shortage of its storage. To face this problem, you are expected to clear persistent storage. Don’t worry because we are here to instruct you on how you can do this. Just follow these steps given below;

  1. Push down the button on Xbox and select the “Settings” option.
  2. Go down the list of options in Settings and select “Disc & Blu-ray”.
  3. In your Blu-ray options select Persistent Storage and clear it.
  4. Now turn off the Xbox one and unplug it.
  5. Wait for about 5 minutes or so.
  6. Plug in the console and turn it on.
  7. Continue where you left off and check if it’s working right or not.

2. Keep console away from dust

Dust is an enemy of gadgets. You need to keep away your Xbox one from dust. You should clean it regularly using a microfiber cloth. Always place it in a dust-free area.

3. Replace the cooling fan

As mentioned earlier, the Xbox one may be over-heating due to a malfunctioning cooling fan. Check your cooling fan to see if it’s working correctly. If not, you need to substitute it for another cooling fan.

4. Clean exhaust grills

Well, speaking of cleaning, it is important that you clean exhaust grills and the side panels of your console regularly. If you don’t, the dust will build up over time and cause various problems for your console later on.

5. Cooling System

If your cooling system is working properly, then the Xbox one will heat only up to 60 °C. This level of temperature is normal for the console and should not be concerned about. But when the system becomes excessively hot, then it means the cooling system is not working right and the console may shut down to let the processor rest and cool down.

In such a case, you have to replace your Xbox one’s cooling system.

6. Provide proper airflow

As explained above in the article, you need to provide the console with proper air ventilation to manage the heat being produced by it. It’s not a good idea to place your Xbox one on any soft surface or in any closed space because it blocks the aeration process. Place it somewhere with good airflow.

7. Upgrade the heat sink

One reason for Xbox one over-heating may be due to a faulty heat sink in the cooling system. Therefore, it’s better if you replace this heat sink as soon as possible.

8. Heat sources near the console

Never and I mean never place your Xbox one console near any heat generating sources like some radiator or refrigerator. It can severely damage your device. It’s advised to place it in a cool place.

9. Apply Thermal Paste

Microsoft provides the cooling system and processor on Xbox one with a thermal paste to help in the prevention of over-heating. But if this paste has been dried or blocked due to dust, then you need to clean it and apply more thermal paste.

10. Reset or replace the power supply

You already know all the reasons why the Xbox one may become over-heated and turn off. In addition to these reasons, the power supply may also cause the system to come to a standstill. This is when your power supply is discontinuous and so becomes hot due to insufficient current. If your Xbox one is not turning on entirely, then you need to replace your power supply.

You can try to reset the power supply by following the given directions:

  1. First, unplug the power switch from the device.
  2. Second, wait for 20-30 seconds.
  3. Third, plug the cable reverse into the console.
  4. Finally, push down the Xbox box with one knob in the front of your console.

11. Scan with an Eminent repair tool

You can try to run a complete PC scan using some eminent repair tool such as Xbox One Software Repair. This will scan your whole console and replace any faulty files with new ones. It can also inform you if some component of your Xbox one is not working and you can simply replace it.


The Xbox One has all the mechanics it needs to keep the system at an appropriate temperature. But external factors can affect the working of the ventilation system and cause the temperature to rise.

We hope the overheating issue of Xbox One would’ve been solved after following the solutions explained in this article. If you have any queries or suggestions regarding this content, let us know in the comments.

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