[4 Easy Steps] – How to Gift a Game on PS4?

how to gift a game on ps4

For both the young and old generation of gamers, it is hard to repel the attraction of the PS4 console games. Every time and now, Sony is introducing breathtaking multiplayer and solo digital games for its audience with some amazing and thrilling adventures. We know gamers have a very strong bond, and they believe in sharing their games, playing tricks, and accounts as well.

But many are confused about how to gift a game on PS4? Sharing a physical copy of the game is easy, but you may need to find some feasible ways for the digital game. Gifting someone the digital codes of the PS4 games is not possible anymore. Your question made us write a detailed, researched, and specific article on the topic, so keep reading ahead.

Can you gift games on PS4?

Extremely sad to say you cannot gift games on PS4; Sony has discontinued its download codes program through retailers to keep its business secure and enhance global expansion. Now only PlayStation Store holds all the legal rights to sell PS4 digital games. Sony Interactive Entertainment had shared its policy to be effective from April 1, 2019.

Not long before, gamers could easily buy these gaming codes through Best Buy, GameStop, and even amazon stores. The brand has not shared any specific or concerned reasons except to increase its profit margins, but there could be many unrevealed reasons as well.

While the retailer selling digital game download codes is no longer an option, you’ll need to buy a PlayStation Store Gift Card if you want to give your friend a digital copy. Here is how you can

How to gift games on PS4 using a store card?

If you are looking for a possible way to gift games on PS4, this is the user-friendliest; all you need is to purchase a cash card with a sufficient price to buy the specific game. Follow these steps to get the card and how to use it:

  1. The very step is to buy a PlayStation Store Cash Card; these cards come at various prices. First, choose the card with enough amount for the game you want to gift your friend. These cash cards are available on the PlayStation website and at various retail stores such as Walmart, GameStop, Best Buy, etc.
  2. Buy the gift card, and they will ask for billing email id and other important information for record-keeping. The PlayStation Store Card Card will be instantly available to you as soon as the payment procedure is done.
  3. After your purchase, either hand over the cash card to your friend if bought physically, email them in case of digital purchase, or just simply share the card’s digital code with him.
  4. Your friend will have to use the PS4 console to redeem the gift card in the PlayStation Store.

Here is how the person receiving the card can do it:

  1. Open the PlayStation Store
  2. Sign in with the PSN ID
  3. On PS4’s home screen, go to the Settings tab and press the X Button
  4. Navigate to “Account Management” and press X
  5. Here, select “Account Information” and press X
  6. Choose “Wallet” and press X
  7. Move to “Add Funds” and press X
  8. Now select “Redeem Codes and Gift Cards” and press X
  9. With the help of the controller, enter the code of the gift card
  10. Now, in the end, select “Continue” and press X
  11. The total amount you can receive via gift card will be displayed.
  12. Move to the ‘Yes’ option and press X
  13. Now you have received funds in your in-store wallet

At this point, your friend should have enough funds in the wallet that you have gifted them via the PlayStation Store Cash Card to purchase the game from PlayStation Store that you wanted to gift earlier.


Technically, Sony has blocked features that have allowed gifting digital copies of games on PS4. So now everyone has to purchase full games from the online store. Despite the restrictions, you can extend your wish and purchase a PlayStation Store Cash Cash to use as a gift card. Your friend from anywhere in the world can use it to buy your recommended game on their own.

We have that you are now well aware of how to gift a game on PS4; if you have any questions, please leave a comment or contact us for feedback so we can be of your assistance.

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