How to Rebuild PS4 Database? – [5 Steps]

what does rebuild database do on ps4

Rebuilding the database on PS4 is super crucial in many ways. An essential function is fixing broken files and cleaning SSD/HD. This aids in improving the performance of your console without any investment. Moreover, the best thing about this option is that it doesn’t require any backup support for your files. This is because it doesn’t delete or remove them while performing its function.

Keeping all this in mind, we shall discuss the option Rebuild database present in your console’s Safe Mode. We shall talk about what it is, when, and how to rebuild your database. Moreover, we shall also shed some light on some of its functions and drawbacks. So, continue reading to learn about this incredible option on your console.

What does rebuild database mean on PS4?

The Rebuild database option is present in the Safe mode. It typically functions as the De-fragmentation option of your PC. It helps recognize and inform the system where the particular downloaded data resides. This aids your console in locating the specific data it needs in any specific game. This function mainly occurs when you download data or game or update any existing file.

In addition, doing the tasks mentioned earlier makes your console pretty much faster and more responsive to any job you give it. Also, enabling this option helps your console to know the location of all your relevant data on the drive. This allows it to update it whenever needed within the database only without any hurdle.

How to rebuild PS4 database?

Using the option Rebuild database is super straightforward. You may use it whenever you want to clear up the data you want. All you need to do is follow the steps below to rebuild your database without investing much of your time and energy.

  1. First of all, you need to turn off your console.
  2. Next, press the Power button for almost 7 to 10 seconds unless you hear two beeping sounds. Here, you’ll listen to the first beep as soon as you press the button for the first time, while the second one is after 7 to 10 seconds.
  3. Release the button as soon you hear the second beep. This will open up the Safe mode menu for you.
  4. Connect the DualShock 4 controller using the USB cable and press the PS button present on your controller.
  5. Lastly, select the Rebuild Database option and press the X button. This will initiate the process.

Is it safe to rebuild the database on PS4?

Using this option is pretty safe as it doesn’t affect your stored data, and it doesn’t delete any of your data files unless it has bugs or errors. Therefore, we would highly recommend you to opt for this feature to improve the performance of your console without investing at all. It enables faster activity, less lag, quick loading, downloading, etc.

When to rebuild the PS4 database?

Let’s now discuss a few conditions in which we would suggest you enable this option to remove any hurdles and problems from the console.

  1. Use this option when your PS4 is pretty old and is not performing well as it used to before.
  2. It crosses its maximum limit when your hard drive has much data stored. Moreover, you cannot delete any of your files or stored data.
  3. When you’re facing slow download issues, your downloads are taking much longer than usual.
  4. When the loading time on your console has increased and causes your games to take noticeably more extended time to run them.
  5. When you notice corrupted files on your system, you may even get a notification saying Hard Disk Drive is Corrupt.
  6. When you suddenly face an error while updating your System’s Software.
  7. When you lose access to some of your files, they have bugs or errors in them.
  8. When you get menu lag, it takes longer to scroll along with specific menus, apps, and programs. Also, when your system freezes when you head to the main menu screen.
  9. When you suddenly experience a lot of network or input lag while playing your favorite games.
  10. When you get constant errors while playing games, also, you get error codes, crashing or freezing errors on your system.

What does the rebuild database do on PS4?

A rebuild database is an incredible option that runs a clean-up operation on your hard drive. It typically scans your entire hard drive and looks for errors, bugs, corrupted, and duplicated files. It fixes all this up and organizes them in proper order. This makes your system work more efficiently with better performance. Let’s discuss a few of the advantages of your PS4.

  1. It improves the performance of your PS4 and makes its system a bit faster.
  2. It diminishes the lag on the games, which includes both the general and network lag, especially when playing online.
  3. It reduces the menu lag making the menu options work faster.
  4. It enhances the loading speed of your games.
  5. It increases the downloading speed of all the files and games.
  6. It decreases the chances of the game freezing and crashing.
  7. It also deletes all the corrupted files with errors and bugs.

What is the rebuild database option unable to do?

The rebuild database option is one of the best options you may find on your console. The best thing about this option is that it stores all of your data while clearing up the corrupted files. Therefore, there’s never any need for backup while opting for this option. However, there are some functions that it’s unable to do so. Let’s walk through a few of them to have a clear idea of each.

  1. It doesn’t delete any saved game data.
  2. It doesn’t delete any installed games.
  3. It doesn’t delete any profile on your console.
  4. It doesn’t remove any un-corrupted files from your system. However, it deletes all the corrupted ones in no time.
  5. All the factors mentioned above are the reasons that you don’t need to back up your data at all as it would be present as it is once the process gets completed,


Rebuilding the database on PS4 is super significant in so many ways. It helps in improving the performance of your console without any hurdles. Its most vital function is fixing broken files and cleaning your hard disk. Moreover, the most pleasing thing about this option is that it doesn’t require any backup support for your files as it doesn’t remove or eradicate them while working.

Considering all this, we have discussed the Rebuild database option in detail. We have talked about what the Rebuild database means, when, and how to rebuild your PS4 database. Further, we have walked through its functions, drawbacks, and safety concerns. So, what are you waiting for? Read this guide to learn all about the option Rebuild Database on PS4 in no time.

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