How to Turn off PS5 Voice? (Voice Assistant) – 2022 Updated

how to turn off voice on ps5

The voice reader on PS5 works as a screen reader, and it reads all the text that appears on the screen and menu options on which you pass on your cursor. This feature is mainly functional for visually impaired individuals, but it may be pretty helpful for others. This narrator would help save your time while looking for games and other options in the menus.

Some players may find this option pretty annoying at times. It may read out all the text and other options unnecessarily without any instructions by default. However, You don’t need to worry anymore as you may turn off the voice on PS5 in no time. You need to follow this step-by-step guide to learn all about the PS5 voice or screen reader and the simplest way to turn it off.

What is a voice reader on PS5?

The voice reader or voice assistant is the screen reader feature on PS5 that reads out loud the text appearing on your screen. It may also orate the names of the options on the menu for your assistance. This feature goes well for visually impaired people. Still, you may also use it for your aid in saving time and other uses.

How to use PS5 voice control?

This super helpful feature is pretty simple to activate. All you need to do is follow the below-given steps to use it in no time:

  1. Firstly, head to the Microphone icon on the right of the option ‘Search for games, movies, TV shows, players and apps’ field.
  2. Next, select the Microphone symbol, and you’ll then start hearing some vocal signals.

How to turn off voice on PS5?

If you want to turn off this voice reader, follow the steps given below:

  1. Firstly, click on the Gear icon present on your PS5 home screen.
  2. Next, select Accessibility and then scroll down to choose Screen Reader.
  3. Lastly, click on the option Enable Screen Reader and you’re all set to turn the screen reader off on your console.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to turn off the female voice on PS5?

To turn off the voice assistant on your PS5, simply head to the Settings on your Home Screen. Then go to Voice Command and click on Enable Screen to turn it off.

How to turn off voice on PS4?

Head to the Settings, then System, and then Voice Operating Settings, and click on the checkbox for Operate PS4 with Voice.

How to turn off PS5 with the controller?

Press the PlayStation logo on your controller to open the control center menu. Then press the Power button and the second option to turn your PS5 off.


The voice assistant on your PS5 is primarily for visually impaired people to help them with all the texts and options on the System. However, we may utilize it as well for your ease. Sometimes this option may get annoying for some people as it’s active from default and may text unnecessarily. You may turn it off pretty quickly without any hurdle in such a condition.

Considering all this, we have discussed the Voice reader option in detail, such as what it is, how you may use it, and most importantly, how to turn it off. So, what are you waiting for? Read this article to learn all about voice or screen readers in no time.

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