Is Valorant on PS4 & PS5? – [Download Volarant on PS5 & PS4]

is valorant on ps4

Valorant is one of the amazing and outstanding first-person tactical shooter games that require a great degree of precision aiming and a high level of competitive skill. Its post-launch consistent updates like new maps, agents, and other exciting features keep gamers attracted even after years of its release.

Given the popularity of Valorant’s game, the console players are crazily waiting for its release, but till today it’s debatable will anyone ever play the game on the PS4 or PS5 console. So keeping the enthusiasm of gamers for Valorant in mind, we have tried to bring the answers to the most relevant questions asked, like can I play Valorant on PS4?

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What is valorant?

Riot Games’ extraordinarily developed 5 vs 5 hero shooting game is the talk of the town. Both newbie and pro gamers enjoy its high-stakes legal gameplay that rewards players for precise killing skills. Two teams of 5 players compete against each other to win a game in a best of 24 rounds gunfight.

But like every other marvelous development, it has its own shortcomings; gamers often encounter high ping, crashing on startups, or keep freezing during the time of extreme action. But this game brings gamers with a unique set of skills around the world to one digital place to offer a mesmerizing experience.

When is valorant coming to PS4?

Considering how popular the game has become in a short span of time, the game might come up with the console version but not as soon as we expect. Moreover, it may be a little late for the PS4 life cycle since it’s an older console, but it would be a profitable release for PlayStation 5. As Riot’s Anna Donon earlier said, all focus is on Valorant Mobile’s development, and the console version may not be in the development process before that. Whereas Volarant Mobile does not have any release date yet. Sorry, gamers, be optimistic, but not too much!!

Is valorant free on PS4 & PS5?

Sorry to break this news to you, but the Volarant is free to play only on PC; no Valorant PS4 or PS5 game version has been announced yet. So even though many Valorant fans are eagerly waiting to play the first-person shooter game on their favorite console, for now, the developers are busy on its mobile variant, which should not take very long to achieve.

How to download valorant on PS4/PS5?

As mentioned earlier, there is certainly no way you can download Valorant on your PS4 and PS5. The manufacturers were experiencing the users’ interest; therefore, it was initially released only on PC. The developers assure that in the near future, gamers will have the opportunity to have a Valorant PS5 and PS4 variant. But we anticipate by the time Valorant would be out for PlayStation; the PS4 may be too old for that.

How to play valorant on PS4/PS5?

Riot Games surprised its audience with the amazing Valorant game, but the biggest surprise was its unavailability of the gaming consoles. The popular esport release is still on the cards, but the answer to whether can you play Valorant on PS4 or PS5  is a big No. But you are good to play it on PC; believe me, it’s still a good chance to invest time there and enhance your competitive gaming skills with the beautiful artwork of gameplay to enjoy.

How to play valorant on PC?

It is the right time to experience the real thrill of Valorant on PC; you can simply download it from the official website of Valorant. All you need is to click on the Play Free button and sign in to your Riot account or create a new one. Then, download the launcher and install the game. The Valorant icon will appear on your desktop, click it, and then there is no coming back.

To win the five-player match, just knock out your enemy in 13 rounds out of 24; according to the game, either detonate the explosive or kill all your enemies for a sure win. You could be a defender or attacker in each round; starting from the first round, you will have a pistol, and with each victory/ killing, you can earn money to buy yourself the best weapons like shotguns, sniper rifles, and many more.

Remember to shoot your enemy and protect yourself all the time!


Valorant is an electrifying and sensational game to play with players of different skill levels. While the game was specifically tailored to perform on PCs, it is more likely that the Riot games will make changes in its decision and release it on other platforms.

We’ll be sure to keep you updated with any of its release information, but we are sure after reading the above content now you know that this may come upon Mobile platforms before gaming consoles. Also, you now know how to download and play this game; leave a comment for any query or feedback.

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