PS4 Controller Color Meaning? – [Troubleshoot Issues]

what do the colors on the ps4 controller mean

Have you ever wondered why your PS4 controller’s light colors change? Initially, you may have considered it as Sony’s cool aesthetic design and innovative feature to make the controller more appealing. But now, you may realize these color switching is more than just an eye-pleaser and have some defined purpose.

What do the PS4 controller colors mean? As a proactive gamer or newbie, you must know about all the colors your controller flashes because only then you can enhance your gaming skills and know your setup better. So keep on reading the details we have prepared because we will explain what all these colors mean and how to troubleshoot your PS4 controller.

So let’s get started:

What does the PS4 controller colors mean?

The flashing lights coming out of the PS4 controller is a pleasant addition to the gaming experience; nonetheless, these colors inform you of something important about the game. The light of color purely signifies various actions, especially while playing multiplayer games; these are the colors gamers will bump into on the PS4 controller:

1. PS4 controller blue light

Your PS4 controller blue light shows you are currently Player 1, and the color will remain unchanged while you play. Moreover, the blue color particularly flashes during action sequences in games like Aliens: Isolation or Uncharted. The color-changing technology is aligned with the storyline so that it would change according to the story sequences.

2. PS4 controller green light

If your PS4 controller’s colors flip green, it means you are Participant no 3, and the green light bar also apprises you with the current situation of the story. Likewise, the most renowned game Killzone indicates the current health status with the green light.

3. PS4 controller red light

The Red Light indicator on the PS4 controller signifies that now you are Player Number 2; also, the red light turns red when you are in danger. But in live combat or shooting games like Call Of Duty, the Red light alarms you about the damages you are getting from the enemy. Whereas the same red light flashes if the police are chasing you in Grand Theft Auto 5.

4. PS4 controller white light

You will quickly look to the controller once it’s disconnected, and guess which light color you will see? Yes, the White Light. The white light means that your PS4 controller is disconnected from the PS4 console, and all you can do is hold the PS button down for about 15 seconds. After that, the pressing will reset the PS4 controller and automatically reconnects to the console.

5. PS4 controller pink light

In case you are the number 4 player, the controller will light up with Pink Light in the controller light bar. Additionally, the Pink color also signifies what level you are playing. Like in the Thumper game, one of the levels is symbolized with Pink color on the controller bar.

Easy way to troubleshoot your PS4 controller

Not all the colors signify that you are just enjoying yourself as a participant few beams up to inform you that there might be something wrong with the PS4 controller or connectivity. Nonetheless, the gamers come across common problems like the poor wireless connection of the controller and console, battery issues, and other minor mall functions as well.

If your controller constantly blinks blue or turns white, be assured you have some measures to take and steps to follow. The best you can do for this significant situation is to troubleshoot your PS4 controller; use the following steps to do so:

1. Reset the controller

9 out of 10 times, resetting the console is the best option to diagnose the problem. The real drawback with the controller is likely due to the PS4 console. Here’s how you can reset it:

  1. Start by pressing the PS Button for accessing the Menu but make sure you have sufficient power to do it.
  2. Choose the Power option and tap the Restart PS4
  3. In case your controller is not functional, keep pressing the console’s energy button until it beeps twice.
  4. Now once it’s Off, flip it on again.

After completing the mentioned steps, turn on the PS4 controller and test out controller connectivity. If it is still not working, your console is fine; pay attention to your controller.

2. Hard resetting the controller

Well, there is an alternative way to reset the controller; it’s called a hard reset of the controller. These are the steps to observe:

  1. Turn off the PS4 console.
  2. At the back of your controller, find the Hard Reset button, a small gap precisely on the right side.
  3. Use a pin that can fit in and press the button inside it.
  4. The pressing will reset the controller and utilize the USB cable to pair it with the console again.

3. The forget device option

In the event that both mentioned above methods fail, you always have the option of “Forget Device” in your PS4 settings. The “Settings Menu” allows you to control and monitor the devices connected to the console. Directly go to the settings pat and choose the device you want to forget. The controller can fix the wireless connection issues without hassle during the pairing process.

4. Use the controller in wired mode

In the end, if none of these solutions works and you are still waiting to resolve the problem, connect the controller to the gaming console through a pairing USB cable. Ultimately if the wired mode also fails, consider purchasing a new controller.


The various PS4 controller light colors bar is an artistic design that designers have added to boost the controller’s look and gamer’s experience. Most importantly, the variety of light colors has a specific purpose for different PS4 games according to the game’s storyline and depending upon the number of players.

We have tried to apprise you of the meaning of multiple colors at different stages and what troubleshoot actions to take if the PS4 controller white light flashes. I hope the content was helpful and can assist you, leave a comment for your feedback. Enjoy Gaming!

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