Why Is My PS4 Flashing Blue Light? – (Reason & Fixes)

why is my ps4 flashing blue light

Most of the devices with LED lights use different colors of lights to indicate issues or important messages to the user. It is not a good idea to ignore some unusual light blinking on any of your devices with an LED setup.

If your PS4 detects an issue within its performance, it blinks blue light, asking for the attention of the user so the issue can be fixed.

But this is not enough information to fix the issue. You are just aware of some issues in the system. But what is this problem? And what can you do to fix it? In this article, we will help you diagnose the issue with your console and suggest appropriate solutions.

Why is my PS4 blinking blue?

The blinking blue light on your PS4 is not a good indication. Several reasons can be shortlisted to be indicated by blue light flashing. The most probable problems are given here:

  • Damaged Power Supply: Faulty or damaged wires can cause this problem.
  • Incompatible Devices: The devices you are trying to connect with your console may not be compatible with each other.
  • Graphics card: The graphic card is a fragile component. Due to a little mishandling, it can be damaged. This can be a probable reason for the error indication.
  • Software issues: If you have recently installed a new game, file, or updated your console’s drivers, chances are that it is not properly installed.
  • Hard Drive problems: The hard drive can be damaged or not attached properly.
  • Connectivity Issues: The blinking blue light of your ps4 can be caused by some connectivity issue. There can be the following reasons for this cause:
    • Battery is low
    • Bad connection of your controller
    • Minor Bug preventing the connection
    • Defective Bluetooth signal

Now that you are aware of the issues that can cause your controller to flash blue light, the question is:

How to Fix PS4 blinking Blue Light?

Most of the time, the issue with the PS4 can be minor and it can be fixed easily at home without any professional assistance. Following are some of the actions you can take, to try and overcome the issue with your PlayStation 4.

1. Check the power supply

The power supply may not be adequate which is causing the PS4 to blink blue and turn off. You need to verify the proper functioning of your PlayStation’s Power supply as follows:

  1. First, turn off the PS4
  2. Disconnect all the cables
  3. Check for any faulty wiring
  4. If you see any burnt or faulty wire, replace it
  5. Start the PS4 again and connect the controller

2. Charge your controller

As mentioned earlier, the connectivity between the controller and console can be disturbed due to low battery. Leave your controller on charging for at least 30 minutes or charge it fully before trying to reconnect with your PlayStation 4.

3. Restart the controller

If there is some connection problem, the blue light will start blinking. The best way to fix it is by simply restarting your controller and connecting it again to your PS4. This will load the drivers again and can fix the bugs in the stream.

4. Reset the controller

If your PS4 is still flashing blue lights, try to reset it. By restoring the factory settings of the controller, any bugs or malfunctions will automatically be removed from the controller. If you don’t know how to reset a controller, here’s a quick tutorial:

  1. First, turn off the PS4 and controller and unplug them.
  2. There is a small reset button next to the L2 button on the back of the controller.
  3. Push it for about 5 seconds using a sharp tip (e.g. toothpick)
  4. Now reconnect your PS4 and controller using the compatible USB cable.
  5. Press the start button of PS4 and connect the controller again.

The PS4 should stop blinking blue light after this. But if this doesn’t work, keep trying other solutions listed in this list.

5. Pair in Bluetooth Mode

If your PS4 is still flashing blue lights then try to pair the controller in Bluetooth mode. Hold down the PlayStation Button and Share Button at the same time. Once the controller is perfectly synced with the console the blue light should stop blinking.

6. Try another controller

The highly effective method that you can try yourself is to change the controller and try a different one. This may stop the blue light from blinking. Use the new controller to make a brand new connection with your PS4. After connecting the new controller, you can try and connect your previous controller too. If it connects with the console then the flashing blue light will turn into continuous blue or white light.

7. Troubleshoot Software

Troubleshooting always fixes all the issues with the firmware. But you need to beware as it is prone to delete any data you have in your storage. You need to store the important data in the cloud before you attempt this method.

You can try to troubleshoot the software by going into the “Safe Mode”. To do this you have to hold down the Power Button of your PlayStation until it shuts down. Keep holding the power button until you hear a beep, indicating you have entered the Safe Mode.

After you enter safe mode, press the PS button on your controller, and from the options, select restore default settings or rebuild the database. After selecting one of the two options and going through the process, the blue blinking light must be ceased.

8. Check your Hard Drive

Verifying the proper working of your hard drive is an easy task and anyone with basic tech knowledge can do this after reading the method. If the hard drive is not correctly attached, then your PlayStation will also blink blue light.

Firstly, turn off the PS and remove all the cables connected to your console. Remove the hard drive cover and check for any damage or misalignment. You can unscrew the hard drive slot if needed.

If all the parts seem in perfect alignment, you must carefully place everything back and check if the blue light still flashes.

9. Update controller driver on PC

If your controller drivers are not up-to-date, this could be indicated by the blue light. Updating the controller’s drivers will solve any bugs and malfunctions in the controller and also solve any syncing issues.

You can update drivers by connecting your controller to a PC with a USB cable and checking for driver updates under disk management. If the software is already up-to-date but your PS4 is still flashing blue light, then you can try to reinstall the drivers.

10. Update firmware on the TV

Sometimes the connectivity problem is in your T.V. So, you can update your T.V firmware. You can do this by following these steps:

  1. Open “Settings” on your T.V
  2. Select Setup or the Customer support
  3. Select software update and click OK
  4. Wait until it updates and restart the T.V
  5. Updating this will remove any bugs present in the previous version and so the blue light will turn off.


We hope after going through the solutions suggested in this article, the blue light indication is stopped. But if it continues flashing, you must now seek professional help as the issues can be highly technical.

If another controller works perfectly, the first controller might have completed its life. Or the console’s connection channels are seriously damaged and need a fix or replacement. However, professionals at a repair shop can diagnose further issues.

If this content was helpful or if you have any queries and suggestions in this regard, let us know in the comments.

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