Why Is My Xbox One Making Loud Fan Noise? – (Cleaning fan)

why is my xbox one making loud fan noise

You may often notice your Xbox showing peculiar behavior, such as its fan producing loud annoying sounds. This sound is super infuriating and can even distract you from enjoying your favorite games. Moreover, this happens when there’s excessive dust accumulation within the system or when your system gets warmer due to a poorer cooling mechanism within.

Considering all this, we shall discuss the causes that make your Xbox fan make a loud noise. Also, we shall throw some light on a few hacks that may help you fix them in no time. Further, we shall also guide you on how you can clean your Xbox fan and even replace it when necessary. So, continue reading to know all about your Xbox making loud fan noise.

Why is my Xbox one fan so loud?

Your Xbox one fan may often be super loud. This happens when there’s some underlying cause behind it. Let’s discuss each of its causes in detail that may aid you in preventing them in the future for more peaceful and enjoyable gameplay.

1. Overheated Xbox one

The overheated console is the most common cause behind your Xbox fan making loud and weird noises. This happens when you overuse it or when its thermal paste stops functioning well. Thermal paste is the material present on the ECU of your console that helps in cooling down your system when in use. It works more like a coolant present in your car, covering the most used part of your console.

In addition, when you use it for a long time, the thermal plate may simply start to dry out and eventually lose its effect. This results in complete thermal paste failure that causes your Xbox to overheat and become unstable, which in return causes your fan to produce loud noises.

The only way to fix this is by replacing the thermal paste with a new one. It’s pretty simple to do so, and the best thing is that it’s pretty cheap and is available very easily.

2. Dusty Xbox one

Another important cause is an accumulation of dirt and dust that can cause your Xbox one to make an unnecessarily loud and annoying noise. This happens as the dust obstructs the inlets and outlets that prevent the fresh air from entering the console and the stale one to leave the console. You can easily recognize this as the primary cause by looking through the holes at the back of your console.

Try spraying a can of compressed air through the holes to clear out the whole passageway to deal with this condition. Note that you should always do this when your system is turned off because when you turn it on, the fans within will help blow away any remaining dust. However, when this doesn’t help clear the dust, you may need to open your system up to clean it more efficiently.

3. Wrongly placed Xbox one

Placing your Xbox one in a crowded or closed place may also make its fan produce loud noises. This occurs very frequently as the air that blows out from the system stays within the cabinet or shelf, only giving a heating effect, thus raising the temperature inside your Xbox. Moreover, it will also cause the fans to work with exertion resulting in loud noises.

So, the only way to cope with this situation is to place your console in a more ventilated and open place. Also, you can place it vertically to create a more passageway for fresh air to pass smoothly. Suppose these ways aren’t convenient for you. You may also purchase an external fan that is pretty cheap and is also readily available worldwide.

How to fix Xbox one making loud fan noise?

Let’s now discuss some hacks that you may use to fix your Xbox one making loud fan noises. They’re pretty simple to follow and won’t take much of your time and energy to follow:

1. Try moving your Xbox to a cooler place

This hack is one of the best ones you may follow whenever your system warms up, and its fan produces an excessively loud sound. You need to place the whole console in a newly open place with proper ventilation and an air passageway. You may place it over your shelf or on your table.

This will help more and more warm air within the console move out and the cooler, fresh one to get inside.

2. Try cleaning your Xbox

Cleaning your Xbox, regularly is essential to make it work smoothly. Also, it will prevent your Xbox fan from creating loud, unnecessary sounds. So, simply clean it up whenever you feel your console is dusty from within. To do so, you may require the following items:

  1. A microfiber cloth
  2. Long pin
  3. Thin card
  4. Compressed air can

Always make sure you avoid the following things to avoid any mishap:

  1. Avoid cleaning up your console when it’s on.
  2. Avoid opening your console when you’re cleaning it.
  3. Avoid using water or any other liquid to clean up your console.
  4. Avoid using damp cloth or wipes.

3. Try using thermal paste

As discussed earlier, a thermal plate aids in giving a cooling effect to the system in no time. Therefore, it’s always advisable to use it to prevent your Xbox one fan from making loud noises. The thermal plate usually dries up frequently when you overuse your Xbox. However, you can easily replace it, so you may just replace it yourself whenever you have any issue with it.

How to clean Xbox one fan?

Let’s now walk through the steps you need to follow in cleaning your Xbox fan. These are pretty easy and simple to follow:

  1. Firstly, unplug your console and remove the battery of your controller.
  2. Next, keep it in a dry place, making sure the flat surface is at the top.
  3. Now, take a dry microfiber cloth and clean your console from outside.
  4. After doing so, use compressed air to remove all the dirt and dust from the inside of the ports.

Note that while cleaning, you need to use a pin to pass through the holes, which will stop the fan from moving in a circular direction and help in the cleaning process. Also, instead of using a compressed air can, you may use a vacuum to suck out all the dirt and dust.

Xbox one fan replacement

Even if you’re unable to resolve the problem of your Xbox fan producing loud fan noise after trying all the hacks, then it’s always better to replace your fan with a new one. Follow the steps mentioned below to do so:

  1. Firstly, open up your Xbox by peeling off the tape present on the top.
  2. Next, remove the plastic vent using the plastic opening instrument. You may also slide the plastic tab straight back. Also, use a spudger to remove it from between the two halves of your console.
  3. Now, use the plastic opening instrument again to disconnect the clip.
  4. Then, lift the loop over the connector using a tweezer.
  5. Remove the upper case of your console and disconnect the speaker and remove the screws from the Wi-Fi table and the upper metal box.
  6. Now, lift the upper metal box without eradicating it and disconnect the Wi-Fi cable from the motherboard and the hard drive and data cables.
  7. Lift the hard drive tray and remove it and the optical drive power from the motherboard.
  8. Remove the fan cable and then use a plastic opening tool to pry the right and left clip up.
  9. Further, place the spudger when there is enough space between the fan and the sink.
  10. Then lastly, remove the fan.


Your Xbox may show peculiar behavior and make Xbox fans make a loud annoying noise. This happens mostly when there’s excessive heat or dirt within the console.

Keeping this in mind, we have discussed the causes and simple hacks that may help you get rid of this loud, unnecessary sound in no time.

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