How to Setup Xbox on Mobile Using

aka ms xboxsetup is a mobile link to the website that helps establish the connection between the XBOX smartphone app and the XBOX console. This setup is not available on PC (Mac and Windows both) but only for the smartphone app.

Hey! Don’t forget to note down the activation code you see displayed on the XBOX one app screen, and then you may continue setting up the connection on your smartphone via setup.

Note: If you miss the code, you will have to reinstall the app to get a new activation code.

We’ve filled you in on the basics. Now, let’s take a deeper dive into the xboxsetup using This article will provide a very simple and comprehensive guide to the setup, so stick around till the end to be fully informed.

What is http//

http// is a web link accessible on mobile only to establish a gaming connection between the XBOX console and XBOX one smartphone app. This link is useful to carry out this setup manually as the XBOX one setup is unavailable on your PC.

It assists you in manually setting up the XBOX one app. You can also update it to the latest version of the app.

How to set up an Xbox using the mobile app?

Using your iOS or Android device, follow these steps.

Step 1:First, open the web link on your mobile phones.

Step 2: An activation code will appear on the screen. Note it down.

Step 3: On the ‘Welcome to XBOX’ screen, click on ‘Tap to continue setup’ to finish your setup.

NOTE: If you do not have the app downloaded on your device, click on ‘download and install’ from the play store or the App store.

Step 4: Next, log into your XBOX app and enter the activation code that you noted down.

Step 5: As part of the setup, answer the questions on the screen.

Step 6: Once your XBOX setup and system update are complete, come back to your XBOX console.

Step 7: In the XBOX app, select ‘apply your settings’ and then ‘YES’ to continue. Your setup is now complete.

Advantages of Xbox app setup

  1. The most obvious one is the ability to connect your XBOX console with your mobile phone at any time and play on your smartphones.
  2. You can get instant notifications of your games and updates on your smartphones without turning on the console.
  3. By connecting to the app, you can get instant news about XBOX and stay informed.

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Where do I find the code to update the XBOX console?

When you install the updated firmware, it will also show a notification to download the XBOX app. Use the XBOX setup link to complete the download.

Can I use this setup ( to play Minecraft with my friends?

For that, you will have to take confirmation of the privacy policy. You may use this link to learn more.


It is needless to say that we live In the age of smartphones. The http // setup is a great link for XBOX users as it allows gamers to play at their ease from their smartphones. How convenient!

With that being said, we hope this article taught you how to set up an Xbox app on your phones using Follow the simple steps given above to complete the setup. In case of any queries, let us know in the comment section below.

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