How to Deactivate PS4 Account without System?

how to deactivate 2 step verification on ps4

It is wise to treat your own PS4 console as a primary gaming device because it holds the PlayStation network account, other important pieces of information, and pre-ordered games. Moreover, active gamers must know that they can use their primary PS4 console for multiplayer gaming. Usually, gamers deactivate their primary PS4 account before selling it or upgrading to another model. Still, if a user has lost or given his console to someone without a proper reset, his account is exposed for free access to data.

Luckily, the technology permits users to deactivate PlayStation accounts without a system. If you have left your account active in PS4 and are now worried about it, keep reading because we have described the most straightforward method and functionality offered in the Sony Console.

How to Deactivate PlayStation Account?

You could have easily deactivated the account from the console before handing it over to anyone. But it’s ok, the answer to how to deactivate a PS4 account lies in the following steps:

The simplest way to deactivate primary PS4 starts as:

  • Turn On your PC/ Laptop and open a web browser
  • Connect with the official Sony Website
  • Enter the Email Address and Password in the fields
  • Click Sign in to log in to your PlayStation Network account
  • On the lower left column, click on Device Management
  • From the menu on the right, Tap on PlayStation Systems
  • Press Deactivate All Devices button
  • Confirm by clicking on Yes

By these steps, you can remove your account from previously log in gaming consoles without their physical presence.

How to Remotely Deactivate a PS4?

The gaming industry and modern technological advancements do not limit users to only performing tasks with wired devices. That’s why the online PS4 accounts connected to PS4 Server can remotely be deactivated via smart devices. Therefore, continue with this quick process:

  • Search PlayStation Application from Android/iOS store
  • Install the application with a white logo and blue background
  • After installation, open and log in with your PS4 Network account
  • Go to Privacy Settings and Open Edit Profile
  • After that, press the 3 bar icon on the top left
  • Select the PlayStation System (Games)
  • Tap on Disable All Devices and then select Yes

The process will immediately deactivate the account and devices linked through this particular account. And you will have to associate devices for future gaming sessions manually.

Frequently Asked Question

Q1. What are the benefits of a Primary PS4 account?

Anyone who uses the primary PS4 account can use applications purchased from PlayStation Store and play pre-ordered downloaded games. You can set 1 Primary PS4 console, 2 portable PlayStation systems, and subsequently 2 PS3 from one registered account. Moreover, users can use the themes they have purchased from the online store.

Q2. Can I delete an account without a primary account?

For a single account, you can easily delete it by logging into it, whereas if you own multiple accounts, you can delete it from the primary account without any trouble.

Q3. Does the first method require you to know the password?

In both the methods mentioned above, you must know your account id and correct password to log in from a PC, laptop (web browser), or smart device (application).

Q4. How do I stop another PS4 user from logging into my account?

To stop other gamers from logging into your account does not require much effort, change the password of your Primary PSN account and do not share it again.

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If you want to deactivate your PlayStation account, it means you don’t want to use it or no longer need it. Irrespective of the reason, you have the choice to perform it online from your PSN account, and a confirmation message will appear when the account is deactivated.

In this briefed article, we have tried to apprise you with the easy methods on How to Deactivate PS4 Account without system while using a PC or smart device. These methods successfully deactivate the PS4 account from every device and take all your worries away. I hope we have helped you protect your data and blocked unwanted access to your account; leave a comment or contact us for any query!

Have a Good Game!

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