How to Make Downloads Faster on PS4?

how to make downloads faster on ps4

Who doesn’t want an increased PS4 downloading speed? This would make your gaming experience more reliable and suitable for you. We have often heard that no matter their internet speed is good, they still face slow downloading speed. This can create a massive hurdle for you to enjoy your favorite games by wasting both your time and energy.

Considering all this, we shall discuss the simplest and easiest ways to tackle this issue and increase PS4 download speed in no time. Also, we shall shower some light on the causes behind slow download speed. This will help you avoid them in the future for perfect gameplay. So, read on to learn all about faster-downloading speed on PS4.

Causes behind PS4 slow download speed

Everyone explains their perspective regarding this concern. However, we think old routers and unnecessary background applications are the main reason that makes your downloading speed way too slow despite a good internet service. Below we have discussed the most common causes behind PS4 slow download speed to avoid them for better functioning:

1. Old router

An old or poorly functioning router is always a drawback for efficient gameplay. Moreover, it may affect your PS4’s downloading speed to a great extent as well. So, to improve it up, you need to have the latest well-equipped router. Moreover, make sure you have access to good Internet because changing the router with poor Internet is of no use.

2. Background running applications

Background running applications create a huge hurdle in running other essential functions such as downloading games and other Apps. To tackle this up, make sure you close all the applications whenever you use them to avoid them being collected at the end of the day. Also, avoid opening unnecessary applications to protect your system from being attacked by viruses or bugs.

3. Server issue

Server error may impact all the activity on your PS4, including downloading and playing games. Downloading would be much slower and sluggish. This would also create a loss of interest in playing and enjoying your favorite games. So, always solve server errors beforehand before your system shuts off completely.

4. Unupdated PS4

An un-updated or old version of your console’s software may hold back many functioning and operational activities. To improve your system’s working ability, you need to update it when the latest software arises. This will enhance your system’s speed in all aspects in no time.

How to increase download speed on PS4?

We shall now discuss how to make downloads faster on ps4 without much effort. They’ll save both your time and energy, and you wouldn’t need any help from an expert to follow them up.

1. Using PlayStation closer to your router

Placing your PlayStation closer to your router has always been excellent in improving your Internet and system’s problems such as poor downloading or playing speed. So, either bring your PlayStation close to the router or vice versa, whatever suits you concerning the placement of it. However, if this idea doesn’t go well for you, don’t be disappointed and try others.

2. Updating the internet connection

An updated internet connection is always an excellent option to enhance the power behind uploading downloading speeds along with online gaming. This will not only help your PlayStation but will improve the functioning of other internet-powered devices at home. You may opt for the following devices for uninterrupted internet service:

  • Linksys AC5400 Max Stream
  • 50ft Ethernet Cable
  • TP-link Archer A7
  • These devices will not just improve your connection speed. Still, they will also help connect external storage for media sharing across all the devices present at your home. Moreover, they’re pretty cheap and will not be a burden to your pocket.

3. Using a proxy

Using a proxy has been a great idea to solve all the download errors, especially slow speed, and sudden interruptions. Proxy works like a gateway to the Internet on a corporate network. Therefore, by opting for a proxy, your Network improves its functioning, enhancing the download speed. This goes really well for specifically PlayStation 4 models with unconventional network adapters.

So, to do so first thing you’ll need to do is download a proxy server and then run its server on your system. In this way, all your speed errors will improve to a greater extent.

4. Changing your DNS and MTU settings

Changing your DNS and MTU settings have proved to improve your download speed even if your server goes down in your country. By following the steps below, you’ll be able to get this excellent opportunity to have the best downloading and uploading speed in no time.

  • The first step is to head to the Settings at the right on your PS4.
  • Next, click on Network and go to the option that says Set Up internet connection.
  • Now, go to the WIFI Custom, head to Automatic, then Don’t Specify, and click on Manual.
  • Lastly, fill out the Primary and Secondary DNS on your PS4. For Primary, go with, and for secondary,
  • Later, to change your MTU settings, go to the Settings, Automatic II Proxy Server, and Do Not Use.
  • Now you may continue with your downloading, but before that, don’t forget to restart your PS4 by turning it off and then on. Moreover, choose the type of DNS wisely, which is free with the best features.

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5. Try pausing and resuming download

This hack goes really well if you’re downloading a single application and its speed slows up suddenly or stutter up. So, the best thing you can do is pause the download process and resume it after some time. This will automatically improve the download speed, uploading speed, and gaming speed considerably.

However, if you feel that even after doing so, the speed remains the same or the connection drops, then follow the steps below:

  • Firstly, select a download and click on pause.
  • Next, select the paused download and click on Resume, which will enable the download server to work well with the enhanced speed of that specific download.

6. Checking for modem bandwidth

Modern bandwidth plays a significant role in limiting your PS4’s download speed, especially if you’re using an old or cheap modem or router. However, a high-quality modem that guarantees perfect speed with maximum megabytes per second may not fulfill your expectations. Therefore, always go with the one having good reviews along with a great name in the market.

Further, before going for the fixes, make sure your modem is powerful enough for your server to enable you to enjoy your favorite games without any hurdle. To do so, check the bandwidth and make sure your Network isn’t crowded much to prevent your server from functioning well. Also, suppose you are using other devices as well with the router. In that case, it may affect your internet network without even letting you recognize this cause.

7. Using rest mode to increase speed

This hack is totally a life-saver. You may simply keep your system at the resting mode to download your required applications to save your time. Rest mode is a low-powered state where the system remains off but may perform some of the most critical functions without any obstacle. These functions include charging controllers or peripheries and downloading applications.

Below are the steps that you follow to complete your downloads in no time:

  • The first step is to scroll up on the main dashboard of your PS4 and head to the toolbox icon to open up the Settings.
  • Next, select the Power Save Settings and choose Set Functions Available in Rest Mode.
  • Further, check the box next to the option Stay Connected to the Internet so ensure your console goes for downloading while being at rest.

8. Using a wired connection

Here wired connection means an ethernet cable. You may use it to improve the connectivity of your console with your router, which will, in return, enhance the downloading and other functioning speeds. So, to follow this hack up, you first need to connect the Ethernet cable, then set up an uninterrupted internet connection, and lastly follow the steps below:

  • Head to the Settings from the main menu of your console.
  • Then go to the Network and click on the option that says Set up an Internet connection.
  • Later, select Easy.

In this way, your PS4 will be able to detect an excellent internet connection with no disruptions.

9. Updating the firmware

Updating the firmware to the latest one has been a great fix to the majority of the people facing slow downloading and apps running speed. Therefore, it’s pretty necessary to check and make sure you have the latest one on your console.

To do so, connect it to the Internet first and then open the notification bar. Then, download the latest firmware if available otherwise, you may already have the latest one on your server.

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Increased PS4 downloading speed would make your gaming experience more steadfast and appropriate for you. Sometimes, your internet speed is good, but you may still face slow downloading speed. It’s not only annoying but would also waste both of your time and energy.

To tackle this issue, we have discussed the causes behind slow download speed and the simplest and easiest ways to resolve this issue and increase PS4 download speed in no time. However, old routers and needless background applications are the foremost reasons that make your downloading speed way too sluggish despite exemplary internet service.

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