How to Get Aimbot on Xbox? (XIM Apex & Cronus Zen)

how to get aimbot on xbox

Who doesn’t want to win in games by using endless hacks and shortcuts? Ambos is one of them as it allows you to lock onto your enemies and overpower them. It’s a sort of cheating but totally for fun and entertainment purposes. You can use them in various games whenever you miss your shots to get the whip hand in any competition.

Therefore, in this article, we shall discuss how you can get Aimbot on Xbox without spending much of your time and energy. Moreover, we shall also talk about Apex and how you can set it up for Xbox. Further, we shall also shower some light on different types of recoil in games and how you can use anti-recoil on your console.

Can you get Aimbot on Xbox?

Yes, you can get Aimbot on your Xbox. However, the process for it and other consoles like Series X, Series S, and PS5 is a bit confusing as you may require a third-party input device to do so. These third-party devices include Cronus Zen or XIM Apex. Cronus Zen is a very easy-to-use device with a unified screen and an efficient hub design. Its software is pretty decent, which makes it work smoothly.

While Apex Aimbot is even simpler than Cronus, it’s specially designed for people who prefer using a keyboard and mouse with their consol. Using XIM is not cheating as it’s more like a particular controller to enable people to enjoy their game more feasibly. However, it also allows some hacks that help make your gaming experience more worth it and are then cheating.

XIM Apex Aimbot

The XIM Apex is also a brilliant device that is smaller in size than Cronus and is much more like a USB pen drive. It aids in controlling the inputs within your console. However, it doesn’t have any screen or other extravagant features that Cronus has, making it simpler to use and set up. It merely helps you to connect your controller, mouse, and keyboard.

In addition, this device has excellent optimization, which creates a whole new gaming experience. It’s undoubtedly the favorite equipment for most gamers as it has minimum lag and better performance. The hacks for XIM Apex Aimbot are as follows:

  • Rabbit hop for huge jumps
  • Aimbot Fort nite for characteristic Aimbots
  • Continuously run for running steadily
  • QuickFire for shooting recklessly
  • Auto Aim for an efficient aim
  • Hair Trigger for the better arrangement for hair-trigger
  • Speedy Scope for inspecting faster
  • Move Fire for changing position while throwing a weapon

How to enable Xbox Aimbot?

You can easily enable Aimbot on your Xbox using a XIM Apex. It’s pretty simple to do so as it doesn’t require any hectic steps to be followed. Moreover, it doesn’t cost much, so it won’t be a burden on your pocket if you’re a true gamer. However, for better understanding, you should know its backlash functions discussed further.

The three different types of recoils

Below are the three different types of recoils that you may find in games:

1. First Shot Recoil

The first shot recoil is unique in its type. It is only applicable to the principal firing of the weapon, and it’s pretty helpful in bringing the strong arm up ordinarily.

2. The Horizontal Recoil

The Horizontal Recoil is randomized as it’s not valid for the people who use the mouse as their controller.

3. The Vertical Recoil

The vertical recoil is the most common backlash in games. However, it’s the least demandable due to its unique feature. It enables the weapon to go up when it shots or fires.

Some Anti Recoil Methods on your Console

Below are some of the anti-recoil methods you may find on your console.

  • Ballistic Curve
  • Mouse Movement
  • Lift
  • Weapon Attachments
  • Consistent Ai
  • Increment Aim Assist
  • Increment XY Ratio

How to Set Up XIM Apex for Xbox?

Setting up XIM Apex for your Xbox is pretty straightforward. All you need to do is follow the steps mentioned below:

  • First of all, connect your XIM Apex to your PC or MAC and download the most recent firmware available.
  • Next, connect your mouse on the right-side while the Aimbot is in the center while the controller on the left side is in your USB controller module on your Xbox.
  • Download the XIM Apex Manager on your smartphone (Android/Apple) or PC.
  • Now, pick the game you want to play in that application.
  • Fix the pulling sensitivity for your mouse by heading to the worldwide settings and opting for the highest pulling rate you see.
  • Change your mouse DPI and note that it should be between 3000 to 4000 DPI.
  • Further, change your in-game settings to track down the ideal settings. Select the base right button present where you selected the game and follow the URL that appears
  • Now, head to the preparation mode in your game and click on the pencil icon of your game. Go to the application present at the right. Then click on synchronize and then change.
  • Lastly, go to one side and change the ADS according to your needs.

Cronus Zen

Cronus Zen has a unique feature to help you modify your controller using macros and mods. The mods used are quick scoping, reduced recoil, aim to assist, rapid-fire, etc. This device also has a screen and a hub design to plug in your controller, keyboard, or mouse. You may also use Bluetooth pairing at your convenience.

How to setup Cronus Zen on Xbox?

Below are the easiest steps that you may follow to setup Cronus Zen on your Xbox:

  • Take the longer cable from the box and connect Cronus to the Pc.
  • Now, take the shorter cable and connect Cronus to your Xbox.

Note that longer cable plugs into the left side of the Cronus while the shorter ones are on the top.

  • Now go to the Cronus website and download the Zen studio software.
  • Next, go to the collective mind website and download the universal updater. Do check it’s up to date by running it up.
  • Later, press the blue button on the back of the Cronus and make sure the software recognizes your device.
  • Now launch the Cronus software. To do so, head to the programmer tab select the game pack you need for your games.
  • Press the play button on your left side to save the changes made.

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Ambos is one of the endless hacks and shortcuts with great hacks to lock your enemies in different games. It’s a sort of cheating but totally for amusing and entertainment purposes. You can use them in numerous games every time you slip your shots to get the domination in any opposition.

Therefore, in this article, we have talked about how you can get Aimbot on Xbox. We have also poured some light on the two devices you may use to do so, along with the easiest methods to set them up. Moreover, we have also recovered some different types of recoil in games and how you can use anti-recoil on your console.

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