Why Does My Xbox One Turn On by Itself?

why does my xbox one turn on by itself

There are multiple ways to turn on your Xbox One. However, your Xbox one turning on by itself without any stimuli is something to worry about. It is not just frustrating but may create specific problems within its system. Therefore, it is necessary to know the cause behind such a thing and fix it up before any undefined mishap.

Keeping this in mind, we shall discuss the most common causes behind why your Xbox one turns on by itself. We shall also dig into some of the easiest and straightforward fixes that you may opt to avoid such a problem. So, continue reading this troubleshooting guide to learn all about Xbox one having some technical error creating hurdle in your life.

Why does my Xbox turn on by itself?

As you know, Xbox One has a capacitive power button that functions by sensing your fingers to turn on or off the system. Therefore, certain factors may affect its functioning, which may automatically affect it, for example, dust particles and debris. Moreover, there may be some problem with the sensor, controller, or internal modes that may disrupt the whole system.

Let’s discuss all the possible causes for this sudden, undesirable and problematic fault within your console:

1. HDMI control feature

HDMI Consumer Electronic Controls, also known as HDMI-CEC, is a feature that permits your TV to control all the HDMI-based devices, including Xbox. This feature may sometimes interrupt your console’s normal functioning and even turn it on without even letting you know about it. Therefore, if you feel your Xbox one turns on by itself, look for this as a cause.

If this is the reason behind your system acting peculiar, do not worry as it is easily fixable. You just need to disable the HDMI-CEC feature from your TV’s settings. You may also contact your TV’s customer care center for further guidance as the process of disabling may differ with different brands and models of the TV.

2. Increased sensitivity of the power button

As discussed earlier, there may be increased sensitivity of the power button of your Xbox one that may turn it on without any stimuli. This may happen due to excessive dirt, dust, and debris. In this case, you just need to clean your Xbox console using a microfiber cloth, and you will solve this problem without any effort.

3. Faulty Xbox controller

Faulty and malfunctioning Xbox controller may be another cause behind the peculiar behavior of your Xbox, causing it to turn on automatically. To check whether this is the cause, check the button on your Xbox and make sure it isn’t jammed down. Also, remove the batteries from the controllers and check if the problem persists or not. If not, the faulty controller has been the problem since day one.

4. Enabled instant-on mode

you may enable another most common cause instant-on mode on your Xbox. This will result in partial shutting down your Xbox system, which is equivalent to a low power mode. You can tackle this cause pretty quickly as well. You simply need to turn off the instant-on mode from your console and then restart it for a complete reboot.

5. Outdated system updates

Outdated system updates may be another cause to turn on your console all by itself. In this scenario, upgrade your system to the latest updates to eliminate all the possible hurdles within your system, and this will boost up the normal function of your system as well. Therefore, always keep your system up to date to avoid such happenings. Also, turn off the automatic update option to avoid such a situation.

6. Enabled Cortana feature

Sometimes enabled Cortana feature may be the cause to turn on your console. It’s Microsoft’s virtual assistant feature that is of great use. However, error within it may take random conversation or noise from the room as a stimulant to turn on the console without any actual instructions.

How to fix Xbox one turns on by itself?

Let’s now discuss the fixes in detail for the causes mentioned above. They’re pretty simple and easy to follow and wouldn’t require much of your energy or time and any guidance from an expert.

1. Turn off the Instant-on mode

If Instant-on mode is the reason behind the peculiar behavior of your Xbox console, then the only way to tackle this is by turning it off. To do so, follow the steps below

  • Firstly, press the guide button present on your controller.
  • Next, head to the system and then go to the Settings.
  • Now, go to the Power and startup and click on Power mode and startup.
  • Select Power mode and then Energy saving.
  • Restart your system, and you’re all set to use it without the problems you were facing before because of it.

2. Disable the automatic updates

If automatic updates are causing your console to interrupt with the standard turning off the system, then follow the steps given below:

  • Firstly, press the Guide button on your controller.
  • Next, head to the system and then Settings on your console.
  • Now, go to the system and click on Updates and downloads.
  • Remove the checkmark present on the box next to Keep my console up to date. The box is next to Allow the remote installation to prevent your system from turning off whenever you wait for downloading something from your smartphone or computer.
  • Lastly, restart your console.

3. Disable the HDMI-CEC

If HDMI-CEC is causing the problem of automatically turning on your console, then wait no longer and just disable it in your TV’s settings. To do so, head to the TV settings, and there you’ll find the option Disable HDMI-CEC; click on that. However, this process may differ on different TVs, so call the customer care center of the TV company for further guidance.

4. Keep the controller tucked away

As discussed earlier, your Xbox’s controller may have something that may push or bump the power button resulting in turning on your console. So, just keep the controller safely tucked away where the power button does not have a chance to be pressed accidentally.

5. Clean your Xbox regularly

The dust or dirt may affect the sensor on your Xbox’s power button, which may cause it to turn on your console without you being even close to it. Just clean your Xbox regularly using a fine fiber cloth to tackle this. Also, keep your Xbox away from the reach of children and pets to prevent it from getting dirty quickly.

6. Use Cortana with a headset

Being a virtual assistant, Cortana can pick up the conversation from the surroundings and turn on your Xbox. You may simply disable it or use a headset or Kinect to use it, and it will prevent you from catching the voices and conversations from the room it is placed in. You may then just need a headset or Kinect to direct Cortana to function, such as turning on the Xbox console.

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Your Xbox one turning on without any stimuli is something to be concerned about. It is not just frustrating but frightening, and it may even create inevitable glitches within its console. Therefore, it is essential to identify the cause behind such a thing and fix it before any indefinite misfortune.

Considering all this, we have talked about the most common reasons your Xbox one turns on by itself. We have also debated some of the most straightforward fixes that you may avoid such a fault. So, what are you waiting for? Read this article for the guide on why your Xbox console gets turned on without even letting you know.

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