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After Sony’s incredible series of PlayStations, Microsoft introduced Xbox with great features for video games. As a result, Microsoft has released a series of consoles with Xbox as the most important and earliest one. Moreover, the second one is Xbox360 about which we shall discuss in this article. It is famous for its top-grade graphics enabling video games to be even more exciting for you.

Considering all this, we shall discuss a list of top free Xbox 360 games and their sites to help experience a whole new super thrilling experience with electrifying features. So, continuing reading to learn about all the features of Xbox 360 and the best sites that you may utilize to download video games with a free subscription in just the blink of an eye.

Features of Xbox 360

Xbox 360, a great video console launched in 2016, is popular for its many accessories and features. Out of which, three sizes of memory units and five hard drive units are top on the list. It includes 20, 60, 120, 250, and 360 GB.

Additionally, it allows both wired and wireless controllers for your ease. You may also enjoy faceplates for customization along with headsets and webcams for video chatting and much more. Moreover, it also allows availing free subscriptions for Xbox Live, a unique online platform to enjoy live gaming and downloading.

Xbox music is also worth using the platform for music lovers. It has millions of songs from all over the world. At the same time, Xbox Video enables a wide variety of movies and videos.

Games for Xbox 360

Microsoft introduced tons of games for Xbox 360. They have always been record-breaking for selling their copies worldwide. The Call of duty 2 sold a million copies worldwide in 2005, while Gears of War broke its record by selling over three million copies in 2006. Similarly, Halo 3 surpassed it by selling more than eight million copies in 2007.

Other super exciting and popular video games include Blue Dragon, Saints Row, Dead or Alive 4, Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter, and The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion.

Free Sites to download Xbox 360 games

Let’s walk through a few of the best sites to download Xbox 360 games for free. These sites are straightforward to use with no errors and viruses.

1. All Xbox game

As the name suggests, this site has all the Xbox games that you may ever think of! In addition, it’s super user-friendly and speedy to run. This may sound super exciting for all our gamers as you may now download all your favorite games from a single website. Also, with no fear of errors or cookies harming your system. So, what’s stopping you? Head to this site and enjoy all your favorite games in just a heartbeat.

To do so, search your desired video game, click on download the game, and you’re all set to download it and have a great experience with no hurdle.

2. Gamesmountain

If you’re a pro-gamer and looking for a specific site to download Xbox 360 games in no time, then do check this site. Games Mountain has almost all the games. That is also for free to aid in having a fantastic experience in high video quality games without waiting for hours to download them. You’re just a click away from downloading these super fun games.

So, go to this site, search the game and click on the download button. Within few minutes, you’re all ready to enjoy a gaming experience that you would never have with any other site.

3. ROMsForever

ROMs Forever has been my favorite site for downloading exclusive Xbox 360 games readily. They have the premium versions for all games, and the best thing is you don’t need to pay a single penny for it. Moreover, this site is pretty straightforward, which makes it super easy to use. It enables a whole new experience of super exciting games in significantly less time with no glitches at all.

So, give it a try before you reach out to any other site for a totally unbelievable gaming world experience free of cost.

4. Free XboxLoot

This Free Xbox Loot is one of the oldest and the most accessible site. You may opt for downloading Xbox 360 games free of cost. Also, it’s the most popular site with tons of users worldwide. You may simply call this website accessible and with no trouble because of its easy to handle features with no interruption during the downloading.

You need to get UI by using a simple interface and then search for the game you want to have and download it within a few minutes.

5. Xbox

Last but not least, you can use the Xbox platform to enjoy live video games or download them for free. As mentioned above, Xbox 360 enables a feature to download free games to experience better gaming practice in no time. Moreover, being an official source for Xbox 360 games, it has high-quality graphics and excellent options to help you download games effectively.

So, to enjoy all the original games, you should definitely visit this site for a whole new and super thrilling experience with improved quality.

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Being an Xbox addict, downloading free video games is all you need to have for an incredible gaming experience. In this article, we have listed the best sites that you may opt for to download free Xbox 360 games along with the features of Xbox360 to help you have a clear idea about it.

All Xbox games, Games Mountain, ROMs Forever, Free Xbox Loot, and Xbox are among these top sites. This will help you have a thrilling gaming experience to download your favorite game with just a click. Moreover, they’re super easy to use with no errors and glitches.

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