How to Fix Xbox Controller Drift?

how to fix xbox controller drift

Have you noticed sudden movement on your screen while playing games on your Xbox? This undesired movement occurs due to the controller or analog stick without even touching them. This really isn’t a huge problem, and you don’t need to throw your controller away as we have some significant fixes for you.

All you need to do is clean or repair and replace some components from your controller or analog stick. It’s effortless and doesn’t require much of your time and energy. Considering all this, we shall discuss how to fix Xbox controller drift in just and heartbeat without any worry. So, continue reading to learn all about Xbox controller drifting.

What is Controller drift on Xbox One?

Controller drift on Xbox one is a condition that causes sudden unwanted movements without even touching the analog stick. It’s a pretty common defect and involves various reasons for it. As you know, the analog stick has two parts; left and right. Out of which, the left one is usually affected more by drift issues.

The fault in the potentiometer within these parts is the main culprit behind your controller acting weird. These faults may include rusty equipment, dust, moisture, and lots more.

What are the causes behind Xbox controller drift?

Let’s now discuss a few of the most important causes behind the controller drift that may help you avoid efficient play without any hindrance in the future.

1. Poor thumb stick sensor

Each thumbstick on your controller has a sensor that enables movement effectively. However, any internal defect to it may cause it to function poorly or drift at times. It’s pretty annoying and needs to be fixed as soon as possible to avoid any trouble while you enjoy your games.

2. Damaged thumb stick pad

As you know, each controller has a sensor component on which there’s a pad, usually made up of either plastic or rubber. Unfortunately, this pad wore out really soon, causing unwanted drifting on your Xbox one. To fix this up, you need to get it replaced or repaired. Moreover, the dirt on this pad may also cause such a situation. In this case, all you need to do is clean it up for practical use.

3. Damaged springs

Each thumbstick has two springs that enable the perfect movement corresponding to that of your thumb. Unfortunately, overuse or poor quality may often wear off, thus interrupting your game-play by resulting in sudden drifting. To fix this up, you just need to replace it up to avoid more complications.

How to fix a poor thumb stick sensor?

To fix the defective thumb stick sensor, you need to get it replaced. You may do it yourself, too; however, keep in mind, a slight mistake may ruin it up. So, if you’re confident and proficient enough to do it, then you may go for it. To fix it up, you may need a solder, soldering tool, new analog stick assembly, de-soldering tool, T-7 Torx, T-8 or T-9 Torx, and prying tool.

Now, follow the steps below to replace it:

  • The first step is to open up the controller. To do so, you need to use a pry tool and T-8 or T-9 Torx.
  • Next, use T-7 Torx to remove open up the circuit board.
  • Now, remove the old analog stick assembly using the de-soldering tool.
  • Now, insert the new analog stick assembly and solder into the circuit board using the soldering tool.
  • Lastly, close up the controller and test all the functions well.

In this way, you’ll fix the poor thumb sensor up by replacing the old analog stick assembly with a new one.

How to fix damaged thumb stick pads?

Fixing thumb stick pads is straightforward. All you need is a prying tool, cotton swabs, T-8 or T-9 safety Torx, isopropyl alcohol, new thumbstick pad.

Now follow the steps below to fix it up. First, you’ll try cleaning it and using it up. If it doesn’t go well for you, you may replace the damaged pad with a new one for effective use.

  • Take isopropyl alcohol and apply it to the cotton swab.
  • Next, wipe this cotton swab over the rounded surface on the thumbstick. Make sure you rotate the thumbstick carefully and clean it thoroughly.
  • Now, test the cleaned thumb stick pad.

If it functions well without any drift, then you’re all set to go. However, it doesn’t then replace the defective thumb stick pad.

  • Open up the controller using the pry tool and T-8 or T-9 safety Torx.
  • Next, loosen the thumbstick pad and remove them up.
  • Then, insert the new thumbstick pad carefully. Make sure they’re not loose. If so, take plastic or paper and fix it properly.
  • Now, close the controller and test it up.

How to fix damaged springs?

Springs within the controller may be damaged due to dirt, moisture, overuse, and loose nature. So, to fix the drifting from it, you need to replace it up, which is pretty simple. To do so, you may need a prying tool, T-8 Torx, tweezers, and analog stick springs. So, follow the steps below for the easiest way possible.

  • The first step is to open the controller up using the pry tool and T-8 Torx.
  • Next, remove the green plastic cover from the right side and bottom of the thumb stick assembly.
  • Now, remove the springs using the tweezers.
  • Then, insert the new spring and put the green plastic back in its place.
  • Now close the controller, and you’re all set to use it up.

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Xbox controller drift is a pretty common problem that needs to be fixed at the earliest time for compelling game-play. There are several causes behind it, and the most important one includes a poor sensor, damaged pad, or defective springs.

Considering this, we have discussed Xbox controller drift in detail along with its fixes to help you repair your controller in the easiest way possible. However, we would suggest you only fix it up if you think you’re skillful enough; otherwise, you would damage it further.

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