How to Hide Online Status on PS4?

how to hide online status on ps4

Every gamer needs time off from multiplayer gaming, but the PS4 gaming console displays your status to friends saying you are online and can be a good team player. But the AI does not know whether you are in the mood of playing a group game or not but don’t worry, you have the choice to manually turn the online status off and manage both your game and time.

We have tried our best to instruct you on how to hide online status on PS4 and enjoy your solo intense gaming session without being interrupted. Irrespective of the reasons, here are two simple methods listed below

How to Appear Offline On PS4?

Method # 1

Start invisible to your friends when you first log in to your PS4 account; here is what you need to do:

  • Turn your PS4 on
  • On the login page, hangover to your Profile name/ Avatar
  • Don’t press any button yet
  • Tap the Options button on your controller
  • Choose the “Log in With Online Status (Appear Offline)”

Now you can choose and play games while your PS4 Appear Offline.

Method # 2

To answer on how to go invisible on PS4, let’s walk you through the second process one by one:

  • Switch on your PS4 gaming console
  • Just sign in to your PS4 profile
  • Open the Home screen
  • Access the quick menu; you can do it by holding down the PS button on the controller
  • In the quick menu, scroll a little down
  • Select the Online Status and press X
  • You will access these settings, scroll down and again press X on Appear Online
  • Finally, press O a few times and exit from the quick menu.

You are back to the screen, and now you can enjoy your session with Offline Status to all your PlayStation Network friends. Even though your status is shown as “Offline”, but Sony network allows you to access all of the online features as usual.

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Sony Network has always cared for its users, and protecting players’ privacy at many levels, including online status settings, is a great job. Whether you are hiding from your online gaming buddies or trying to master your skills through a single-player game, you can indeed appear offline to enjoy quality time.

We have penned down the most simple yet straightforward method

Keep in mind being offline does not stop your gaming friends from messaging you, but they are less likely to approach you on PS4 while your status is “Offline.” Leave a comment if you find our methods helpful or if you want to know how to reappear online on PS4 once you change your mind.

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