Why Is My PlayStation 4 Not Turning On?

why is my playstation 4 not turning on

If you are a gamer, PlayStation 4 is a vital part of your routine. And we know how frustrating it is when your PlayStation 4 would not turn on due to some unknown reason. Maybe the reason can be known sometimes like your favorite drink was spilled on your favorite console. Nevertheless, we know it is frustrating.

Do you know, most of the time fixing your PlayStation 4 is not difficult and it can be done by you at home? And that is why we are here to walk you through the techniques you could use to save your console without seeking professional assistance.

In this article you will learn the most common reasons why your PlayStation 4 is not turning on and also we will suggest some simple solutions for the common problems. So by the end of this article, you will gather all the information you need to fix your PlayStation 4 at home and also learn when you should seek help from a professional.

Why is my PlayStation 4 not turning on?

In order to fix this issue, first we need to detect the problem and then use the optimal solution to overcome this problem. Following are the possible reasons if your PlayStation 4 fails to turn on.

1. Power Supply

Most of the time when your PlayStation 4 does not turn on, it is because it does not receive enough power supply. It can be due to low voltage or faulty components and it’s the most common reason behind this issue. If no lights appear on the PS4, this might be the case.

2. Power Cord

The power cable can be damaged and it is not always visibly defected. If the wire is stretched, it can stop working without a dent appearing on it. Try changing this cable or change the switch board you are plugging into. If you are using an extension wire or have plugged multiple plugs in a single switch, stop and try single plug at a time.

3. Hardware Defected

Sometimes important components can be damaged causing your PlayStation 4 to not turn on. If you have recently dropped your PS4 or dropped something heavy on it, you should consider this a reason. But go through other reasons and solutions as an attempt before contacting a professional.

4. Software Defect

Software issues are common in PS4 and they can prevent the PlayStation from turning on. Downloading and running heavy games can cause issues. But these errors can be very easy to solve. Check solutions for this down in this article.

5. Power Button

If your PlayStation 4 is not turning on, a possibility is that the software or the power supply has no problem. Instead the power button is not properly pressed. If you have recently opened your PlayStation for cleaning, the power button might have been left out of position to be pressed. To confirm if this is the issue, press eject button on your PlayStation. If it works, the problem can be power button not pressed properly.

6. Insects or Liquid

PlayStation 4 have large enough holes in its body that small insects pass through are known to cause issue with internal circuits. They can enter and cause short circuit which prevents the system from turning on. Same is the situation with conductive liquids like water.

7. Exhausted System

If you have been using your system for long gaming sessions, it’s likely that the system is exhausted and this can be a reason that your PlayStation does not turn on. Excessive usage can be the reason if you share your PlayStation 4 and it is constantly used.

8. Neglected System

If you don’t use your system for months, dust accumulates in your PlayStation 4 and it also prevents the system from turning itself on. Dust accumulates inside the hardware causing certain issues.

How to fix PS4 not turning on problem?

You have learned about the common reasons behind PlayStation 4 not turning on. Now you have an idea of what might be the case with your Playstation4. Now learn the following solutions that are most affective again the issues.

1. Give it a rest

If your PlayStation is exhausted, it does not require anything special but some rest. You need to unplug all wires and let it rest for at least half an hour. This quick reset will cool down motherboard. Just plug wires again and try to turn it on again.

2. Power cycling

All you have to do is long-press the power button on the PS4 console until the power light stops flashing and remove the power cable for twenty minutes. After twenty minutes, when your PS4 has had some rest, reconnect the power cable and continue with the 3rd way given below.

3. Restart PS4 in safe mode

Safe mode only runs the necessary services and prevents malwares which can be potential threat causing issue with startup. To enter safe mode, long press the power button until you hear a second beep and reconnect the PS4 controller with the USB cable and press the PS button on the controller.

4. Power cycle without your hard disk drive

By pressing the power button, turn off the PS4 entirely and remove the hard disk drive. Now turn on the PS4 without the hard disk. Again turn the PS4 off completely and take out the power cable for twenty minutes. All you got to do is reinstall the hard drive disk and restart the PS4 in safe mode.

In case your PlayStation 4 in under warranty, do not remove the hard drive disk as it will wave off your PlayStation’s warranty.

5. Clean the dust

You can get the dust out of the PS4 console via the vent holes by using canned air. If more dust has accumulated, you will have to take the console apart to clean it thoroughly. In case of a valid warranty, avoid opening the console as you might lose the warranty.

6. Insert a game disc

You can use your PS4 normally if it accepts the game disc by pulling the game disc in, which will automatically turn on the PS4. However, if the PS4 doesn’t accept the game disc, the problem lies in the hard drive or the system files that can be fixed in the safe mode mentioned in the 3rd way.

7. Remove the bugs

Open your Playstation4 to search and clean all the internal components free from any bugs or their remains. If webs were there since long, a slight chance is that they have affected some components permanently. If your PlayStation still does not turn on, try other solutions in this list and you may not need to visit a professional.

8. Use another power cable

If all other solutions fail, you can try changing the power cable. PlayStation 4 needs the standard IEC C7 power cable. You can buy the power cable from any electronic store and use it to turn it on.

9. Use a different power outlet

It is an effective solution as internal springs in a switch board rot over time and preventing power supply to some plugs. Try on different ports for your playstation4.

10. Check if the power button is connected internally

As mentioned earlier, under the heading of faulty power buttons that sometimes the metal piece connected to the power button in the case gets out of place and doesn’t touch the copper pad to turn on the motherboard. Simply remove the top cover and bend the metal piece to touch the copper pad, and the PS4 will turn on again.

Tip: Don’t open up your PS4 console to inspect the metal piece connected to the power button if you have never opened up your PS4 console before, as it may worsen the situation.

11. Replace the power supply

Rarely faulty power supply is the cause of PS4 not turning on. In this case, you can replace the power supply or call a professional to replace it. You must go for the latter if you have no prior experience.

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I hope this article would’ve helped you diagnose and fix the issue that was preventing your PlayStation 4 from turning on. If you are young to perform some of the suggested solutions, must seek help from an elder and you will be set in no time.

If you still have any questions, ask up in the comments below. Also share how much did you like this content.


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