How to Change the NAT Type on PS4?

3 quick way how to change the nat type on ps4

Despite having no internet or router errors, it’s pretty common that you might face network errors on your PS4. These primarily include PS4 NAT type errors which are pretty annoying as they may interrupt your gaming. Moreover, it may even disconnect you in the middle of your game without any warning or caution, disrupting your whole exciting gaming experience.

Considering all this, we shall discuss in detail what NAT is, along with its types, to aid you in comprehending it more efficiently. Also, we shall shower some light on how to check your NAT type on your PS4 and how to change its type whenever you face any sort of problem considering network error. So, continue reading to learn all about PS4 NAT types in no time.

What does NAT mean?

NAT stands for Network Address Translation which is simply a process to allot a public address to a computer or PS4 using a networking device, most commonly a firewall within a private network. In simpler words, it gives IP addresses to every device which uses a network connection for its functioning.


  • The best thing about NAT is that it protects your system from any sort of security threats and shields your IP address, especially if you’re using a private IP address.
  • Furthermore, it efficiently handles all the incoming traffic by consuming very few computer resources.
  • It’s also very transparent to all the clients and helps to solve any NAT type failed or chat errors without any hurdle.


  • It can create some barriers to running your other applications.
  • Its logging services are limited as well.
  • You should always enable your IP forwarding whenever you use NAT to connect your internet services.

How many NAT types are on PS4?

Before heading towards the ways to change your NAT types, you should know the types of NAT available on PS4, along with a few of its pros and cons. This will help you recognize the most favorable one for your system. So, let’s discuss its different types below:

There are three NAT types that you may allot for your Network. These NAT types will then efficiently connect your PS4 with the internet service to avoid any obstacle during your gaming experience. They’re as follow:

PS4 NAT type 1

The NAT type 1, also known as Open PS4 NAT type, has an excellent capability to connect high-yield internet services to your PS4. it provides an admirable bandwidth that enables you to run all your online games smoothly without any obstacle. Also, it may enable you to solve all the disconnection and ping issues on your PS without any assistance.

However, it’s not secure as compared to other NAT types. It can share your Network’s security info without even letting you know. So, with this NAT type, you’ll get an exceptional gaming experience in return for your security.

PS4 NAT type 2

The NAT type 2, also known as Moderate PS4 NAT type, unlike type 1, secures all your IP concerns and info. Its connectivity service is also outstanding, which lets its users host all the external connections. In addition, it may also enable you to use all the new and exciting features such as party chat, lobbies, and other online bundles and activities. Hence, it’s genuinely a real NAT sweet spot.

However, you may get a bit disappointed by its slower service and higher lag than the first type. Therefore, if you prefer safety over connection service, this option may go really well.

PS4 NAT type 3

The PS4 NAT type 3 or Strict PS4 NAT type is excellent for connectivity services and security measures. However, the chance of disconnection has been reported, and it has few restrictions, which make it a bit a strict one to be used.

These restrictions are for using online lobbies for games, group chatting, and other extra bundles and activities. Also, you may only play with the users of the Open type. Therefore, if you’re okay with such restrictions, then opt for it. Otherwise, we should suggest you go for any of the other types.

The one way to recognize that you have the NAT type 3 network is to have connectivity problems, especially when playing multiuser games.

How to check NAT types on PS4?

To change your NAT type on your PS4, you should first know which one your device basically uses. Then only you may opt for the others depending upon your requirement. To check the NAT type on your PS4, follow the steps given below:

  • The first step is to head to the Settings.
  • Next, go to the Network Menu.
  • Now, open up the view connection status option.
  • Lastly, you’ll be able to see the status and type of your NAT at the bottom of your screen.

To change your NAT type note down your displayed IP address and the Default gateway.

How to change NAT type on PS4?

The only way to resolve your network problem in your PS4 is to change its NAT type. It’s pretty simple to do so, and it won’t require much of your time and energy. Do you know you may also modify some of the other settings of the router as well while changing the network settings? So, let’s discuss the three most straightforward ways that you may follow to do so:

1. Enabling UPnP for your network router

The first method to change your PS4 NAT type is to enable the Universal Plug and Play on your router. UPnP is a database to assign open ports to prevent any custom forwarding ports on the Network’s router. It works on the instructions or requests of your PS4 for a port. However, the only drawback is that it doesn’t allow outside networks to connect to the PS4 through the router.

Follow the steps below to enable the UPnP feature on your router:

  • The first step is to open up the web browser on your computer.
  • Next, type the Default Gateway address in the given address bar to open up the page.
  • Next, type in your username, password, and verification code to log into the router interface or router’s admin panel of your Network.
  • Lastly, you need to locate the UPnP feature to enable it. The position of this feature may differ in different routers, so you need to look for it yourself.
  • Enable it by clicking the circle just beside the Default option and save the changes.

Note that you may find the default address in the Network Setting of your PS4. Also, you may need to run a connection test to get this default address.

2. Activating the Network’s DMZ feature for your router

The following method activates the Network’s demilitarized zone feature for your router. This DMZ feature is an intermediate network between the security network and the online multiplayer of your game and your home and public Network.

Follow the steps below to activate this feature in no time.

  • Firstly, log into your router interface using your username, password, and verification code.
  • Next, locate the DMZ option and open this feature up and further enter your default IP address.
  • Now, save the changes you made and close the window.
  • Lastly, refresh your system and then go into the settings and Network to view the connection status. Here you’ll find the changed NAT type that you have to opt for your route.

Note that you may find your default IP address needed to perform this function in the Network Settings of your PS4.

3. Configuring Port Forward on your PS4’s router

The last method to change your NAT type is to set virtual servers or custom ports to connect to the PS4 and the host network. This method is not a definite fix but may help you correct the PS4’s network problems in just a heartbeat.

Below are the steps that you may follow custom ports to the network router:

  • The first step is to log into your router interface using your username, password, and verification code. After doing so, look for the Port forwarding settings. Sometimes, it may be named Virtual Servers, Port Forwarding, or any name.
  • Next, you need to input your forwarding ports. The types and values for it are as follows:
    • 80 (TCP)
    • 443 (TCP)
    • 3478 (TCP and UDP)
    • 3479 (TCP and UDP)
    • 3480 (TCP)
  • Now save the changes you made to enable the changed NAT type on your PS4. Do take a look later at the PS4 network Settings to confirm the changes you made.

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PS4 network problems are widely common that may interrupt your gaming experience. It may even disconnect you in the middle of your game without warning. The only way to resolve such a problem is to change your NAT type on your PS4.

Keeping this in mind, we have dug into details on how to change your NAT types using simple steps. We have also discussed what NAT is, its types, and how you may know what type of NAT your console uses. So, what are you waiting for? Follow this guide to resolve any sort of Network errors by changing your PS4’s NAT type.

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