How to Charge PlayStation 4 Controller?

how to charge playstation 4 controller

Without a PS4 controller, the PS4 console is just a random box taking up your room space. So you have to get the PS4 controller to enjoy all the features while playing your favorite games that the PS3 controller lacks. However, the only drawback of the PS4 controller is that you have to charge your PS4 controller even if it is wireless. Fortunately, PS4 controller charging is very easy, even if you don’t know much about modern technology.

Don’t you hate waiting for the PS4 controller to charge to play endless games? Then, please keep reading to find whether you can play games through your PS4 controller while it’s charging. By the end of this exciting and informative article full of tips, we hope you will know everything about PS4 controller charging and tips to increase PS4 controller battery life so you can enjoy the most of it.

Can you charge PS4 controller from wall charger?

Yes, definitely you can charge your PS4 controller from an outlet by using a USB wall charger that is compatible with your PS4 controller if you can’t charge the PS4 controller using the USB 3 port of your PS4 console. However, the time of charging the PS4 controller by either option is more or less the same that is approximately two hours.

You can even exhaust your PS4 controller by charging it from an outlet if the USB wall charger is not compatible with the PS4 controller, which will further decline your PS4 controller’s battery life. This means you will have to wait for more hours for your PS4 controller to charge if it gets exhausted from charging from an incompatible outlet that will frustrate you more if you are a true game lover.

Keep in mind that your PS4 controller requires 5V 0.8amperes to operate and charge normally. Using a lower power USB wall charger will burn your PS4 controller and won’t charge it efficiently.

How to charge a PS4 controller?

Let’s get started with the steps on charging your PS4 controller by the steps given below to enjoy endless gaming. Remember to charge your PS4 controller several times a year so that the battery life remains good and doesn’t shorten.

1. Charge the controller through its USB cable

One way to charge the PS4 controller is via the USB cable provided with the system.

Connect your low battery PS4 controller to the PS4 console via the USB cable provided with the system.

To ensure your PS4 controller charges properly, the PS4 controller should be turned on or set to rest mode.

You can even check the charging status of the PS4 controller by pressing the PS button on the controller, and the battery level will appear on the screen.

2. Charge PS4 controller via charging stations

If you have lost the USB cable of the PS4 controller, don’t worry! You can charge the PS4 controller by using charging stations which charges your PS4 controller without a cable. Charging stations are compatible, stationary and separate devices that can charge up to two controllers simultaneously.

3. Charge PS4 controller via battery packs

Another way to charge your PS4 controller is through the battery packs that are a game changer. Attach the battery pack at the back of the PS4 controller to increase the controller’s battery power. You can charge the battery packs separately. Remember battery packs don’t directly charge the PS4 controller, but it omits the need of charging the PS4 controller continuously.

Charging PS4 controller when console is in Rest Mode

You might be familiar with the rest mode that puts your PS4 to sleep and allows you to download and install games even in rest mode. Rest mode also fastens the boot-up process of the PS4 console when you turn it on from rest mode. You can even charge the PS4 controller when your PS4 console is in rest mode by following steps;

  • Open your PS4 and go to Settings> Power Save Settings > Set Features Available In Rest Mode.
  • Now turn on the ‘Supply Power to USB Ports’ and set it to ‘always’ or ‘three hours’, according to your preference.

The above steps allow your PS4 controller to charge even when your PS4 console is in rest mode.

Can you use your PS4 Controller when it’s charging?

There is no proof of damage to the PS4 controller if it’s used while charging. Therefore, you can use the PS4 controller when it’s charging if you’re eager to play games to defeat your friends and prove that you are the number 1 player. Keep in mind that you can use the PS4 controller when it’s charging via the USB port connected to the PS4 console.

Obviously, using the PS4 controller while charging will increase the time to charge it fully. In addition, your PS4 console port might get damage if you move your PS4 controller a lot to play games while charging.

In short, sometimes you can use a PS4 controller when it’s charging but not always. We recommend you to buy 2nd PS4 controller to swap if you can’t wait for your first PS4 controller to charge fully.

Tips for your PS4 controller’s battery life to last longer

Mostly DIY and five minutes craft videos are a waste of time and teach you nothing. We provide you with the best-tested tricks to save the battery life of the PS4 controller and enjoy longer hours of gaming. Try it out yourself to experience a miracle because I assure you these tips will work, and you will have to charge your PS4 controller for lesser number of times.

  • Set the light bar brightness to low as it consumes a lot of battery, especially when set to the highest level.
  • Disable controller’s vibration to increase the battery life of the PS4 controller.
  • You can reduce the time of the controller’s auto turn off when you are not using it; for example, set it to ’10 minutes’ to save battery life.
  • Lastly, lessen the controller’s volume as it takes a considerable amount of battery.

How to make PS4 controller’s battery live longer?

Let’s talk about increasing the PS4 controller’s battery life further after following the above tips. If you have a habit of using your PS4 controller when it’s charging all the time, you should stop it. Research has proven that if you charge your PS4 controller fully when it indicates zero charge, the PS4 controller’s battery tends to live longer and doesn’t exhaust.

The battery’s lifespan will increase and stay tip-top if you charge your PS4 controller from zero to full by first fully discharging the PS4 controller.


How long does it take a PS4 controller to charge?

If you don’t exhaust your PS4 controller’s battery and charge it in a standard way, your PS4 controller will take 2 hours to charge fully.

How to know if ps4 controller is charging?

There are two ways to figure out if your PS4 controller is charging. One way is to look for the orange or amber colored light that flashes slowly from the light bar present on the PS4 controller. Another way is to press the PS button on the PS4 controller to find the charging status.

What is the color when the PS4 controller is charging?

As mentioned above, the light bar present on the PS4 controller flashes orange or amber colored light slowly when the PS4 controller is charging. Eventually, the light bar will turn off when the PS4 controller is fully charged.

How can I increase PS4 controller battery life?

You can increase the PS4 controller battery life by first wholly draining it and then charging it fully.

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You have to charge your PS4 controller periodically to enjoy games on the PS4 console by a USB port connected to the PS4 console or by a wall outlet. You can even use battery packs to decrease the PS4 controller’s charging turns. We have also provided tips to increase the life of the PS4 controller and the indicators of the PS4 controller charging.

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