How to Get PS4 Out of Safe Mode?

how to get ps4 out of safe mode

PS4 Safe Mode is a great way to tackle all the troubleshoot errors within a blink of an eye. It mainly resolves all the issues involving a bug in your System. Also, by using it, you may simply rebuild your console’s storage database, restore your System to factory settings, and lots more. However, the only drawback is that your console may get stuck in a Safe Mode loop which is pretty annoying.

But you don’t need to worry about it. We’ve got your back. In this article, we shall discuss all PS4 safe modes, such as how to activate them and how to get them out. Before that, we’ll also talk in detail about the Safe mode itself. So, continue reading for a quick review of the PS4 safe mood loop to enjoy all your games in no time.

What is Safe mode on PS4?

According to Sony’s guideline, PS4 Safe Mode is an option introduced to fix all the issues related to PS4’s firmware. Besides, it permits you to start their consoles using the most basic functions. This allows you to operate your systems even when they’ve problems with them. Moreover, you may also solve all the troubleshoot errors using it in just a heartbeat.

Further, as the name suggests, it’s pretty safe for your console. It may also help you block all the corrupted files and update your System without deleting anything else from your System.

However, some individuals believe that this option may cause data loss. Therefore, it’s better to always back up all your data in an external hard drive before opting for it. Moreover, the official Sony website suggests heading towards this option only when their support team member suggests doing so.

How to put your ps4 in safe mode?

It’s pretty simple to activate Safe Mode in your PS4. You just need to follow the below-given steps, and you’re all set to use your console and solve all the problems with minimum functions running in the background. Moreover, you may then get your PS4 out of Safe mode and continue using it normally.

First, switch off your PS4 if it’s on, then presses the Power button on the front panel of your System.

Once it’s off, press and hold the Power button. Release it when you hear the second beep sound, which comes almost after 7 seconds of the first beep sound.

Then soon, you’ll see a message popping on your screen asking you to connect DUAL SHOCK4 using the USB cable. So, follow the instruction and connect your PS4 controller to the console using a USB cable.

Next, press the PS button on your controller.

Further, you’ll see the Safe Mode menu popping on your screen. Select the desired option which is most suitable for your System.

How to get out of the Safe Mode?

It might seem pretty confusing to get out of the Safe Mode but trust us, and it’s quite simple. Below are some of the easiest options that you may use to get out of the Safe mode in no time. So, follow them before heading to the repairing store.

1. Reboot your PS4

As you know, whenever a slight inconvenience happens in your PS4, the first step is to restart or reboot your console. So, before opting for any other option, just restart your PS4, and it will surely end your Safe Mode, and you’ll be able to use your System normally.

2. Try changing resolution

Another option is to use this option to change your PS4’s display resolution to default 480P when it gets into the normal state. Moreover, this option will also solve all-screen display problems such as blank screen issues, mismatched resolution, and whatnot. The mismatched resolution error is common when you have troubles with HDMI connections between your TV and console.

So, use this option to fix all such issues and get back to the normal resolution, which is 480P. To do so, head to the menu Settings and set the normal resolution.

3. Try restoring default Settings

This option is essential to set your System back to the default factory settings. Therefore, it may go really well to get your PS4 out of the safe mode. Moreover, it’s pretty reliable as this option will delete none of your data from the System. However, only the simple data such that date and time would be changed, which is no big deal.

So, try out this option to solve all the trouble errors in your console in no time.

4. Try updating your System’s Software

Next, you may update your System’s Software by manual means such as USB storage device, disc, or direct download. Moreover, this is the most optimal option for tackling all the issues related to PS4 bugs. So, whenever your System is acting weirdly, update its Software, and we bet it will be all normal in no time.

5. Try Initializing PS4

This option removes all the data from System, including pictures, images, music, and whatnot, restoring the Software. So, you may initialize your PS4 for any sort of problem. However, you need to back up all the data into a USB, external hard drive, or online storage before heading towards this option.

6. Try rebuilding the database

By rebuilding your database, you may just clean all your data which makes your PS4 super-fast. All this happens as this option scans your PS4 drive and creates a new database of all the content, enabling you to recognize all the data in no time.

Therefore, you may use this option to solve speed issues, System freezing errors, troubleshoot glitches, and much more.

7. Try Setting up HDCP mode

Last but least, you may set up HDCP mode, which is a High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection mode, to get your console out of Safe mode. This option is a form of digital copy protection which prevents replication of digital videos and audios as it travels across connections.

You need to go to the option Settings, then head to System to clear the checkbox to enable HDCP to set this up.

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PS4 Safe Mode is a great way to tackle all the troubleshoot errors in just a few minutes. By it, you’re able to use your console and solve all the problems with minimum functions running in the background. However, the only drawback is that your console may get stuck in a Safe Mode loop which is pretty annoying.

Therefore, in this article, we have discussed all the PS4 Safe mode to help you activate it whenever your PS4 faces any sort of problem. Furthermore, we have also listed the simplest and easiest fixes that you may follow to get your PS4 out of the Safe Mode. These hacks are pretty straightforward to follow, so try any of them, and we bet you won’t even need to head to the repair or Sony’s official store.

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