How to Fix PS4 No Sound Issue?

how to fix ps4 no sound issue

Gaming on PS4 is enjoyable and a great experience for gamers. However, you may face an audio issue at times which could be super annoying. Your PS4 would be showing the video but with no sound. This may usually happen after setting up their PS4, or after changing some settings, or maybe because of no apparent reason.

Therefore, in this article, we shall provide you with the reasons that may cause PS4 audio to not work along with its fixes. These hacks are pretty simple and don’t require much of your time. Moreover, they’ll undoubtedly save your money as you don’t need to rush to the PS4 specialists to get it fixed.

Why is my PS4 audio not working?

Let’s discuss few reasons because of which your PS4 audio is not working. These will help you have a clear idea of the cause and will help you to fix it more efficiently.

  • Incorrect TV input may result in no audio and no video. This problem happens when you don’t select the right source for your TV.
  • Suppose you’re facing issues just with the audio while the video is working perfectly fine. In that case, Incorrect Audio settings may be the primary cause behind it. Check the settings for Audio devices and Audio Output Settings to fix it up.
  • Damaged or broken HDMI port or cable may also result in audio issues. This inconvenience majorly happens when you’re not careful while plugging or unplugging the HDMI cable in your console.
  • Coding errors with the firmware may also cause audio issues. To avoid this, always keep your PS4 updated.

How to fix PS4 no sound issue?

Let’s walk through a few hacks that you may try to fix your PS4 audio issues. They’re pretty simple and easy and would take just a few minutes to solve the problem behind them.

1. Check your HDMI port

A damaged HDMI port on either your TV or console may cause audio issues. It’s necessary to check them and if they’re damaged or broken, get a new port. Dirt or foreign particles may cause blockage resulting in connection problems.

To avoid all this, never insert anything into the port. Also, you may use compressed air to clean dust or dirt to prevent connection errors.

2. Try another HDMI Cable

If you have another HDMI cable available, try using it. But, first, check whether it works for you or not. As discussed before, a damaged or broken HDMI cable is the leading cause of the audio issues. Sometimes, there may be internal damages or dirt in the cable, and you might not be able to see it.

So, trying another cable is a pretty good idea. Moreover, this hack has worked for lots of people, so do give it a try.

3. Change your input display

Another reason behind audio issues may be incorrect TV input. Often you may be using the wrong input detail, and you wouldn’t even know about it. Therefore, cycling through the TV’s input settings is a pretty good idea.

For this, you need to try using another HDMI source or input on your TV. For example, if your TV is connected with HDMI 1, try using HDMI 2 or HDMI 3, depending upon the number of HDMI ports in your TV.

4. Audio Device setting

If you’re using a headphone or a headset for your gaming and you hear no sound at all, incorrect audio device setting would be the leading cause behind it. Follow the step-by-step guide mentioned below to check your audio settings;

  • Open Settings on your PS4.
  • Select Devices.
  • Then, select Audio devices.
  • Click on Output to headphones.
  • Then, choose All Audio.

After doing so, open any game and check whether the audio is working now or not.

5. Check Audio output Settings

Even after trying all the above hacks, you’re unable to fix your audio issues. Checking the Audio Output Settings is the next step. All you need to do is follow the below-given steps;

  • Open Settings on your PS4.
  • Go to the Sound and Screen.
  • Select Audio Output Settings.
  • Then, select Primary Output Settings.
  • Further, click on Digital Output (Optical)
  • Now, choose the formats that your setup supports by checking the boxes.
  • Select OK.
  • Now go back to Audio Output Settings and select Audio Format (Priority).
  • Further, choose Bitstream (Dolby).

After doing so, open any game and check whether the audio is working now or not.

6. Update the Software

Coding errors with the firmware may also cause audio issues. To avoid this, always keep your PS4 updated. To do this, connect your PS4 to the internet and install the latest and accurate software available and update it accordingly.

To update your system, go on the Settings on your PS4 and select System Software Update, and follow the instructions provided.

7. Restore your Settings

Last but not least, restoring the default settings in Safe mode is another option that goes well and can enable your audio within a few minutes. You just need to follow the steps given below:

  • Shut down your PS4 by pressing the power button present on the front panel. Wait for few seconds until the power indicator blinks few times.
  • Next, press and hold the Power button. Release it after you hear two beeps. The first one will be heard when you press the button while the second one, 7 seconds later.
  • Now, connect the DualShock4 controller with the USB cable and press the PS button.
  • PS4 Safe mode will be available successfully in your console. Hence you may now select the Option Restore Default Settings.

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You may face an audio issue at times on your PS4, which could be super annoying. Your PS4 may show the video but with no sound and sometimes video may also be not visible. Therefore, we have described the hacks in detail that you may follow to tackle such a problem. These fixes are pretty simple and easy and wouldn’t consume much of your time. So, give them a try before heading to the repairing shop.


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